“Explore the epitome of luxury travel with Private Jet Charter in Las Vegas – your unrivaled #1 source for on-demand charter services. Elevate your journey to the premier destination for Sports, Gaming, and playground entertainment, surrounded by opulent Resorts like the Wynn and the Aria. Our innovative jet portal ensures instant rate access, transforming your travel experience. Embark on the Vegas Express Jet difference, eliminating costly upfront investments. Enjoy the freedom of choice without purchasing pricey prepaid jet cards or memberships. Elevate your travel with us!” Understand why more travelers fly Private with us.

Vegas Jet Prices

The Jet rates above include all your taxes and fees. You don’t have to pay for the Federal Excise Tax of 7.5% which is included and the Segment Fees of $4.50 per person. Plus your benefit from special perks. This includes Free Catering and Bar Services. Generous snack baskets and complimentary services:

1) Sandwiches, fruit platters for all flights departing from the Henderson Las Vegas Airtport. Transfers to and from your strip resort. Look for the details in your charter proposal.

2) Asks us for a Charter Quote and you receive a series of aircraft options with seating charts and flight schedules. Go here to get your quote.

How much is my Private Jet to Vegas

You don’t have to buy a costly prepaid jet card with Fly Private Vegas. The bet buy and best value is an On-Demand-Charter. The same way you take a ride-share. No commitments and no risks on your part. Enjoy total flexibility and freedom of choice. Enjoy 24/7 access to aircraft without no backout dates or hidden fees. We aren’t limited by fixed fleet, so our clients can fly every day of the week.

Instant Pricing for your Vegas Jet.

Make certain to compare jet prices and aircraft details. We will help you with a series of quotes. You also receive the details you need. This includes interior and exterior photos and seat maps. You jet costs are displayed side-by-side with your aircraft types. You simply select the plane with the seating and schedules that meet your requirements. Need more support, get in touch at 702-336-7345.

No worries, no need to buy pricey Jet Cards or Memberships. 

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