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SELECT YOUR PRIVATE JET  FROM OVER 50 ALLIANCE PARTNERS, Different record breaking best in class services without limits or restrictions. More Perks and Benefits are yours to enjoy!



$1,700 to $1,900 hourly

6-8 seats / under 500 miles

Very Light Jets

$1,950 to $2,300 hourly, need a quote?

Very Light Jets 4-6 seats range 1300 miles

Light Jets

$2,100  to $2,650  hourly- need a quote?

Light Jets 6-8 seats, range up to 4 hours

Medium-Midsize Jet

$3,500- to $3,995-  hourly, need a quote?

Midsize Jets  6-8 range up to 4.5 hours

Super Midsize Luxury Jets

$4,400 to $4,900  hourly

Super Mid Luxury Jets- up 12 seats. Ask for a quote

 Large Cabin Luxury Jet 9-16 Seats

$6,950 to $9,900 plus hourly

Large Cabin Luxury Jets, up 19 seats. Ask for a free quote

Heavy Jets- Commercial B737

May provide you with a custom quote and aircraft options?

Commercial Aircraft B737, BBJ 737

Gulfstream G650

Please ask for a quote

 Long Range, Honolulu, London, Paris, Hong King- ask us for Custom Quotes


Detailed schedules, aircraft photos, charter costs

Empty Legs and One-Way Specials, Savings up to 60%. Can we assist

Benefit from Leading Edge Technologies and a team of certified jet and travel experts




Unprecedented services are yours without the need to make long term commitments. We take the private Jet Nationwide with over 50 Alliance Partners featuring the latest aircraft for your mission. Our reach is way beyond the Las Vegas Strip with…


Don’t shop for Private Jet Prices—consider your needs and options first. Airplanes and Crew Members are rated by ARGUS which partners with operators allowing you to determine safety and quality issues. The CHEQ system by ARGUS has a number of…

Empty Legs

The Achilles heel of the Private Jet aviation industry is your greatest benefit. Fly a Private Jet and save from 30-60%. Empty Legs or open legs take place when a private jet needs to return to base without revenue passengers.…

Private Jets

Special Perks for Jet Flyers- collect yours now: Your Private Jet arrives with a series of “Special Perks” to recognize you as on of our Frequent Jet Flyers. Please take advantage of your options: Cut from the Skin of a…

Private Jets Vegas

We welcome Private Jet flyers who are exploring options for lower costs and upgrade options. For the traveler who is considering an upgrade from a Commercial Airline we like to welcome you. For all travelers who are searing for “cost…

Private Jets, Prices

Private Jets, compare and shop for the best Charter, Rental or Lease option before you buy and fly. Support is here to provide you with the most efficient options. Take a moment to consider the flight you will take, your…

Very Light Jets

Perfect for one way and multiple flights- great for short hops: Departures from the Las Vegas Strip and Camarillo CA Seating for 4-5 passengers, Large Baggage compartment Cabin Length 11 ft Cabin Height 4 ft 11 in Range 11.60 nm—close…

Jet Prices

Jet Prices for your Private Jet can be confusing for the first time Jet Flyer, we are here to assist and encourage you to consider the following steps before you secure a quote: Make certain that you have your travel schedule in place—no need to worry about changes in time zones. How many seats will you require—for example for shorter flights under a 1000 miles a very light jet is…

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Large Cabin Jets, seating for up to 19 guests–rates from $4,900 to $13,000

Private Jet and Aircraft selection of the best aircraft for your next flight experience: We help you search for your Private Jet Charter and help you locate any type of Jet Charter flight. Please contact us for quotes at P.702-336-7345…

Midsize Jets- $3,500 to $4,700

Midsize Jets the Most Preferred category of Private Jets by Business Travelers with seating from 6-8 passengers. Expect cabin sizes from 5’10 high to 6′ wide. Aircraft in the group have a range of 4-5 hour range. In the same…

Light Jets- Jet Costs from $2,100 to $2,700 Hourly

A  Light Jets are most frequently selected for business travel, ski trips and family journeys . This jet has range of up to 3.5 hours—a long- range version will fly from San Diego to Houston or Las Vegas to Chicago…

Very Light Jets– A Private Jet for only $1,50- to $2,100 per hour. Cheapest Private Plane

Cheapest Private Jet—This category of light jets provides the flyer with the luxury of a full jet with an interior designed by BMW. This Jet has a range of 1,300 miles or about 3,2 flight hours. With a cruising speed…

Turboprops, King Air

Turboprops Private Jet $1,700 to $1,900 per hour One of the business aircraft which combines reliability with budget pricing. This plane is a great choice for flights under 500 miles. The cabin is very spacious and offers ample space for…

How Much is a Private Jet

How much will you pay?- Easy steps to benefit from big savings: Like to upgrade to a bigger jet—explore your options for better deals on a Private jet. It’s the Private Jet Experience which takes you away from over crowded…

How much is a Charter Jet

Private Flights with special Perks! Jet planes and charter options are the very best with Vegas Express Jet. No need to search further. With our leading edge technologies we anticipate your charter and schedule requirements with “tempting rates” View detailed…

Private Jet Prices

Know your options, before you buy! Helping you understand your options, before you buy and fly Private Jets and Aircraft Charter options. Special offers and Pricing for the Gulfstream III with seating for 14 guests. On Demand Charters do not require you to purchase “Pricey…


PRIVATE JET CHARTER FLIGHTS: Your advantage Private Jet weekends to the Las Vegas Strip. Make it a long Friday-Sunday weekend with a Lear Jet and up to 8 seats from any California Airport. JET PRICES: Special options include weekend charter rates for Private  aircraft extended by our 50 plus Alliance Partners. Each operated is    FAA Part 135 Authorized and ARG/US Gold–Platinum Rated.  The Highest safety and quality ratings in the Private Jet Industry.  Special Options: Orange/San Diego County weekend trips to the Las Vegas Strip …

Private Jets. Day Trips

Day and Weekend Trips to the Super Bowl, California Beach, Wineries. Dining at the French Laundry- Napa Valley

Private Jets- Open Legs

PRIVATE JET CHARTERS- OPEN LEGS Take advantage of savings up to 40% when you select one of our open leg flights. Open legs are a result of aircraft meeting passengers at airports without any seats occupied by paying passengers. The…

Private Jets, Day Charters

Day Trips by Private Plane to Tonopah, John Wayne Disneyland, Santa Monica and the Wineries in Central California. Save time with your private plane with up to 8 seats on the King Air. Or fly the Phenom 100 with seating for 4 travelers. All types of Private Jets with seating from 4-19 seats.

Private Jets, On Demand Charters a best choice

Private Jets, On demand Charters are a Best Buy. Over 70% of all flights are under 1500 miles. Ask for quotes, no risks on your part.

Private Jets- How to

HOW TO FLY PRIVATE? We completed an in-official list of the questions we receive by phone, message and at meetings. Hope we cover the answers you may be searching for.  We are always here to respond to issues we failed…

Private Jet- Luxury MGM Park

NEW ON THE LAS VEGAS STRIP We accepted an invitation from Colleen Schmitz, the Director of Global Sales to visit the new MGM park and the NoMad. This brings a new boutique property within the rebuild Monte Carlo. PRIVATE JET…

Private Jet Prices

PRIVATE JET PRICES Private Jets are “Pricey” this may be good time to follow experience Private Jet Flyers who select the best jets at discounted prices. COMPARING PRICES AND AIRCRAFT- understanding your options. Before you secure a quote, understand–most flights…

Private Jet- Paris- Rhone River Wine Cruise 10 days.

Wine Cruise by Private Jet to the Rhone with a stay in Paris and Cruise on board the MS Emerald. Special events include dinner at Paris Fouquet’s. Epicurean dining and fine wines. The Private Jet takes you in Luxury from Las Vegas to Paris. This program is designed for travelers who enjoy luxury travel, fine wines and dining.

Private Jets, Own a piece of the 747 “Lady Penelope”

Plane Tags cut from the Skin of a retired 747 aircraft–please accept with our compliments with each Private Jet Journey. Special Perks included in all charter quotes.

Private Jet Charter- “Plane Tags” rewards

Key and Luggage Tags made from the Skin of a 747 Virgin Air aircraft. Please accept our complimentary gift as a Private Jet flyer with one of our large cabin jets.

Private Jet Charter Prices

Special Deals on Private Jets- Cheap Charter Deals to Las Vegas and Florida

Private Jet from LAX to Las Vegas

Experience Luxury Private Jets from Van Nuys, Burbank to the Las Vegas Strip. Special Party planes with Complimentary Limousine Services for flights of 3 hours plus on the Las Vegas Strip.

Private Jet

Jet Services, Private Flights with Jet Prices–we are here to help you select a Private Jet with a special discount incentive of 4%

Private Jet Charters, Budget, Fast or Luxury

Private Jets, Budget or Luxury. The King Air is a Budget option for visit to smaller airport. For Luxury consider the Gulfstream 200 with up to 10 seats. Our Team Members are here to assist at P.702-336-7345

Private Jets–Day Trips

Day Trips with a Private Jet. Take your family and furry friend to Huntington Beach “Dog Beach” Custom Crafted Day Trips with your private Plane- Journeys to the California Wineries in Napa and Paso Robles.

Private Jet Prices- how to compare

  PRIVATE JET PRICES- HOW DO YOU COMPARE Receive quotes from over 50 Jet Operators and Alliance Partners with Vegas Express Jet. The advantage is your with more aircraft choices. You select the plane which meets your needs. Compare different…

Private Jet Charters, Questions for you!

Private Jets–questions you need to ask before you fly. Make certain that you know your costs and fees up-front. How much do they charge for pets!

Chartered Flights- How to

CHARTERING A PRIVATE JET? : Confused and bewildered by all the ads and blogs. Should you buy a Membership or Fractional ownerships–or do you need to buy Prepaid Jet Cards to get a better deal. It sounds complicated, however we…

Private Jet Prices

Private Jets compare rates, quotes. Special Perks with complimentary limousine services. Bedrock Protection Services. Our Jet Experts and Concierges at P.702-336-7345

Private Jets Las Vegas

Private Party Jets to the Las Vegas Strip with the Gulfstream and Beechjet with up to 19 seats. For support call our airport desk at P.702-336-7345. Take advantage of trip cancellation and medical insurance options. Take the risks out of your journey.

Charter a Private Jet

BUILDING A PRIVATE JET FOR YOU: Charter a Private Jet and know which type of plane is best suited for your mission? How much will it cost to rent a Private Jet Charter? The Very Light Category provides you budget…

Private Jets, Las Vegas Special Weekend Deal

Special Weekend deals for flights from San Diego and Carlsbad to Las Vegas. Special price applies for the Lear 35A Jet with 6 seats. Take advantage of the deep discounted price of $9,950-.

Cheap Private Jets

Save up to $10,000 compare the Luxury GV jet with the G200 with a specious interior. Consider a light Lear Jet 31, 35 and compare with the Lear 60 Midsize jet with savings from $700- to $800- per hour. For support and quotes contact P.702-336-7345

Private Jet Charter

Turbo, Very Light, Medium and Large Cabin Jets. Complimentary Limousine Services. Free quotes with aircraft photos and detailed prices. No need to purchase pricey memberships and or Jet Cards.

How Much Does is Cost to Fly on a Private Plane?

No obligation quotes, Compare King Air with a Light Phenom 100 jet. On Demand Charters are a best buy. No need for pricey memberships or costly prepaid jet cards

We accept coinbase *

PRIVATE JETS: Paying for your private jet charter is now more convenient with Bitcoin Currencies. No risks on the upside or downside–we fully protect your investment. Crypto Currencies are accepted by Vegas Express Jet. Many of our VIP Travelers prefer…

Private Jets I Jet Charters I Affordable Luxury

Private Jets, Jet Charters with flexible quotes. Compare rates, aircraft options and secure guaranteed rates with Price Matching.

Vegas Strip Deals! Gulfstream Jets with 14 seats!

Las Vegas weekend trips from Burbank and San Diego with the Luxury Gulfstream III Jet with 14 seats. Priced at only $18,500 for a weekend trip or as low as $1,325- per person (pro rated seat costs).

Private Jets

Private Jets, the Super Midsize Jets are a great buy and best value with up to 9 seats. Consider the Gulfstream 200, Challenger 601 with seating for up to 12 travelers or the Falcon 50. Please ask us for a quote—our team members are here to assist at _.702-336-7345

Private Jet Prices

PRIVATE JET PRICES: Steps you can take to search for the best Private Plane at the lowest costs, follow a series of simple steps to secure a great deal. CONSIDER YOUR AIRCRAFT TYPE AND NEEDS: Do you need WIFI, are…

Private Jet Prices

PRIVATE JET PRICES How much is a Private Jet, comparing Jet Prices can be difficult since owners may upgrade the aircraft with new technologies such as WIFI or offer the same aircraft with additional seating. For example you may  review…

Charter Jet Prices

Jet Prices for all aircraft types. See sample pricing for your Private Jet Charter. Ask for guaranteed quotes and rates

Private Jets- Pay with Bitcoin

Pay with Bitcoin and reduce your credit card fees by 60-80%

How much is a Private Jet

HOW MUCH IS A PRIVATE JET? When you search for a Private Jet Charter it will help you understand the costs for Private Planes. Be aware some companies are selling you membership deals and pricey Jet Cards. COMPARING THE COSTS OF…

Private Jets

PRIVATE JETS Secure the best private jet charters and rentals with Vegas Express Jet. As Consultants we work for you and provide you the Charter Rates from over 50 Alliance Partners. From the Gulfstream Luxury Jets to the cost efficient…

Private Jets Las Vegas

PRIVATE JETS LAS VEGAS: No need to buy pricey memberships or prepay jet cards which require up-front investments of $5,000 to $25,000. Our “Flexible Quotes” provides you with the ability to select a cost efficient airplane charter or rental. No…

Private Jet Prices

Private Jet Price: How do I get the a Private Jet Price?–we are here to help you search for the best deals on a Private Jets. With the resources of leading edge technologies and over 50 Alliance partners we have…

Private Jet Prices

PRIVATE JET PRICES Cheap prices for the Lear 35A for flights up to 5 hours. We offer deeply discounted prices in this Private Plane with seating for u to 7 passengers. HOW MUCH DOES IT COST TO FLY PRIVATE For the…

Private Jet Charters Las Vegas, The Vegas Express Difference

Take advantage of Perks and Empty legs from Vegas Express Jet, phone 702-336-7345

Empty Legs Big Savings

EMTY LEGS, SAVE FROM 40-60%- Leaving in the next 24-48 hours, call us for fast quotes at P.702-336-7345 Cheap empty jets are yours, view our listing of empty legs below, pick a flight which meets your needs-. Empty legs do…

Charter a Private Jet

Charter a Private Jet with Private Jet prices and options. Secure several quotes and compare aircraft options. No need to buy pricey memberships or prepaid jet cards with prices from $5,000- to $25,000-

Fly Private Jet, Safety tips

10 safety tips for secure travel, Vegas Express Jet shares a series of suggestions to keep you safe when you travel. Special Services provided by Bedrock. Share your itinerary with friends and family before your travel. Consider travel and trip interruption insurance.

Cheap Private Jets

Cheap Private Jets, Packages Deals, Jet plane prices, King Air Twin Turbo Cheap Flights, Rent a Plane at Vegas Express Jet. Visit our Jet Store at Private Airport Lounges at Signature and Atlantic on the Las Vegas Strip.,

Charter Flights to Vegas

Cheap Air with the King Turbo Prop- rates from $1,495 per hour. Our jet experts will help you secure the best and most affordable private jet options. No need to buy pricey memberships or prepay expensive jet cards!

Private Jet Prices

PRIVATE JET PRICES Over 80% of all first time Jet Travelers search for pricing.  We help you find the lowest prices on a Private Jet from your hometown to reduce your costs. CHARTERED FLIGHTS More travelers are opting for a…

Bedrock provides Special Services for Vegas Express Jet

BEDROCK SPECIAL PROJECTS Secure air and ground transportation yields productivity, privacy and comfort benefits. Recent natural disasters, world events and notorious mass shootings have spotlighted operational security issues for key executives and meeting participants. Risk management and duty of care…

Private Jets

Chartering a Private Jet with special perks and prices. Total care with planeside meet and greet services. Quotes with lowest

Rent a Private Plane

Rent a Private Plane, Special Perks Photo Tour Las Vegas Strip. Lear 31, 35, fast quotes and wheels up. Transparent quotes with aircraft photos and detailed costs. No need for pricey prepaid cards.

Private Jet Cards- Compare

HOW MUCH IS A PRIVA TE JET: If you are like most folks, having a prestigious Private Jet Membership is a very enticing option. Seeing your name on a gold plated stainless steel gives you the feeling of Luxury and…

Private Plane Hire

WHY YOU FLY PRIVATE ?–Private Plane hire! = Save employee and executive time, have more vacation time = Reach multiple cities in a single day, great option for business travelers = Fly to cities, destinations not served commercial airlines =…

Private Jets, Better Perks “Free Limousine”*

Private Jet Charters with transparent pricing- full details are disclosed in your Private Jet Quote with aircraft photos. Special deals on group charters for weddings for 4-19 passengers. For support contact our airport desk at 702-336-7345

Private Jet

  PRIVATE JET PRICES Jet Charter Flights at the lowest price when you select a Twin Turbo King Air Jets. The King provides you with seating for 6 travelers and low low charter rates from $1495- per hour. Travel from…

Private Jet Prices
Private Jet Prices- How to secure best deals- Vegas Express Jet PRIVATE PRICES: Charter a Private Plane, make a couple of smart moves to secure the lowest prices, follow our simple steps to secure big savings and upgrades. We are…
Private Jet Memberships

VEGAS EXPRESS JET– On demand pricing, this means that you do not have to join a club and pay monthly membership fees in exchange for lower prices—-No you do not have to purchase Pricey Jet Cards. You only pay for…

Private Jet Prices, Rent a Plane

Private Jet Prices, Rent a Private Jet, Charter flights to, Private Airport Lounges, Signature, Atlantic, John Wayne, Las Vegas, Carlsbad

Jet Charters 4-19 seats, luxury made affordable.

Take a Tour of the Vista Global Jet PRIVATE JETS TO HAWAII, CARBBEAN, LATIN AMERICA AND EUROPE Take the members of your  club on a journey tp France and visit the wine regions in Bordeaux and Champagne. Or make Hawaii…

Private Jet Prices

Best Buy and Best Value Private Jet Charters, How much will it cost to charter a private jet?, Party jets with 12 seats to the Las Vegas Strip. Flexible rate quotes!

Rent a Private Jet

RENT A PRIVATE JET: We help you with “Blue Monday” charter deals for the Holiday Season.  Save 40-60%  with our open leg charters. Ask us for quotes and solutions. Yes feel free to call our support desk at P.702-336-7345. Locating…

Ski Resorts opening dates

Ski Charters Colorado to Aspen, Vail or Steamboat with opening days for the Colorado Resorts.

Charter Jet Prices

Before you search for Private Jet Prices, you will be able to anticipate your costs of a Private Jet. Search for the aircraft that meets your needs from a small Lear 35A to the large Super Midsize Challenger 601-  Need…

Private Jet Air Cruises

  CHARTER FLIGHTS TO EUROPE, OR THE CENTRAL CALIFORNIA COAST! For travelers who love to cruise by Sea—explore the opportunity to take an Air Cruise with a Luxury Private Jet with a group of friends or associates. Luxury in the…

Private Jet Prices, Flexible Quotes, Shop for Open Legs


Vineyards in Bordeaux and Champagne, Private Jet Tours

A SPECIAL INVITATION FOR WINE LOVERS:–Here are some suggested itineraries. Each tour program is Custom Designed in participation with our partners in France. We partner with wine clubs to extend special benefits to their members. This includes special events at…

Chartered Flights

CHARTERED FLIGHTS Private Jet prices are very important to our travelers. Flexible quote options provide you with the ability to select your preferred aircraft options. You benefit from our “Rate Transparency” with no hidden fees or charges” The cost for…

Private Plane, Holiday gifts

PRIVATE PLANE- HOLIDAY GIFTS, GRAND CANYON HELICOPTER TOURS It’s never to late to recognize that very person in  your life. It my be the best time to leave “Ho Hum” gifts. Look for a true original, a Private Jet flight…

Grand Canyon Helicopter Tours

Vegas Helicopter Tours to the Grand Canyon are affordable, memorable, and a once-in-a-lifetime experience! No better place to visit in the United States. View the world from a Luxury Helicopter. The trip starts at your Hotel Resort with a pick-up…

Private Plane to Las Vegas, Las Vegas Private Jets

Private planes to the Las Vegas Strip: Take advantage of the lowest prices with Guaranteed Charter Agreements which detail all your charges—no hidden fees or last minute charges when you click and buy. Visit Jet Charter Store at JetNetCharters. Charter…

Ambulance Planes, On demand pricing to over 4,000 US Airports

AMBULANCE AIR SERVICES, YOUR VERY BEST CHOICE. The Lear 35A,  accommodates up to 7 passengers, or one stretcher with three seats.  This jet is fast and comfortable with a large entry door. It is the preferred aircraft by medical groups…

Private Jets, Best Deals for you.

On Demand Private Jet Charters represent your best buy and best value. All aircraft types including Ambulance Aircraft. Wine tour destinations include Paso Robles, Napa Valley.

Private Jet Prices, One Ways

One way private jets–big savings no need to pay for flight hours to return your jet and crew to base.

Experience Day Trips with your Private Jet- You need to try this!


Gulfstream Charters, New G550- 18 Seat Private Jet

The Gulfstream 550 Jet combines Luxury with Long Range Travel- fly from LAX to Shanghai, Bordeaux France or Tuscany Italy. You are invited to explore the capabilities of the Luxury Jet for Talent- Studio Travel and VIP guests for the…

Private Jets, Get your Price

Private Jets, Cost efficient solutions, pay the operator direct. Vegas Express Jet is the Representative for Aero Jet, Paradigm Jet Management on the Las Vegas Strip. Fully transparent quotes- no need to purchase pricey jet cards or memberships.

Cheap Private Jets

Cheap Private Jets, Budget Twin Turbo aircraft for flights under 2 hours, Phenom 100 Light Jets, Lear 60 and Challenger 601 for parties and weddings.

Wineries Tours- Fly Private Jets from Las Vegas and Southern California

Paso Robles customized wine tours for groups. Provide jet departures from Las Vegas, Henderson NV, Van Nuys, Burbank, John Wayne and San Diego California. Taste fine wines and take time for team building–leave your Power Point presentation in the office and use this at your next meeting.

Wine Tours by Private Jet, Group and Incentive Travel

Incentive Group and Wine Journeys by Private Plane. Depart from Las Vegas, LAX and all So.Cal Airports. Enjoy a causal Luncheon in a wine cellar or on the patio. Visit the newest modern winery in Templeton. Ask us for quotes and custom crafted itineraries.

Private Jets, Group- Incentive Travel

We take you to any place in the World. Incentive and Group tours to wineries in Paso Robles and Templeton. Eberly and Opolo winery in Templeton.

Charter a Private Jet in seconds, quick and fast

CHARTER REQUESTS, the widest choice of jets, times, routes and price quotes at your fingertips. You have direct access to 8,000 plus private jets with fully transparent rates. No hidden costs. We are here to help you select the best…

Private Jets, One Ways, Open Legs, Prices and Deals- Grab- Save and Fly Now

Powered by Vegas Express Jet  GV & GIV WIFI FLOATING FLEET AVAILABILITY 07/21/2017 contact Vegas Express Jet at P.702-336-7345 or send us your request   THREE STEPS YOU NEED TO TAKE: Open Legs, One Way, Deep discounted prices are yours, Grab, Go and…

JetNetCharters, A Private Jet Store, Opening Soon

WWW.JETNETCHARTERS, a store is being build to make a the Charter Booking simple and straightforward. Jet Net Charters is building a website which provides you with an open store for Private Jets and Rentals. It will help you select the Aircraft which is…

How much is a Private Jet

    How Much is your Private Jet—Upgrading from Commercial Air? How does it work, steps you need to take to score a “Best Price” on a Luxury Jet. Here are 10 steps which provide you with bigger savings on…

Book a Private Jet Charter to the Las Vegas Strip

Book a private jet to Las Vegas, Party Jets on the Las Vegas Strip. Resorts Wynn, Bellagio, Aria, Cosmo and 4 Seasons. The Show “Sex” at the Paris Hotel Resort on the Las Vegas Strip.

Private Jets Simply Best Charter Rates

Best Charter Rates Private Jets. Private Lounge departures from Atlantic, Signature, Henderson, Van Nuys, Burbank, John Wayne, Carlsbad, San Diego, Austin TX.

JetNetCharters, Private Jets Vegas Strip

Special perks at the Wynn, Encore, Bellagio, Cosmopolitan, 4Seasons. Special luxury offerings with Upgrades and Guaranteed Price Matching

Private Jet Pricing, Misleading quotes

Private jets, no need to purchase expensive memberships to secure best charter rates. Don’t buy Pricey Jet Cards use “on demand charters only” you pay for the hours you fly only. Talk to us about your options, for a friendly chat call 702-336-7345

Empty Legs

Empty legs, one way charter provide you with substantial cost savings. How much will it cost to charter a private jet. Save up to 40% with empty legs.

Cost of Private Jets

Costs of Private Jets, How Much does a Private Jet Cost, Searching for Private Jets. Movie industry co-productions in Hollywood and Shanghai.

Pricing Private Jets

Benefit from wholesale rates and save up to 5% on your charter costs. Offering guaranteed rate quotes

International Private Jet Flights

INTERNATIONAL FLIGHTS: Are you heading for a overseas destination in China or Latin America. The Private Jet offers substantial time savings and a place to conduct business meetings.  Co-productions can be costly, this is a solution since it saves time…

Commercial Air Charters Las Vegas

Commercial Air Charters Las Vegas for Group, Incentive and Sports Travel. A wide selection of aircraft types from the Embraer 135 light jet with 30 seats to the Boeing BBJ with lay flat seats and a conference room. A Vegas Express Jet Account Executive will provide you with a wide range of aircraft and budget options.

Private Charter Jet Saver Rates

INTRODUCING NEW JET SAVER OPTIONS: Vegas Express Jet is introducing three new options- take a moment to compare and select the best option for you and your party: Set your Jet with low rates from LAX, John, Wayne, San Diego…

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