Air Charters, Private Air  30% Less Than Jet Cards & Fractional Ownership.   We provide the very best Jet  Prices. Our Team Members have access to a wide pool of aircraft, from 4-30 seats! Fly to and from 4,000 airports. Vegas Express Jet and Fly Private Vegas are now one single source for all types of Aircraft Rentals, Charters and Leases. Visit us for a new Experience.




With every month of airport and flight schedule disruption the Private Jet is a more appealing option. 


Hundreds of Aircraft Options

Demand for Private Jet increased by 30% year over year.  When you are searching for a Private Jet you can avoid pricey options:

  • No need for Jet Cards or Membership- you have total freedom of choice
  • Visit our fleet and select the best jet for your trip
  • Your quote includes seat maps, photos and pricing details
  • Fully control your costs with side-by-side pricing
  • Options include the newest Hondajet and the Citation M2
  • Cheap Jet options are here with the Cirrus Vision Jet- GET A QUOTE


We do the work for youno need for Credit Cards or Personal Information. How much is my Private Jet

All quotes from FAA Part 135 Charter Operators with  ARG/US Gold and Platinum Safety Ratings, none better
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From the newest Very Light Jets to the Large Cabin Luxury Jets. We are here to provide the very best options and solutions for your Private Flights.  

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Peace of Mind  these Unsettling Times” with  “Bedrock Special Projects

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Instant quote, text us 702-336-7345.  No need for Jet Cards and Memberships

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Most preferred aircraft for 2022.  Hondajet, Citation M2, Phenom 300, Challenger 601-604, Gulfstream IV. Hourly Jet prices from $2,300

Simply your best choice, no need for Credit Cards or Personal Information to secure a Price Quote for your Jet Rental. Airport Desk Support 702-336-7345.

A private jet charter is the closest private jet option to buying a ticket on a commercial jet. Booking a trip is typically as easy as that of a commercial flight –   Text us for an instant quote at 702-336-7345. 

Citation M2- Luxury at Budget prices.

Take a look at this Jet and visit the Cabin and Floor Plan. Select a Jet.

Safety and Security

Bedrock Special Projects. More secure, 100 peace of mind Please visit for details.

Fly the Newest Jets, Citation M2, Take a Tour

Experience this Jet before you fly with an Interior designed by BMW. Need a rate quote?

Wine Trips, Napa Valley

Day, weekend Wine Trips 100 Wineries Templeton, Napa Valley

Midsize, Jets the Preferred Business Aircraft

The Phenom 300 is the premier Business Jet. Seating for up to 9 guests. Available at most California Airports. Free Rate Quote. 

Flight “Share your empty seats, lower your costs”

Share your empty seats with friends and family- It’s perfectly fine to share the costs of your Private Jet.


Used by Hundreds of Private Jet Flyers “Wheels Up Fast”

Private Jet Advisor
Planning Jet Ownership,  Leases, Jet Cards, Rental  Charters- Helping you with solutions and connections.
Business Jet
Suite Upgrades, Perks at Resorts. Complimentary Dining is yours.  Visit our Concierge Team for Hotel Deals!
Party, Wedding Jets
Joni is our Wedding Consultant, we take romance to the air with Helicopter and Private Jets! Memories in the Air
Sports and Group Charters
Boeing, Airbus Aircraft with 30, 58 and 140 seats.  Call us at 702-336-7345
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Over 20 Plus Years on the Las Vegas Strip.  Direct issuance of Charter Agreements by FAA Part 135, 121 Authorized Operators.  Vegas Express Jet LLC is not a direct or indirect air operator and does not own or operate aircraft. Ground services by RoyaltyNV, TRUE #9901760. Fly Private Vegas and Vegas Express Jet are now your best and single source for all types of aircraft for 4-30 seats.  Please ask us for a quote.