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It’s prudent advice to recommend seeking the expertise of a financial planner or lawyer before making significant investments in private jet services. Engaging in such arrangements involves substantial financial commitments, and having professional advice can help ensure that your decisions align with your financial goals and are legally sound.

Jet charter services, jet cards, memberships, and fractional ownerships come with varying terms, conditions, and costs. A financial planner can assist you in evaluating the financial implications, ensuring that the investment aligns with your overall financial strategy. They can help you assess the long-term costs, potential returns, and whether such an investment fits into your broader financial portfolio.

A lawyer can provide valuable insights into the legal aspects of these arrangements. They can review contracts, terms, and conditions to make sure you fully understand the obligations and rights associated with the jet services or ownership. This is crucial for avoiding any potential legal issues and ensuring that the terms are fair and transparent.

Additionally, when dealing with brokers and operators, due diligence is essential. Researching and comparing different jet charter companies, understanding the specifics of the jet cards or memberships, and being aware of any additional fees or upcharges will contribute to making informed decisions.

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Private Jet Pricing Vegas

Exploring On-Demand-Charters deserves your consideration. You will be able to Ply Private in the same way you secure a ride-share. You only pay for the Charter hours. You should know:

1) With On-Demand-Charters you will be able to secure rate quotes for any type of Jet Charter.

2) You have total freedom of choice and are not required to adhere to the stringent booking procedures established by the Jet Card firms.

3) No need to worry about on-going membership fees. You will be able to fly at anytime, anyplace with hundreds of aircraft types.

How much is my private jet?

Highly recommended, before you start your journey! Develop a schedule for your trip with the number of seats you need. For shorter trips under 1000 miles or a maximum of 3.2 hours. Your best bet is a Very Light Jet. This includes the Hondajet and the Citation M2 with seating for 5 guests.  The very light jets are cost and fuel efficient allowing you to secure a great buy. For longer trips the new Phenom 300 Jet with seating for 7 passengers should be on top of your list. Please visit our aircraft fleet here.

Jet Prices

  1. Get your quote-share your schedule and number of seats you need.

  2. 2) Arriving at your email address, a series of aircraft options with seat maps and photos. View your charter costs and options side-by-side.

  3. 3) You select any of the quotes and the Charter Operator will provide you with a Charter Proposal. Your Charter Rate is Guaranteed, your flights are confirmed.

  4. Need more quotes? Call our support desk at 702-336-7345.

  5. We will be here to meet your highest expectations.

Your Private Jet Advisor and a Team of Jet Experts are here to introduce you to a new way to Fly Private Vegas. We take time to understand your preferences as an experienced jet flyer, or as a guest who is considering an upgrade from Commercial air to the Private Jet Luxury Experience.

No need for any up-front commitments or investments. You will benefit from total freedom of choice. We make certain that you journey is seamless, without any hidden fees or charges. Fly Private Vegas is a division of Vegas Express jet.

We recently celebrated 20 years on the Las Vegas Strip Corridor serving the VIP Guests for Resorts like the Wynn, Aria, Bellagio, Cosmopolitan and 4Seasons. Please feel free to ask for a FREE quote here. 


Flying with your Private Plane Chater to the Vegas Strip is a very special experience. Gor you, your friends and family. Fly Private Vegas makes it possible with large selection of Private Jets with seating for 4-30 passengers. For budget travelers the Pilatus PC 12 with seating for 7 travelers is a great buy and priced at $1,250 to $1,350 per hour. 

Turbo Prop PC 12 with 7 seats.