We are here to assist with all types of Charter flights. Your options are unlimited with seating for 14, 30, 57, 160 and 320 passengers. Before you consider your group plans, do consider the following:

Charter Jets

The FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) recognizes two type of Charter groups:

  • Groups organized by a single entity such as a sports team of business. This includes incentive groups, churches and a business which may launch a new product. All the payments are made by the organization or membership group. This type is best identified as a “Single Entity Charter”
  • The second group of charters is known as a Tour Charter. IT charters are operated by firms and operator who feature a vacation in Mexico or even a Around The World Air Cruise with a Private Jets. FAA Rules require the organizer to open an escrow account. Each individual participant pays for the trip and funds are retailed in the escrow account—until the completion of the trip. At that time the Escrow account will release the funds to the operator Organizers.

Private Jet Sports Charters

Sports teams need to consider the Players Contracts and use a Private Jet for a sports season. The flight patterns may change frequently base on the standing of the team. For an extended use the Management group may plan to consider a Lease which may include team designs and aircraft paints with logo’s etc. The Lease agreement will include monthly charges plus costs for Charter Hours, Overtime for Crew etc. A Boeing 737 with up to 57 Business Class seats may be a preferred option, a 787 with up to 150 Business Class seats may be considered.

One of our Team Members will be here to assist and provide you with the best financial solutions

Boeing Business Jet BBJ up to 19 seats

Group Charters on demand

The Boeing 737-800 or the Airbus 319 with seating for 150-180 passengers in an all coach configuration are in high demand, Aircraft offer 3×3 seating with a forward and back washroom. Most aircraft have a double galley for refreshments, snacks and lunch boxes. A minimum cabin crew of three flight attendants is required.

How much is a Sports Charter Jet

B737 Jet up to 180 seats

Hourly prices will range from $12,000 to $16,000 per hour. Consider the following when chartering:

  • Secure a Commercial Jet from an airline which is based locally. This will allow you to reduce the costs for “Ferry Mileage”. Time required to have aircraft reach your departure point. If this is a daytrip, remember on-duty time is limited to 10 hours. A second crew may be needed for a late return flight.
  • Typical Charter Rates range from $12,000 to $16,000 per hour. Extra Charges include baggage handling, gate facilities, costs for check-in and TSA fees at commercial airports. You will be able to depart from a Local FBO provided this facility has the equipment and staffing on-site
30 Seat Embraer 135. Commuter Jet

Group Charter Support

One of our Team Members will be here to provide you with the information you need. Based on your needs we will be here to provide you with a series of Aircraft options. Please feel free to contact our group desk at 702-336-7345.