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  100% More Peace Of Mind-30% Less Than Jet Cards



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A more thoughtful and transparent way to secure quotes with safety first. With our “Flexible Quotes” you will be able to select your own schedule and Aircraft. All types of Jet Aircraft with seating for 4-30 travelers. In these unsettling times, you’re looking for solutions.  Uncrowded aircraft with departures from Private Lounges.  Covid-19 Protocols include “Deep Cleaning of Aircraft” plus aircraft are disinfected prior to each flight.  Ask us for Plane-side Boarding. We meet you with a Private Car and driver at your Residence or Resort!

A trusted source, extending  100 plus quotes weekly.  View multiple Jets,  Pricing and photos of the interior and seating plan of your jet are included.

100% More Peace of Mind-  Vegas Express Jet LLC

  • 30% Less Than Jet Cards & Fractional Ownership.  Turn to Vegas Express Jet – over 4,000 airports. Trip-By-Trip Quotes with multiple aircraft options, compare prices and amenities.  fly safely with our Door to Door Concierge program- Asks for a quote, no credit card  needed. 

  • Maximum savings- No membership fees, No 7.5 FET Tax trough 2020.  Plus save from 30-60% with open legs.  Need a Personal Jet Advisor visit us at PrivateJet-Advisor.

  • Vegas Express Jet, Vacation Programs- Exclusively Yours with Special Perks

Airport Desk at P.(1) 702-336-7345 e:mail us.



From $1,400- per hour, your budget option for short flights!

6-8 seats / under 500 miles. Fly to and from all airports in Utah!

Save 30-60% Vegas Express Jet

Very Light Jets

Most Preferred Jet Options

Interior designed by BMW, 4 seats. Range up to 3.2 Hours. From $1,990 to $2,100 per hour. Ask is for a quote.

need a quote?

The Phenom 100 is the most preferred Jet

Light Jets

$2,300  to $2,500  hourly- need a quote?

The Lear 31A- 35 is the fast and choice for Business Travel.

Need support (1)702-336-7345

Medium-Midsize Jet

From $3,400 to 3,700 hourly, need a quote?

Most selected the Lear 60 Mid with 7 Seats and WIFI, Enclosed washroom and bar. Fly from San Diego, Miami!



Super Midsize Luxury Jets

$8,800- to $9,900 hourly roundtrip rates

Most preferred the G200 and the Challenger 604 with 10 seats. Save up to $1,400 per hour when compared with the GV. Great Jet for Coast to Coast Travel.  Large and Spacious with Flight Attendant. Round-trip rates from Las Vegas to New York from $55,000. 

Ask for a quote  —

Large Cabin Luxury Jet

9-16 Seats

$10,000 to $12,000 per hour for the Gulfstream IV the perfect aircraft for the 2022 Olympics in Tokyo. Aircraft have a range of up to 8,300 Miles- LAX to Peking China.

Large Cabin Luxury Jets, up 16 seats. Ask for a free quote

Heavy Jets- Commercial B737, 160 seats.

May provide you with a custom quote for Sports, Party or Commercial Jets.  Our Flight Planners will be here to assist with flight planning and aircraft options. We are here to help you with budget plans and special marketing and catering services. Worldwide services to Paris, London, Milan, Hong Kong, Tokyo. We provide seat blocks on commercial carriers, ask us for details.

No request is too small, for support text us at P.(1) 702-336-7345.


Gulfstream G650

 Range up to 8,300 Miles- This Jet will take you to any destination in the World for Business Travel or this very special tour. Take advantage of our Air Concierge Services with custom-crafted air and land packages.  Please allow 48 hours for your quote-proposal. Text 702-336-7345

Please ask for a quote

Long Range, Honolulu, London, Paris, Hong King– ask us for Custom Quotes

“Air Ambulance and MediVac Aircraft” P.702-336-7345


Detailed schedules, aircraft photos, charter costs

Our Charter Client in Houston send us a note ” You anticipated every need, including bones for our Golden, well done you guys”

“Covid-19 Compliment from our San Diego Charter Client”  Vegas Express Jet was the only company who helped us with an evacuation from Europe.

Empty Legs, save from 30 to 60%. Select a Jet here:


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