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Over 4,000 Plus Destinations in the USA with Worldwide Services. “Wheels-Up” in 45 Minutes 

One quote for all Private Jets with seating for 4-30 Passengers- Worldwide services to 4,000 airports. Use our “Flexible Quotes” , Select a Pane and Seating for a detailed quote.

Special Offers, Free Air from our Concierge Team, visit us.





From $3,100- per hour (roundtrip)

6-8 seats / under 500 miles

Save 30-60% Vegas Express Jet

Very Light Jets

$3990- to $4,200 roundtrip, need a quote?

The Phenom 100 is the most preferred Jet


Light Jets

$4,200  to $4,400  hourly- need a quote?

The Lear 31A- 35 is the fast and most Preferred


Medium-Midsize Jet

From $6,900 roundtrip hourly, need a quote?

Most selected the Lear 60 Mid with 7 Seats and WIFI


Super Midsize Luxury Jets

$8,800- to $9,900 hourly roundtrip rates

Most preferred the G200 and the Challenger 604 with 10 seats. Save up to $1,400 per hour when compared with the GV. Great Jet for Coast to Coast Travel.  Large and Spacious with Flight Attendant

Ask for a quote  —


 Large Cabin Luxury Jet 9-16 Seats

$10,000 to $12,000 per hour for the Gulfstream IV

Large Cabin Luxury Jets, up 16 seats. Ask for a free quote


Heavy Jets- Commercial B737, 160 seats.

May provide you with a custom quote for Sports, Party or Commercial Jets.  Our Flight Planners will be here to assist with flight planning and aircraft options. We are here to help you with budget plans and special marketing and catering services. No request is too small, for support text us at P.(1) 702-336-7345.


Gulfstream G650- Range up to 8,300 Miles- This Jet will take you to any destination in the World for Business Travel or this very special tour. Take advantage of our Air Concierge Services with custom crafted air and land packages.  Please allow 48 hours for your quote-proposal. Text 702-336-7345

Please ask for a quote

 Long Range, Honolulu, London, Paris, Hong King- ask us for Custom Quotes


“On Demand Charters” like Uber or Lyft you only pay for your flight hours. 

Detailed schedules, aircraft photos, charter costs

Empty Legs and One-Way Specials, Savings up to 60%. Can we assist

Benefit from Leading Edge Technologies and a team of certified jet and travel experts

Empty Legs, save from 30 to 60%. Select a Jet here:



How much are Private Jets

PRIVATE JET PRICES How to find great Prices–working with a Travel and Jet Portal lets you benefit from the best private plane options. In the past purchasing a private jet required you to make some type of ownership deal like…

Super Bowl 2020 Las Vegas

SUPER BOWL 2020 STARTS ON THE VEGAS STRIP Start your 2020 Super Bowl Game on the Las Vegas Strip- Arrive early and take time to visit the Wynn Encore Sports book my personal favorite—bring your friends and pick your winning…

Private Jets- or 2-1 Business Air

BUSINESS JETS, MOST PREFERRED’ How much will it cost to charter a private jet to the Las Vegas Strip?  The price for a Plane Charter or Rental is based on the aircraft type you select. Very light jets which include…

Trip Planner- Smart Travel Savings

  HELPING YOU ENJOY YOUR TRIP, HERE ARE THE STEPS YOU CAN TAKE TO ENJOY MORE VACATION TIME AND SPEND LESS MONEY! PROTECT YOURSELF from “Theft”—Take time to take pictures of your Passport and Travel Documents- yes you can use…

Private Jet Charter Costs- Jet Prices

Renting Private Jets can be pricey. To better understand the price you will be paying let us help you. A Very Light Phenom Jet will require an up front investment of $3.7 to $4- Million Dollars. Ownership costs are close…

Private Jets, Vegas Party

UPGRADE YOUR LAS VEGAS STRIP VISIT: You’re invited to visit the Las Vegas Strip and make it a totally different experience. This time leave from a Private Airport lounge and enjoy a Champagne Reception.  No TSA, no lines and no…

Private Jets Vegas, Mansions and Chocolate Dipping!

CHARTERING A JET PLANE TO LAS VEGAS?: Your “Amazing Private Jet Charter” to the Las Vegas Strip is Custom designed for travelers who appreciate a “better” than a great experience. All it takes is a single message and call–to share…

Private Jets I Knot Ceremony at Party Mansions.

YOU CAN AFFORD A PRIVATE JET!: New innovative ways to fly private at Affordable prices are here. Now you can buy individual seats on trips from Burbank to the Las Vegas Strip. Enjoy departures from a Private Lounge and fly…

Private Jet Flight

PRIVATE JET FLIGHTS ARE A MUCH APPRECIATED BENEFIT BY BUSINESS AND VACATION TRAVELERS: For the Business Traveler, time savings and the ability to flight to over 3,000 airports not served by commercial airlines is of critical importance. Vacation Travelers often…

Private Jets Upgrades

EXPECT MORE OPTIONS: Searching for a Private Jet Charter, Rental or Lease can be a challenge. Experienced Jet flyers will be looking for the most favorite Jet and sometimes crew members, Flyers who upgrade from a Commercial Airline will be…

How much is a Private Jet

Private Jet Charters, Jet Rentals or Shared Seat options are a part of the “On Demand Charter Options”. Compare this with Uber or Lyft, you only pay for your charter plane. No further obligations or risks, steps you can take…

Private Jets- Avoid unscrupulous sellers.

Private Jet without the risks of no-show aircraft. Benefit from our technologies to select the best jet at the lowest price.

Private Jets to Zion, Bryce, Grand Canyon

Private Jet Tours to Zion, Bryce and Grand Canyon National Parks–Leave from Private Lounges and enjoy more time in the Parks. Custom itineraries for Private Tours.

Private Jets- Open Legs save 30-60%

You’re invited to Fly Private with a wide range of Jet Aircraft from the Lear 31A with 6 seats to the Gulfstream IV Sp with 14 seats. Pick a flight and make an offer. Be prepared to save from 30-60%.…

PAX- Vegas Private Jet Seats

StartEngine allows you to secure a shared jet in a Private Jet at big cost savings. Releasing the software options to the flyer very soon. Take advantage of special perks and investment options. Contact us at Vegas Express Jet at P.702-336-7345

Private Jets I How Much is a Jet Charter I Express Jet

Your Private Jet from FAA Part 135 operators. Big savings from 30-50% with open legs. Complimentary upgrades and fully transparent quotes. For support call (1) 702-336-7345

Private Jet

Vegas Express Jet, vacation packages with your private Plane- air cruise to Europe for 2020 with visits to Amsterdam, Lyon,, Basel, Hamburg and Barcelona with a Luxury Legacy Jet. All meals and Luxury Hotels are included. Complimentary Business Class Tickets for early bookings.

Air Charter Services Las Vegas

Fly a Private Jet for Business or Pleasure Save time. Compare airplanes, seating and costs. Departures from Airport Lounges on the Las Vegas Strip. Vegas Express Provides you with quotes for all types of private jets with 4-30 seats!

Charter Jets, Cheap!

Cheap Charters may be expensive–make certain that you check before you “click and buy”. FOR FULL DISCLOSURE: Vegas Express Jet provides charter quotes from 50 Plus Alliance Partners which are FAA Part 135 Certified and offer the highest ARG/US Gold…

Private Jet

Private Jets like Uber or Lyft. You select the best plane with the lowest prices. Take advantage of Open Legs for passengers with flexible schedules. Save from 30-60%

Vegas Private Jet

Quotes with savings from 30-60% from over 50 Alliance Jet operators with the Highest Quality and Safety Ratings. Generous Perks and Offers from our Concierge Team. Day Trips to Disney, Santa Monica or the Wineries in Napa.

Private Jets- Discounts

Flying Private on board your own plane or Charter Jet, you won’t be surrounded by scores of other passengers as you would be a typical commercial jet. In fact the number of travelers on a private jet is an average…

Charter a Private Jet

Searching for a Private Jet is like starting at the line of one of the Strip Buffets. You will find a large selection of delicious options. Private Jet Prices–are you in Charge? Charter Operators and Brokers have one single goal…

Private Jets- “Best Buys”

Private Jet Charters- you need to know before you fly: Our frequent flyers provide us with the answers you may be searching for in a complicated world of an unlimited supply of Private Jets and Charter options. Searches on you…

Private Jet, World Vacation Experiences

Over the top Las Vegas and Private Jet Experiences. A La Carte program at the Las Vegas Palozzo by Private Jet. Other Vacations and weekends to Disney and Europe, Our Jet Vacation programs are custom crafted for VIP guests.

Cheap Charter Flights

Private Jets, empty legs save from 330-60% view our dates and plane options

Private Jets, Planes and Leases

Private Planes, Rentals, Leases, Wheels Up Fast,

Private Jets

Private Jets can be pricey–review your options before you buy and don’t make costly mistakes. Private Jets can be like timeshare with monthly membership fees and no way to escape fees and charges “On Demand Private Jet Charters”, the no…

Private Jets

Best prices and options to charter a private Jet Charter with Perks and option to fly to over 4,000 airports.


Unprecedented services are yours without the need to make long term commitments. We take the private Jet Nationwide with over 50 Alliance Partners featuring the latest aircraft for your mission. Our reach is way beyond the Las Vegas Strip with…


Don’t shop for Private Jet Prices—consider your needs and options first. Airplanes and Crew Members are rated by ARGUS which partners with operators allowing you to determine safety and quality issues. The CHEQ system by ARGUS has a number of…

Private Jets

Special Perks for Jet Flyers- collect yours now: Your Private Jet arrives with a series of “Special Perks” to recognize you as on of our Frequent Jet Flyers. Please take advantage of your options: Cut from the Skin of a…

Private Jets Vegas

We welcome Private Jet flyers who are exploring options for lower costs and upgrade options. For the traveler who is considering an upgrade from a Commercial Airline we like to welcome you. For all travelers who are searing for “cost…

Private Jets, Prices

Private Jets, compare and shop for the best Charter, Rental or Lease option before you buy and fly. Support is here to provide you with the most efficient options. Take a moment to consider the flight you will take, your…

Very Light Jets

Perfect for one way and multiple flights- great for short hops: Departures from the Las Vegas Strip and Camarillo CA Seating for 4-5 passengers, Large Baggage compartment Cabin Length 11 ft Cabin Height 4 ft 11 in Range 11.60 nm—close…

Jet Prices

Jet Prices for your Private Jet can be confusing for the first time Jet Flyer, we are here to assist and encourage you to consider the following steps before you secure a quote: Make certain that you have your travel schedule in place—no need to worry about changes in time zones. How many seats will you require—for example for shorter flights under a 1000 miles a very light jet is…

Website Update

Enjoy the new experience at

Large Cabin Jets, seating for up to 19 guests–rates from $4,900 to $13,000

Private Jet and Aircraft selection of the best aircraft for your next flight experience: We help you search for your Private Jet Charter and help you locate any type of Jet Charter flight. Please contact us for quotes at P.702-336-7345…

Midsize Jets- $3,500 to $4,700

Midsize Jets the Most Preferred category of Private Jets by Business Travelers with seating from 6-8 passengers. Expect cabin sizes from 5’10 high to 6′ wide. Aircraft in the group have a range of 4-5 hour range. In the same…

Light Jets- Jet Costs from $2,100 to $2,700 Hourly

A  Light Jets are most frequently selected for business travel, ski trips and family journeys . This jet has range of up to 3.5 hours—a long- range version will fly from San Diego to Houston or Las Vegas to Chicago…

Very Light Jets– A Private Jet for only $1,50- to $2,100 per hour. Cheapest Private Plane

Cheapest Private Jet—This category of light jets provides the flyer with the luxury of a full jet with an interior designed by BMW. This Jet has a range of 1,300 miles or about 3,2 flight hours. With a cruising speed…



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