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Small Private Jets

Over 70% of all flights are under 1,000 miles, or about 2.3 hours. The newest group of Very Light Jets will be a great choice for many travelers, this could be you and your guests on a trip from any California, Nevada or Arizona Airport. Fly to the Wine Country in Napa Valley or the California Central Coast, the San Diego Beaches or a weekend on the Vegas Strip. Let’s share your options and include the feedback we receive from our clients. Determine how much your flight will cost, compare different and prices. Read-on an learn more about Small Private Jets.

Small Private Planes- the Vision Jet with 3-5 seats

The Vision Jet is a great plane designed for Private Ownership with the latest technologies. For example, it has a self-landing system and a build-in parachute. It’s mostly operated by one pilot. For passengers with baggage, we recommend that you do not use the third bench and limit seating to three passengers only. Take this plane to any place with a flying distance up to two hours. Availability is limited to the LAX Area.

You can own this Honsa jet

Small Jets the Hondajet

This plane is unique and different with engines placed over the wings. You will appreciate the cabin size with comfortable seating for 5 travelers. This plane will take you from LAX to Dallas Love Field or from Austin Tx to Las Vegas. This Jet interior includes a fully enclosed washroom, the plane is yours with FREE WIFI. Keep this in mind for your next journey and consider this your best bet as a small private jet.

The Cessna Citation M2, the newest small jet

You can’t go wrong with the Cessna Citation M2 with five seats and an interior designed by BMW with plush seats and table settings. You will enjoy a full WIFI entertainment system with on-board tablets. Our travelers rate this aircraft as Five Star Plus. Arrive on the Vegas Strip in style–this plane has ample space for your bags and is a great plane for your furry friends—over 20% of our travelers bring their pets! We cater the bones.

Phenom 300 Very Light Jet, seating for 7 guests

Phenom 300, Very Light Jet

This is the most preferred and bet liked Private Jet for Business Flyers. It offers all the benefits of an expensive midsize airplane with a standup cabin and seating for up to 7 travelers. For long flights we recommend you consider seating for 6 only. You plane will be homebased at Carlsbad CA and LAX or on the Vegas Strip. You will be able to pay very light prices and experience the comfort of a pricey Learjet.

How much is a small private jet

Before you decide please visit our Fleet and compare aircraft seating options and interior settings–

Compare aircraft base on the number of seats you need and distance you will fly. Don’t buy too many seats.

Follow our page to Private Jet Prices and compare the latest highest and lowest costs. Remember the costs for a Private Jet are higher during peak holidays and events. For the best prices consider a midweek flight. Don’t overlook your options for Open Legs with price reductions from 30-60%. Open legs are flights operated to return the aircraft back to base without any paying passengers. Our Team member at Vegas Express jet will update you on availability and pricing–please call us at 702-336-7345.

Getting a good price estimate before you start your flight planning is a smart move. Vegas Express Jet will search over 80 Operator Websites and select the best quotes directly with you. Here is how it works for your Private Jet flights.:

  • Click the Costs for Small Private Jet and share your flight schedule and number of seats you need. No credit card or personal information needed.
  • Watch your inbox for the arrival, you will be able to select from different aircraft options, seating plans. You will be able to compare prices by aircraft type. Rates are displayed side-by-side. We make it transparent and convenient.
  • You select any of the aircraft and pricing and receive a Guaranteed Price and Flight Confirmation directly from the operator. No middleman, no extra fees or costs to you.

Small Private Jets, full support from our Team Members at 702-336-7345

Experience the difference where a leading-edge Jet Portal and a Team of Jet Experts provide you with a wide range of options. There is no need for you to purchase pricey jet cards or pay membership fees to secure quotes. Don’t hesitate to ask us for additional options and solutions for your needs. From Aircraft Ownership to Group Charters.

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