Private Jets, Save $250,000

We don’t have a precise number; however we estimate that over 200 types of Jet Cards are in circulation. The Basic features include a higher level of personalized services, a potential lock on pricing for a specific aircraft type and in some cases the flexibility to user various types of planes. Comparing the features, benefits and risks will require you to seek support from a financial planner and a lawyer. What may happen if you look for a refund–or the company closes shop? We leave it up to you personally to decide. We build a short list of benefits offered the services you will be able to secure without ay financial commitments. Leaving the money in your savings account may be one of the very best options. You decide.

Phenom 300 Seating for 7 passengers, Vegas Express Jet Tel:702-336-7345

Compare Card Options, you decide

Charter firm requires $250,00 escrow investment No interest earned.

Place the unds in your savings account and earn up to 8% with CD investments.


Charter firm offers starting rate of $6,600 per hour. With 12 months fixed pricing. Plus 48 hour call out and flexibility of mix and match aircraft

Charter Rates for On-Demand Charters as booked and confirmed range from $5,600 to $6,200 per hour. Without the need for any Jet Cards and u-front commitments.  Total flexibility of aircraft choices. Wheels up within 4 hours. No booking restrictions.

Private Jet Personalized Jet Services:

Full support from Flight Planners, Vegas Express Jet TEL:702-336-7345

Jet Card firms, operators and brokers may provide you with excellent service standards. Vegas Express Jet has a Team of Flight Planners, A travel Consultant and Air Concierges who are here to understand your needs and provide you with a series of plane options. Additionally, we offer side-by-side pricing allowing you to compare your costs. Flying Private is very personal, we move at your pace and never ask you for an up-front commitment. You may shop and compare at any location-we offer you total flexibility and freedom of choice. No upfront payments required.

How much is my Private Jet?

Get in touch at Tel:702-336-7345 for Instant quotes and availability. Our Team Members will be here to update you on a series of options. From special One Way Prices to Open Legs with cost savings from 30-60%. We are here to assist with all your needs for ground services, from car rentals to limousines and special upgrade perks at Luxury Resorts which include the Wynn-Encore on the Las Vegas Strip.