Gold Passport Perks

You’re invited to experience a better way to Fly Private. No need to make investment in pricey prepaid jet cards and venture into fractional ownerships. Let’s us introduce you to a safe and secure process which offers total flexibility and full transparency. Our customer feedback strongly confirms that the industry needs to respond with information and options which are fully detailed, complete without last minute fees and upcharges. Please download the information you will need to compare options with the assurance that your payment is safe. Plus, the complimentary Gold Passport Perks are yours.

  • All required for a Charter quote: Your flight plans, destination and number of seats need. No need for credit cards or personal data. Yes we will ask for your e-mail address:
  • Arriving at your E_mail address, a detailed quote form with several aircraft options. This includes photos of the interior and seating charts. Allowing you to compare seating and services such as WIFI. You will be able to compare the prices for several aircraft-we use side-by-side pricing. All the tools are here for you to make an intelligent decision or simple–get more quotes.
  • You may accept any of the options. As a next step you receive a direct link to the FAA Operators direct booking link- you complete the information on a secure site and hold the aircraft with your Credit Card–or use a Bank Payment. A copy of the signed agreement includes your “Guaranteed Rates” plus your flight confirmations. Final-full payment is due/payable 24/72 hours before your charter flight.

In the meantime, our Air Concierge Team will update you on your Private Lounge locations, flight times and crew contacts. Understand your catering options and bar services. It’s a good time to update you on Pet Travel and any special services you may need.

Gold Passport Perks, how much is my Private Jet

Experience the difference, no need to work with a broker or middleman. Options designed to save you charter costs. Vegas Express Jet is a Charter Portal. A technology company which provides you with direct access to 80 Plus Jet Operators. Each firm is an FAA Authorized Charter Operator with the highest ARG/US Gold-Platinum safety ratings. Each and every time you ask for a quote–the inventory system will reach out and provide you with the most advantageous charter prices. Operators compete for your business. Before you ask for a quote, understand which types of aircraft will meet your needs.

Gold Passport Open Legs

Open legs are flights which are operated after the passengers are dropped-off at their destination, at that time the flight returns without any passengers. Such flights are shared on all the Jet Inventory systems. Flight operators will promote flights and accept offers with discounts from 30-60%. Vegas Express will provide you with options and availability at all times–View you quote, availability is always included allowing you to save more on your next journey.

Gold Passport, Perks come with your Private Jet

The Golf Passport is designed for all Private Jet flyers who use the Vegas Express Jet Portal and is effective before your flight departure and during your journey. Take a moment to explore:

  • No fees or charge at any time for Price Quotes for any type of Private Jets. No need for personal information or credit card. Please enter you departure airport, destination and preferred time schedule with the number of seats you need. Our Portal will do all the work for you.
  • Arriving at your inbox, aircraft with interior photos and seating charts. Details include bar services, WIFI, Baggage space and washroom locations. You will be able to view the quotes prices for each plane–they are displayed side-by-side allowing you to compare. You may select any of the options and we will provide you with a link to proceed with any of the options.
  • Expect a Guaranteed Rate and Charter proposal with all flight details, pricing and flight schedules. It’s fully transparent- no hidden fees or charges. Pay with a bank check. Optionally pay with a credit card. A bank fee of 3-4% may apply. Please note full disclosure in your Charter Agreement.

Air Concierge, Gold Passport Perks are here at 702-336-7345

Complimentary Bar and Beverage Services with Free WIFI, Limousine Transfers and special catering are amongst the Perks are yours to enjoy. Details are included in your quote. From hand crafted sandwiches and wine services we like you to fully explore each quote. The services are complimentary and are yours free of charge with each charter booking. Additionally, you have full access to to Air Concierge Desk.. A team of Jet Planners and a Travel Advisor who is available before your charter departure and during your flights. We help you make last minute changes, coordinate your ground transportation and hotel accommodations. Come and join us and take advantage of our Gold Passport Perks. For Gourmet Dining and special parties at your Private Airport Lounge please ask us for menu options.

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Casino Jets, Las Vegas

You’re invited—Securing an invitation from a Las Vegas casino resort to receive a complimentary charter flight on a private plane operated by MGM, Venetian, or Caesars typically requires building a strong relationship with the casino and meeting certain criteria. While I can provide you with general guidelines, please note that specific invitation criteria and processes may vary between resorts. Here are some steps you can take to get invited, book your own Jet Charter–or your trip could be free of charge. Take a moment to explore and download your options. You could be leaving from one of the 4,000 Private Jet Airports.

Casino Loyalty for Private Jet invitations

  1. Join player loyalty programs: Sign up for the player loyalty programs offered by the casino resorts you are interested in. These programs track your gambling activities and provide perks and rewards based on your level of play. Accumulating a high-tier status within the loyalty program can enhance your chances of receiving special Private Jet invitation.
  2. Develop a relationship with a casino host: Casino hosts are responsible for identifying and assisting high-value players. Establish a relationship with a casino host by introducing yourself and demonstrating consistent gambling activity at the casino. Building a rapport with a host can increase the likelihood of being considered for exclusive invitations. This is a first step you should consider if you like to arrive on the Strip with a Casino Jet.
  3. Maintain a significant bankroll: To be considered for a complimentary charter flight, you’ll need to demonstrate a willingness to gamble with a substantial bankroll. The exact amount varies depending on the casino and the level of exclusivity associated with the private plane invitation.
  4. Be a responsible gambler: Casinos value players who gamble responsibly and exhibit good behavior.
  5. Regularly visit the casino resort: Being a frequent visitor can improve your chances of receiving special invitations. Make a point to visit and gamble at the specific resort you’re interested in, as this demonstrates your loyalty and commitment. Stay in touch with your Casino Host–don’t hesitate to ask for a special Junket invitation–make certain that you understand the steps you need to take to fly aboard a Private Jet Junket!
  6. Network and attend special events: Take advantage of networking opportunities at the casino resort. Attend special events, tournaments, or promotional activities, as these can provide opportunities to meet key individuals who can help facilitate your invitation.
  7. Our Team Members at Vegas Express Jet, will help you with Contacts the casino’s VIP services: Once you have established a gambling history and developed relationships with casino hosts, consider contacting the VIP services department directly. Inquire about the possibility of receiving an invitation for a complimentary charter flight on a private plane. They can provide you with more information on the specific criteria and processes for obtaining such invitations.
Vegas Express Jet, 14 Seat Casino Gulfstream Charter Jet

Casino Jet- Bring your own group.

A better option may include your own Private Plane with you and your friends. Casino’s are eager to make major concessions to Golf and Social Clubs. You will benefit from a wide range of Complimentary options which include Rooms Suites, Fine Dining, Golf Outings in exchange for spending some time of the Casino Floors. Try your luck at Poker, Carbs and Baccarat–this provides the Casino with the ability to earn some returns from the incentives they provide for your group. One of our Team Members will be pleased to help you schedule a meeting with one of the Resorts–it’s yours to proceed or decline. Making this your vey own Vegas Party Jet is a great option-see more

Casino Jets- Make it your own party jet and fly free!

Here may be you very best option, bring your friends on a trip to Vegas and Charter your own plane- have each of your guests pay a share of the Charter Costs. Our Travel Planner will be pleased to provide you with a Resort Package which includes special perks such as Free breakfasts, Golf and Spa Credits. Use your social media and memberships lists to entice your guests to join you for the ultimate outing on the Vegas Strip. For the best possible deals consider a midweek stay. During this period the resorts have the lowest rates, great availability and showrooms are eager to offer tickets at 1/2 price.

Casino Jets- Fly Free of Charge.

Our Team Members will do all the work for you. You invite your guests to enjoy the best of the Vegas Strip, exchange your Casino Junket for your own party jet.

  • Based on the number of guests you plan to invite we will provide you with a series of Private Jet options with the seats you need, based on your schedule
  • Update you on the costs, payment options and flights–we will include the airports and flight schedules
  • Handle all your group reservations allowing you to deal with the resort direct if you wish–include all the options for Complimentary Services, Golf and Dining options.
  • Help you schedule, or handle all the payments for your Jet Charter.
  • No limits, we event post your package on our website for others to join.
  • Above all, you will be rewarded with a Free Private Journey and Resort stay in exchange for planning and organizing a Great Journey to Vegas. It’s good to know that you can start with a small plane with seating for 8 passengers and may be able to expand to a Challenger Large Cabin Super Midsize Jet with 19 seats. Our group planners always keep a small waiting list to ensure that their flights are fully booked at departure time.
  • Our Team Members will be here to assist with your Private Jet and Group requirements. You will be requested to pay the Hotels and Resorts directly via your Credit card. The same applies to your Private Jet payments, directly to the charter operator.
  • If you wish, feel free to ask your own travel advisor to assist with your Resorts/Casino requirements. We will be here to help you schedule a Party Jet.

Your party on the Vegas Strip.

As a group organizer, you should understand that you are free to take a group of friends and share the costs of your groups or Club’s outing. If you decide to operate a Casino Junket you will be required to follow your state’s gaming regulations.

We have done this before, for Golf Clubs, Weddings, Small Incentive Groups and Extended Family parties and events.

Support, ask for our Group desk at 702-336-7345

There is nothing like a Private Jet departure party at your local Private Jet Airport–continue the event in the air with open bar and special catering options. We meet you and your group planeside upon arrival for a fast transfer to your resort! This is your party and we will be here to assist! We simply make a Greeat Part “BETTER”

About Vegas Express Jet and Fly Private Vegas–we have served the Las Vegas Resorts and VIP Guests for over 14 years and anticipate your every need. Each of our Jet Experts is a fully Certified Flight and Travel Planner. Fo support please contact us.

Vegas Jet Charters

Private Jets are now 30% Less Than Jet Cards & Fractional Ownership (Like timeshares in the air) Join the new Private Jet flyers who are managing their budgets and have found better and cost efficient ways to experience a Luxury Jet at Budget prices. Vegas Express Jet Leads the way with a Jet Portal. Over 80 plus Jet Operators compete for your business and provide you with the best deals to earn your next Private Jet flight. It’s the way to go private without any long term obligations or risks. Take a look at our fleet and decide:

Vegas Jet Prices are 30% Lower

There is a much better way to explore your Private Plane options. You can make this work without the old expensive way which required you to buy pricey jet cards with upfront payment from $25,000 to $250,000 and up. That’s the past, the traveler has learned that On Demand Charters are 30% Less and preserve the freedom of choice for the Jet Flyers. Charter brokers love to sell and promote jet cards wince the offer cash flow when a consumer pays anywhere from $25,000 to $250,000 and up for a Golf Embossed card and guaranteed loyalty to the Broker and Operator. With total freedom of choice and a large selection, follow this way and download the information to Fly Private Vegas

Vegas Jet Prices, save 30%

Jet prices for your Private flights are generated by our Jet portal which has access to over 80 Private Jet Operators each with hundreds of aircraft options. FAA Authorized Operators will compete for your business with the lowest prices. Our in-house technology will identify the lowest prices and options which are shared directly with you. Compare aircraft with interior photos, seating charts and details such as Bar and Catering Services. All at your fingertips to compare and decide. With side-by-side rates you will have the ability to compare and decide.

Vegas Jet, select a plane

Over 70% of all Jet Flights are under 2.3 hours, typically under 1000 miles. The newest group of Fuel and Cost Efficient Planes should be on top of your wish list with rates under $2,000 per hour. Visit our fleet here and pick a plane.

  • Your Very Light Jets include:
  • The Vision Jet with 3-5 seats, great budget option. (No washroom need to use rear seats for baggage)
  • Pilatus PC 12 Turbo with seating for 6, great for trips from Las Vegas to airports in California, Arizona and Utah
  • The Hondajet with seating for 5 with a fully enclosed washroom and WIFI
  • The Cessna Citation M2, seating for 6 with an interior designed by BMW
  • Phenom 300 with seating for 7 with stand-up cabin- Medium range for trips from LAX to Chicago or Carlsbad/Diego to Portland Seattle.

The Price for your Private Jet

Experience full transparency with direct quotes to you by the Private Operator with GUARANTEED pricing and flight confirmations. With on-demand charters you Fly Private in the same way you order a ride with UBER of lyft. You will have all the information to make an intelligent decision. For your business or vacation travel. Feel free to contact our Airport desk at 702-336-7345.

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About Vegas Express Jet LLC, A private Jet portal which helps you search over 80 FAA Operators with the highest ARG/US Gold and Platinum ratings for the best deals. Your quotes arrive at your Inbox with all the details you need to compare and make an intelligent decision. Just in case you like to charter your jet or consider the owner ship of your own private jet we can help. Contact us at 702-720-2449. No request is too small.

Jet Charters, Card Cutters are welcome

For those who have invested in the purchase of jet cards and are now enduring pains with high prices, limited availability and more restrictions by the Jet Operators we here you! You can’t hold the Pandemic Responsible for the new rules which are designed to fill the deep pockets of certain firms. The news media frequently indicate that firms like “Wheels Up” are big money losers. Firms like Netjets continue to operate with substantial profit margins and high quality standards.

The alternative to the prepaid Jet card

Consider the Zero Card alternative, On Demand Charters which are yours to experience in the same way and manner you take a ride with UBER or Lyft. You only pay for your charter hours, no risks or on-going obligations. Vegas Express Jet Leads the way by providing you with Private Jet Charter quotes from up to 80 Private Jet Operators. All with the highest quality and safety ratings.

Welcome on Board, you Private Jet is waiting. Traveling in luxury on a private jet to the Las Vegas Strip can be an enticing experience. While private jets typically come with a hefty price tag, there are ways to enjoy such luxury at more affordable prices. Take a few steps and make your private plane an affordable option. Share the costs for your plane with friends and family–this will be your lifetime journey.

Flying private has traditionally been associated with high costs and limited flexibility, particularly when using jet cards. However, in recent years, the private aviation industry has seen the emergence of new and innovative models that offer more cost-effective and flexible options for flying privately. Let’s explore some of the best ways to fly private without the limitations of traditional jet cards.

Jet Charters- On demand charters

On-demand charter allows you to book a private jet for a specific trip without the need for any upfront commitments or membership fees. Several online platforms and charter brokers connect you directly with operators who have available aircraft. You can compare prices, aircraft types, and amenities to find the best fit for your needs. This option offers greater flexibility in choosing different aircraft types and locations, without the financial commitment of a jet card.

Jet memberships- You may avoid

Jet brokers and some operators will encourage you to sign-up for programs which offer free quotes, membership cards and some claim lower prices for your jet charter. Before you sign and approve have your financial advisor and your lawyer review your benefits–you may conclude that such programs may work for large corporate accounts bu are of little value for the small business and vacation traveler. Why should you pay fees and charges when it’s available at no cost to you. All quotes provided by Vegas Express Jet are free of charge- no hidden fees or costs to you.

Jet Charters, Fractional Ownership “Like timeshares in the air”

The times for the purchase of 1/7 or 10% of an aircraft have passed and gone. It’s a process which require the sharing of flight time and lot’s of legal complications. Avoid this option–if you like to buy a plane make it yours. One of our Jet Experts will be pleased to provide you with options if you wish to proceed. Please ask for one of our Jet Advisors and call 702-720-2449. No charge of fee for the initial consultation. Consider the Hondajet, Vision Jet and Pilatus Turbo prop as options.

Jet Charters, share a seat

Jet sharing, also known as jet pooling or jet sharing, involves sharing the cost of a private jet with other passengers who are traveling on the same or similar routes. These platforms connect travelers with available seats on private jets, reducing the overall cost per passenger. Jet sharing services often offer greater flexibility in terms of departure times and locations, making it a more affordable option for private travel. You will find Jet Sharing options in busy flight segments, this includes New York to Florida and LAX to Vegas. Flight need a minimum of 4-6 passengers to operate. Call our airport desk for listings, availability and pricing.

Jet Charters, Open Legs save 40-50&

Empty leg flights occur when a private jet is flying without passengers, either returning to its base or flying to pick up new passengers. These flights are often offered at significantly discounted rates since the operator wants to offset the cost of the empty leg. We have an updated list of Empty or Open Legs in our inventory system. With so many frequent changes and updates, may we suggest that your call our airport desk with your needs. We will handle all the details and allow you to directly negotiate the best deal. Flight are posted from 3-30 days before flight departure. Bigger discounts are yours at the very last moment. It’s a matter of demand and supply!

Jet prices for my trip to Vegas, take your friends!

Take a moment to schedule your trip and visit with some your friends to seek feedback for the best travel dates–remember the Vegas Resort prices are the highest on weekends and holidays. For better prices and more group concessions consider a midweek Sunday-Thursday visit. If you belong to a Golf Club the Casino may provide you with Comp rooms, Dining and entertainment deals provided you guests are willing to spend some time at the Casino Floor! The Charter Team at Vegas Express Jet will be delighted to provide you with Charter Costs based on the size of your group. We also will be here to help you the shared costs you need to collect from each participant. We suggest that you keep the funds in a secure bank account, just in case one of your friends needs to cancel or seeks a refund. You plan would be as follows:

  • Visit with your friends and use social media to seek feedback on your private jet trip to Vegas
  • Try to secure a minimum of 10-20 folks who will join you
  • Set the dates and schedule for your trip
  • Vegas Express Jet will be here to help you with charter quotes and seat costs
  • Our Concierge Team will be pleased to help you secure special rates and concessions at hotels
  • We are well connected with the Las Vegas Resorts and will be here to help you with your Charter flights and hotel package to Vegas.

Jet Vacations on the Vegas Strip

The Las Vegas Strip is the ultimate place to visit the Glitz and Glitter which is exclusively yours on the Vegas Strip. Many of our guests will take a day for visits to the National Parks which include Bryce, Zion and the Grand Canyon. Others opt for a day flight to the California Wineries on the Central Coast or for a day of gold at Pebble Beach. Whatever you wishes, our Concierge Team will be here to provide you with a custom crafted itinerary and pricing. If you are traveling with children or young adults ask us about a daytrip to Disneyland. Please call us with your wishes and ask for the Concierge Desk at 702-336-7345.

Jet Charters, Best Prices

Jet Charters, Warning:

Pricey Jet Cards with on-goin monthly payments are becoming a thing of the past as new travelers are not prepared to make big investments for a single travel experience. Likewise business travelers are no longer willing to pay 30-40 more for Jet Charters. Take a moment to discover how you will be able to lower costs with a number of simple steps. No commitments or Credit Cards are needed to get a good deal on a Private Jet Charter.

Private Jet Cards, fractional ownerships “like timeshares in the air” and outright ownerships may not be your best choice. No need to make big investments and have limited or no flexibility of choice without any significant cost savings. With On Demand Charters you have total freedom of choice, each and every time you charter a Private Jet. We offer you the best options and quotes from over 80 Charter Operators who compete for your business. In addition to our Charter Portal of leading edge technologies you have full access to a Team of flight planners at our Airport desk at 702-336-7345. Read-on and discover a better way to price a Private Jet.

There are several jets that are popular for charters and rentals, depending on factors such as range, passenger capacity, and amenities. Our Las Vegas Jet flyers will ask us for a specific recommendation–here are the aircraft most preferred and available for Charters and Rentals. As an experienced Jet flyers you will have a specific preference or your favorite Private Plane. In some instances we receive requests for flight attendants and crew members who have taken care of our clients on previous flights!

Jet Charters, Very Light Jets are in high demand

Cessna Citation series: The Cessna Citation jets are known for their versatility, reliability, and range of options. Models such as the Citation XLS, Citation CJ3, and Citation Latitude are popular choices for charter flights. The newest Hondajet and the Citation M2 with an interior designed by the folks at BMW are very high on the wish list. The Jets are very affordable and will take you on a flight of 2.3 hours–or about 1,000 miles. Aircraft accommodate up to 5 passengers and have fully enclosed washrooms and Free WIFI. You will be delighted with the affordable rates from $2,700 per hour. Keep the Very Light Jets on your list- this type of plane is a best buy for Business and Vacation flyers.

Jet Charters, Casino Junkets

Bombardier Challenger series: The Bombardier Challenger jets offer a combination of spacious cabins, long-range capabilities, and luxurious amenities. Models like the Challenger 350 and Challenger 650 are often chosen for charter and rental services. Our Casino Client will use the Challenger with seating for up to 19 passengers. This aircraft is a great choice for Casino Junkets with the lowest per seat costs!

Jet Charters to 4,000 airports.

Gulfstream GIV and GV series: Gulfstream jets are renowned for their long-range capabilities, exceptional comfort, and advanced technology. The Gulfstream GIV and GV series, including models like the Gulfstream G450 and Gulfstream G650, are highly sought after for private charters. This group of planes will take you to Hawaii, Caribbean, Naples and Florence Italy. The perfect planes for Weddings. Take advantage of our $1,000 gift certificate! Compliments the Las Vegas Wedding Connection. Get your Certificate Here!

Embraer Legacy series: The Embraer Legacy jets are known for their comfortable cabins, excellent range, and cost-effectiveness. The Legacy 450 and Legacy 650 models are popular choices for charter and rental services.

Learjet series: Learjet, a division of Bombardier Aerospace, offers a range of high-performance jets. The Learjet 70 and Learjet 75 models are frequently chosen for their speed, efficiency, and luxurious interiors.

  1. Dassault Falcon series: Dassault Falcon jets are known for their sleek designs, spacious cabins, and long-range capabilities. Models such as the Falcon 2000 and Falcon 900 are often preferred for private charters. The Falcon 1000 will be yours with 10 seats!
  2. Boeing Business Jet (BBJ): The Boeing Business Jet is a customized version of the Boeing airliner, modified for private use. It offers an exceptional range and the ability to accommodate a large number of passengers.
  3. The BBJ is favored by individuals and corporations for luxury charters. Our Sports Teams will reserve a Boeing 737 or Airbus Neo with up to 180 seats! We are the place for your winning team roadtrip! Ask us for a quote–anytime, any place.

How much is my Jet Charter

Jet Charters can be pricey, you should avoid Jet Cards & Fractional Ownership, this first step will reduce your charter costs by 30%. Vegas Express Jet will search the inventory and pricing from 80 Plus Jet Operators and provide you with the best prices and aircraft options. We help you with the tools to compare with side-by-side pricing.

Jet Charters, Deals

New services, introductory weekend prices from San Diego. Save big and explore.

Jet Cards

When considering a private jet flight, you have a few options, one of which is purchasing or owning a jet card. However, it’s important to note that a jet card is not a requirement for flying privately. Let’s explore your options and address your other questions.

Jet Card: A jet card is a pre-paid card that allows you to access a specific number of flight hours or a certain amount of flight credit. Jet card programs typically offer flexibility and various benefits, such as guaranteed availability and fixed hourly rates. A typical investment for a Jet Card ranges from $25,000 to $250,000. You will be able to select from hundreds of card options. Before you settle on any type of card, do secure the expertise from your financial planner and a lawyer.

Chartering: Another option is to charter a private jet on a trip-by-trip basis. This allows you to select an aircraft based on your specific needs and pay for each individual flight. Chartering provides flexibility, as you can choose different aircraft types depending on the distance, passenger count, and other requirements.

Jet Cards options and best buys

To determine the best type of plane for your needs, consider factors such as the number of passengers, desired range, and any specific amenities or features you require. Popular choices for short to medium-range flights include light jets like the Cessna Citation CJ series, Embraer Phenom series, or Beechcraft Premier, which typically accommodate 4-8 passengers.

Cost estimation: The cost of flying privately can vary based on several factors, including the type of aircraft, the distance traveled, availability, and additional services requested. May we suggest that you ask for quote, Vegas Express Jet will do all the work for you. No risks or obligations.

It’s worth noting that a Jet Card may work for Senior Executives who spend hundreds of flight hours in the air. Paying a monthly fee and an additional charge per hour with guaranteed availability may be a sound option. At the same time, as a Jet Card holder you will lose the flexibility of choice and the need to meet all the requirements of the Jet Card Operator. In the meantime you funds are not under your control.

Remember to consider factors such as scheduling flexibility, baggage capacity, and any specific requirements you may have when choosing between a jet card or chartering option.

Jet Cards, quotes

Cheaper options do exists which you deserve. For example by avoiding Jet Cards & Fractional Ownerships you save 30%. Further discounted options include Open Charter Legs and Shared Seats. Vegas Express Jet will do all the work for you and help you decide with fully transparent quotes which disclose all fees and charges. You will be able to compare aircraft an prices side-by-side:

How much is a Jet Card Charter

Select the Plane which meets your need. Start with a Turbo Prop like the Pilatus PC 12 with seating for 6 travelers. A best buy and great choice for flights from Las Vegas to all airports in California and Arizona. The newest group of Very Light Jets include the Hondajet and Cessna Citation M2 with five seats, free WIFI and a fully enclosed washroom. Charter this jet for a weekend from any of the LAX, Orange County and San Diego to Vegas with rates from $12,000 to $14,000., Hourly charter rates for $2,000 per hour.

Cut you charter rates by up to 50% when you consider an open leg. Open legs are flights which are operated without passengers after the flight has delivered the travelers to their destinations. Consider this option if you have a flexible schedule. Charter the M3 as an open leg for as low as $3,000 from Las Vegas to Bob Hope or John Wayne.

Jet Cards, Single Seats

Shared seats allow you to purchase single seats in charter flights. Mostly available in busy markets, please take a look at current availability. We will be delighted to share your seat requirements and update you on availability. Optionally we will be here to provide you with a wide range of options.

Jet CardsHigh investment, less flexibility
Vegas Jets, On demand ChartersFly like you take a ride with UBER of Lyft. No risks total flexibility
Open LegsYou save up to 50%, have a flexible schedule.

Jet Cards, How much is my Private Jet

Experienced Private Jet flyers will provide us with their preferred aircraft, seating and sometimes the names of specific crew members. For the Vacation or Small Business flyers we recommend that you contact our airport desk for a review of your needs with one of our Full Time Flight Planners. No worried we do not have bots answering your calls. Feel free to ask us for a quote, no need for prepaid memberships or any other hidden charges of fees. Please call us at 702-336-7345.

Jet Card Specials:

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Bigger savings for you Las Vegas Resort when you take a Private Jet to The Circa Las Vegas, located downtown Vegas–it’s famous for the big screen and the pool to view NFL Games and all types of Sports. The Sportsbook should be a highlight of your visit. Vegas Express Jet will take you to the Circa with a short transfer from the North Las Vegas Airport. Experience great food and a new Las Vegas which is all about Sports and the Sportsbooks which will keep you busy during your stay. Vegas Express Jet allows you to recycle your Pricey Jet Cards in exchange for savings of 30%. Pircey Jet Cards and Memberships are programs which started over 30 years ago. Business and Vacation Flyers now use leading edge technologies to get a better deal. The like to avoid the middleman and commission charges. Avoiding brokers and fees are yours, discover how to fly Private for less.

Vegas Express Jet deserves to be your Jet Technology Charter Portal which connects you with low rates and great aircraft options to 80 Plus Alliance Partners. Book now for Formula One which will overtake the Las Vegas Strip to November 2023. For special rates visit the Las Vegas Circa Resort. To secure a deep discounted charter price please consider the following:

  • Vegas Express Jet is a Private Plane portal, we simply secure the best rates and options from over 80 Charter operators who compete for your business.
  • The Very Best Charter Rates, Aircraft Options and Complimentary services such as Open Bar are shared with you. Always view the best deals and costs with side-by-side prices.

Cheap Summer Jets Vegas

Enjoy the lowest rates for Private Jets during the midweek period. Experience the best Charter options and rates during the off-peak periods. Fly the cost efficient Pilatus Turbo Jet (PC12) with up to 7 seats or consider a very light jet like the Hondajet or the Cessna Citation M2. We have you lowest quotes and aircraft and crew on standby for the Last Minute Wheels-Up departure to and from Las Vegas.

Cheaper Jets and Better quotes

Our Jet Portal will source you best pricing and availability from some 80 Plus Alliance Partners and Jet Operators. Simple ask for a quote and we do all the work for you- no need for credit cards or personal information. We offer Private Jets at 30% Less Than Jet Cards.

  • Turbo props from $1,900 per hour plus tax 7.5%
  • Very Light Jets, including the Hondajet and Citation M2 from $2,700 per hour
  • Long range Phenom 300 Jets which 7 seats from $4,000 per hour.

For support and instant Jet Prices call our airport desk at 702-336-7345.

Cheap Flights to Las Vegas


Our clients and leading the way, thank for sharing your mission and offering a solution for cost-effective business travel in the current environment. Combining charter flights with commercial flights to hub cities is indeed a strategy that can help reduce expenses while still allowing for efficient travel.

By utilizing commercial flights to major hub cities and then connecting with charter flights to reach smaller communities, businesses can optimize their travel itineraries and save costs. This approach provides the opportunity to meet clients, conduct sales calls, and build new partnerships while keeping financial goals and expenses in check. Expect savings from 30-50 allowing you to travel to more destinations for less.

For example, instead of taking a direct charter flight from your hometown to Tyler, Texas, you could take a commercial flight to a major hub city like Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW) and then connect with a charter flight to Tyler. This combination allows for cost savings by utilizing the efficiency and scale of commercial airlines for longer distances and then leveraging the flexibility and convenience of charter flights for the final leg to smaller communities.

This approach can be particularly useful in today’s climate of prudent spending and cost savings, where firms may have tighter travel budgets. By strategically combining charter and commercial flights, businesses can still maintain valuable face-to-face interactions with clients and partners while optimizing their travel expenses.

Overall, this option provides a creative solution to meet financial goals, control expenses, and continue building relationships with clients and partners in a more cost-effective manner.

Cheap Jets, Experience the PC 12 and Very Light Jets

That’s great to hear that your clients are looking for cost savings while ensuring safety and comfort. The Pilatus PC-12 is indeed a popular choice for those requirements. It is a Swiss-made single-engine turboprop aircraft known for its versatility and ability to operate on shorter runways.

The Pilatus PC-12 offers several advantages, such as its seating capacity of up to 7 passengers, which allows for small group travel. Its capability to operate on shorter runways provides access to airports that are closer to your desired destinations, making it convenient for travel to smaller cities in California like Carlsbad, Montgomery Field in San Diego, Paso Robles, Napa, and Monterey.

In addition to its versatility, the Pilatus PC-12 offers cost savings compared to Very Light Jets (VLJs). With hourly charter rates approximately 30% lower than those of VLJs, it becomes an attractive option for day trips from Las Vegas to these smaller cities in California.

Overall, the Pilatus PC-12’s combination of range, seating capacity, versatility, and cost savings makes it a top choice for clients seeking efficient and comfortable travel options to smaller airports and destinations.

Vegas Jets, The Cessna Citation M2

For more luxury and a slightly higher speed, select the Citation with seating for 5, WIFI entertainment and a fully enclosed washroom. Hourly rates from $2,700- to $3,000 per hour. This Jet will be a great option for trips to Paso Robles, Monterey, Napa and all the smaller cities in California. You will be able to avoid long lines and slow traffic on highways 101 and 1. Extend you business trip with a day at Pebble Beach for a round of Golf or visit the Wineries in Templeton. You will be delighted with the Cabin of the Citation which is designed by the folks at BMW. Other aircraft choices include the Hondajet.

Vegas Private Jets the Phenom 300, Commercial Air

Each of our clients have different needs, for some travelers this means more commercial flying combined with lengthy road trips. We have seen increased demand for smaller jets. One of the most preferred is the new Phenom 300 with seating for up to 7 travelers. Consider the Phenom for longer trips from LAX to Chicago (Deerfield) or Austin TX. This plane is uniquely different will a standup and spacious cabin. This plane has an interior and conference table–it’s the most preferred jet by the seasoned business flyer.

How much is your Private Jet to Vegas

Feel free to share your needs with one of our flights planners, we will be here to help you develop a cost efficient flight schedule. It will our mission to help you include several stopovers during a business day. You may consider the use of a meeting room at an airport to meet with your dealers or franchised owners.

Support at 702-336-7345

PC 12 Turbo Prop Charters

Private Jets Las Vegas, are you searching for a Private Plane Rental, don’t overlook the Pilatus PC12 Turboprop. Best compared to the same engineering as a Swiss Watch. this plane has earned a reputation as one of the vey best Single Turbo Props. It’s pricey to purchase, however low fuel consumption make this plane a very economical aircraft for charters. This plane should be on your wish list for flights from Las Vegas to Santa Barbara, Monterey, Paso Robles and the Napa Wineries. The Pilatus-12 NG has seating for up 6 passengers and ample space for baggage.

You will be able to fly the the North Las Vegas airport which is only minutes away from the Downtown Resorts like the Circa. For those staying at the Strip or Downtown Resorts the PC 12 is a great plane for a full day excursion to the California Wineries or a round of Golf at Pebble Beach. The Concierge Team at Vegas Express Jet will be here to customize your journey or provide you with an instant quote. Please explore the details of the PC 12, you will not be disappointed when you consider the PC 12 for a journey under 1,000 miles.

Pilatus PC 12, 8 seats

Aircraft Size

Aircraft sizeEnglishMetric
Length47.24 ft14.4 m
Wing Span53.4 ft16.28 m
Height13.98 ft4.26 m
Bag. Capacity34.26 ft³0.98 m³

Cabin Size

Cabin sizeEnglishMetric
Length16.94 ft5.16 m
Width4.98 ft1.52 m
Height4.82 ft1.48 m
Area330 ft³9.34 m³

Aircraft Seats

Max Seating9
Typical Seating6
Vegas Express Jet 702-336-7345

Performance Specifications

IFR Range1573 nm2913 km
Cruise Speed280 KTAS519 km/h
Certified Ceiling30000 ft9150 m
Rate of Climb1920 ft/m585 m/m
Takeoff Distance2650 ft808 m
Landing Distance1830 ft558 m
Max Takeoff Weight10449 lbs4740 kg
Max Landing Weight9920 lbs4500 kg
Useful Weight3668 lbs1664 kg
Payload with Full Fuel966 lbs438 kg
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Pilatus Turbo Prices

The professionals in the aviation industry give the Pilatus High performance and quality ratings- when you charter a Private Jet you will be very comfortable with the Pilatus–above all it’s a great budget option. Prices for a Very Light Jet range from $2,700 to $2,900 per hour for a Very Light Jet with seating for 5. You hourly charter price for the Pilatus PC 12 is $2,000 to $2,100 this represents a 30% savings. This make the Pilatus your most preferred budget option.

Pilatus is a highly respected Swiss company which has become known as the largest single-engine turboprop manufacturer on the planet. With over 70 years of experience in the industry, Pilatus seems to have discovered the formula for producing some of the most reliable aircraft available. The original PC-12 was announced in 1989 at NBAA, first flew in 1991, and gained certification in 1994. It was a new design by Pilatus which incorporated the time-tested PT6 engine that the manufacturer had utilized in previous models. In 2006, the PC-12NG

The PC-12 NG continues the fine-tuning process which has spanned three decades and helped the PC-12 model become one of the most popular turboprop singles in existence. The improvements include increased take-off weight, more powerful engines, speed increase, range increase, noise reduction, new avionics, updated in-flight entertainment – the list goes on and on.

How much is my Pilatus Charter Jet?

When you charter with Vegas Express Jet, you only pay for the Charter Hours. In the same way you take a ride with UBER or Lyft. No need to pricey prepaid jet cards or annual membership. You save thousands. All quotes are extended free of charge. After you accept our quote, you receive a charter agreement for your consideration and approval with Guaranteed Pricing and Flight Confirmations. All Flight are subject to a 7.5% Federal Excise Tax which applies to all US flights. Payment is due and payable 24/72 hours before your flight departure. Feel free to pay by credit card or bank payment. For support please contact our airport desk at 702-336-7345


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