How to get the best Jet Rental Price?

Is it all about the price, or is it the type of plane which meets all your needs. Our Private Jet Flyers are always searching for the best prices and the services which are included in the costs for the Jet Rental. Shopping and comparing prices are critical. Let us share the questions which your should ask and the very best places to shop for your Vacation or Business Jet.

1) Do I have to buy any Jet cards or Memberships to get a price estimate for my trip.

2) Will I be able to receive multiple price estimates for different plane types.

3) How about WIFI, Bar and Dining options.

4) I like to receive seating plans and flight schedules.

5) Are the costs guaranteed?


How much is the Price for a Private Jet

Private Jets include the following categories. You will discover that the larger jets are more expensive. Aircraft will the longest ranges include large cabin jet. Within this category you will discover the Gulfstream 650 designed to take flyers non-stop from LAX to places like Hong Kong. Over 70% of all Charter flights are under 2.3 hours and cover a distance of 1,000 miles. The newest group of Very Light Jets are best suited for the shorter flights.

Above all, they are very fuel efficient. Read-on and discover the best jet prices.

How much is the price for the Hondajet

The Hondajet has seating for up to 5 travelers and a range of 1200 miles. This Jet will take your from all the LA airports, San Diego and Santa Barbara to the Las Vegas Strip. A weekend Friday-Sunday visit to the Vegas Strip will range from under $10,000 for a Turbo Jet to $16,000 for a Jet Charter. Take a tour of our fleet aircraft here.

How much is my jet to Las Vegas

  1. Ask us for a quote estimate here, or call for an instant quote at 702-336-7345. Our team members will be able to provide you with the best aircraft options and pricing–and the best plane types for your journey. Don’t overbuy on too many seats. Don’t overlook the availability of Open Legs which may save you from 30-60%. Here is the information you need to secure a great deal and price on you next private jet journey: 

  2. All you need for you quote, your schedule and the number of seats you need. All types of planes are yours and available with 4-30 seats

  3. Watch you inbox for a series of quotes, Fly Private Vegas will do all the work for you and povide you with multiple plane options with side-by-side pricing. You compare and view your seating chart, , WIFI services bar and catering services. 

  4. Don’t hesitate to ask for additional quote by calling our desk at 702-336-7345

  5. Feel free to select any of the options and receive a charter proposal with Guaranteed prices and flight conformations. This also includes the registration and name of your operator.

  6. Final payment for your charter is due 24/72 hours before departure. 


Fly Vegas Express Jet Prices

You are invited to experience the very best jet prices and charter rental options with Fly Private Vegas, a division of Vegas Express Jet LLC. No need to deal with the middleman or buy pricey jet cards. No up- front risks or requirements. Any type of plane can be yours from the Private Jet to large commercial jets for sports and group travel.

A team of flight planners, our Air Concierge and Wedding planner is here to take care of your entire journey. We will be here to assist with ground transportation and assist with hotel-resort accommodations. Our guests prefer the Wynn-Encore, Bellagio and Aria Asks us about special upgrades and complimentary breakfast services.  We are here to assist, please call us at 702-336-7345.

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