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Over 4,000 Plus Destinations in the USA with Worldwide Services. “Wheels-Up” in 45 Minutes 

  A Private Jet and Travel Technology Portal which sources quotes for your Private Jet flights.  Over 50 FAA Part Authorized Jet Operators compete for your business. This means better solutions and prices for you. Take advantage of special Perks disclosed with your FREE quote.  Please contact us Airport P.(1) 702-336-7345. or Text Us.

Vegas Express Jet is a leader in the private jet charter technologies and the environment. Benefit from fully transparent, subscription free with no need to purchase pricey prepaid jet cards. From door to door our Air Concierge Team coordinates every detail of your journey! Enjoy

We are environmentally pro-active and provide you with options for Special Discounted Business Class Air fares with all “Overseas Charter” quotes.  Use open leg rates “Our Hitchhiker” rates with discounts from 30-60%.  Think about this when you are paying for your Private Jet Charter. 

Special Offers,  from our Concierge Team, visit us.

Day Trips to Disney, Grand Canyon, California Wineries, Please visit us.

New and Exiting 2020 Charter Options.

NFL Draft – April 23 – 25 Paradise Las Vegas.

How to Rent A Private Jet, follow us here:







From $3,100- per hour (roundtrip)

6-8 seats / under 500 miles

Save 30-60% Vegas Express Jet

Very Light Jets, Most Preferred Jet Options

$3990- to $4,200 roundtrip, need a quote?

The Phenom 100 is the most preferred Jet for flights under 1,300 Miles.


Light Jets, up to 7 seats. 

$4,200  to $4,400  hourly- need a quote?

The Lear 31A- 35 is the fast and choice for Business Travel. Need support (1)702-336-7345


Medium-Midsize Jet

From $6,900 roundtrip hourly, need a quote?

Most selected the Lear 60 Mid with 7 Seats and WIFI, Support (1) 702-336-7345


Super Midsize Luxury Jets

$8,800- to $9,900 hourly roundtrip rates

Most preferred the G200 and the Challenger 604 with 10 seats. Save up to $1,400 per hour when compared with the GV. Great Jet for Coast to Coast Travel.  Large and Spacious with Flight Attendant. Charter this Jet and share the costs with your guests! Support (1) 702-336-7345

Ask for a quote  —


 Large Cabin Luxury Jet 9-16 Seats

$10,000 to $12,000 per hour for the Gulfstream IV

Large Cabin Luxury Jets, up 16 seats. Ask for a free quote


Heavy Jets- Commercial B737, 160 seats.

May provide you with a custom quote for Sports, Party or Commercial Jets.  Our Flight Planners will be here to assist with flight planning and aircraft options. We are here to help you with budget plans and special marketing and catering services. No request is too small, for support text us at P.(1) 702-336-7345.


Gulfstream G650- Range up to 8,300 Miles- This Jet will take you to any destination in the World for Business Travel or this very special tour. Take advantage of our Air Concierge Services with custom crafted air and land packages.  Please allow 48 hours for your quote-proposal. Text 702-336-7345

Please ask for a quote

 Long Range, Honolulu, London, Paris, Hong King- ask us for Custom Quotes


“On Demand Charters” like Uber or Lyft you only pay for your flight hours. 

Detailed schedules, aircraft photos, charter costs

Empty Legs and One-Way Specials, Savings up to 60%. Can we assist

Benefit from Leading Edge Technologies and a team of certified jet and travel experts

Empty Legs, save from 30 to 60%. Select a Jet here:



Private Jet Rental

PRIVATE PLANE. RENTALS, CHARTERS Over 90% of all travelers are searching for the best deals on Charter Flights.  It can be a challenge to seek the information your need and compare offers with last minute fees and charges .  The…

Share a Seat on a Private Jet

SHARING A SEAT ON A PRIVATE JET: Flying Private is a very special experience.  Our offices receive a vast number of calls from passengers who like to fly to the Super Bowl and possibly secure an empty seat on a…

NFL 2020 Draft Las Vegas

NFL Draft, Las Vegas Apr.23-25 Las Vegas Strip. Las Vegas to Host 2020 NFL Draft – NFL On Location Experiences The 85th NFL Draft will take place from April 23-25, 2020 in Las Vegas on the iconic Las Vegas Strip,…

Private Jets Las Vegas

Private Jets Las Vegas, Arrive as a Movie Star, Special Perks with free Wedding Planning (Knot) by our in-house wedding consultants. Day Trips and Weekends to Disney, California Wineries and Spa Visit.

Private Jets I New 2020 Options

Private Jets 2020 options, All types of Private Planes with seating for 4-30 Passengers. Very Light Phenom, Light Cessna CJ3 aircraft with up to 7 seats. Large Cabin Heavy Charter Jets include the Gulfstream 200 and the Challenger 604 with 1 seats. Expect special offers from the Concierge Team with deep discounted rates on Business Class Air,

Private Jet I Better Perks for 2020

PRIVATE JET Searching for a Private Jet is now a simple process. Securing a Private Plane for your next flight takes only minutes, however you benefit from fully detailed quotes. With multiple aircraft options and pricing you will have the…

How Much is a Private Jet from LAX to Las Vegas

HOW MUCH IS PRIVATE JET: Private Jet Charters to the Las Vegas Strip help you save hours or days–. The Las Vegas McCarran Airports requires you to arrive 3 hours before you flight.  With a Private Jet Rental you simply…

Private Jet Rental CES 2020 Las Vegas

Private Jet rentals, leases and charters. Las Vegas Strip options include stays at Party Mansions with a fourth night free. Day Trips to Disneyland CA and Wineries in Central California. Complimentary catering from Whole Foods.

Private Jet Charter

Business Jet Traveler’s 9th annual study shares some important information, data was secured from a Reader’s Choice Survey. Here are some of the highlights, what’s is the most important reason why you fly Private? Here are the key observations and…

CES Las Vegas Jan 7-10, 2020. Airport Options Las Vegas

PRIVATE AIRPORTS LAS VEGAS-  BEST OPTIONS TO SAVE TIME The streets and highways which take you to the Las Vegas Convention Center will be very busy during the CES 2020 Convention.  Here are some tips to be more productive at…

Private Jet Prices

PRIVATE JETS, COSTS YOU COMPARE MULTIPLE OPTIONS When you get a Private Plane quote from Vegas Express Jet, our Team Members secure direct rates from 50 Plus Alliance Partners. Nationwide options with floating fleets, one way rates and special deep…

CES Private Jet Charters

  CES LAS VEGAS 2020,  Jan 7-10, 2020 Take advantage of extra time hours at the Las Vegas Consumer Electronic Show. Your Private Jet is the ultimate solution with arrivals at Private Lounges on the Las Vegas Strip—short transfers with…

How much is a Private Jet I Save Big

PRIVATE JET CHARTERS, SAVE FROM 30-60% Empty legs are flights which return to base without any revenues from passengers, it’s the Achilles Heel of the Private Charter Business. Operators are responding with deep discounted charter deals to secure some compensation…

Private Jet Charters I Rental I Cheap Jets Las Vegas

Private Jet Charters: (One stop shopping for a Private Plane) Rent a Jet like you travel with UBER or LYFT.  You only pay for your Private Charter flight without the need to pay for on-going memberships or pricey prepaid jet…


Take a Private Jet Planning a Private Plane Charter, Rental or Lease.  We are here to help you locate the best Price and Jet which will ensure that you have a enjoyable and safe journey. Our Team Members are here…

How to fly on a Private Jet

How to charter a Private Jet, Vegas Express Jet provides detailed Private Plane Charter quotes which include multiple charter quotes and priding options. Take advantage of special perks and options. Fly with a Private Jet like Uber or Lyft with the support of team of Jet and Travel Experts.

Super Bowl 2020 Las Vegas

SUPER BOWL 2020 STARTS ON THE VEGAS STRIP Start your 2020 Super Bowl Game on the Las Vegas Strip- Arrive early and take time to visit the Wynn Encore Sports book my personal favorite—bring your friends and pick your winning…

Private Jets, Vegas Party

UPGRADE YOUR LAS VEGAS STRIP VISIT: You’re invited to visit the Las Vegas Strip and make it a totally different experience. This time leave from a Private Airport lounge and enjoy a Champagne Reception.  No TSA, no lines and no…

Private Jets Vegas, Mansions and Chocolate Dipping!

CHARTERING A JET PLANE TO LAS VEGAS?: Your “Amazing Private Jet Charter” to the Las Vegas Strip is Custom designed for travelers who appreciate a “better” than a great experience. All it takes is a single message and call–to share…



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