Very Light Jets




Raytheon Premier 1

Raytheon Premier 1

Passenger Capacity 6-7 people
Cruising Speed 451 mph
Range 1490 st.m.
Length 13.5 ft.
Width 5.5 ft.
Height 5.5 ft.
Baggage Capacity 83 cu.ft.



Cessna Mustang

Cessna Mustang

Passenger Capacity 4-5
Cruising Speed 381mph
Range 1150 st.m.
Length 407 in.
Width 432 in.
Height 135 in.
Baggage Capacity ample



Embraer Phenom

Embraer Phenom 100

Passenger Capacity 4
Cruising Speed 390 mph
Range 1178 st.m.
Length 42 ft.
Width 40 ft.
Height 14 ft.
Baggage Capacity ample

The Phenom 100 should be on top of your “Like” list with an interior designed by BMW with a spacious designed by BMW. With seating for 4 passengers this Private Jet offers very tempting charter rates from $1, 995- to $2,100– per hour.

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Make a smart move and make your first flight with the new Phenom 100.

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