Charter a Private Jet, your way!

Searching or shopping for a Private Jet is now more transparent and hasslefree. Discover how simple it is to secure quotes from up to 80 Private Jet Charter Operators with one single request. Plus you receive the best pricing and options only.Comparing charter operators, aircraft types and pricing is essential. No you may be able to secure all the information with a single request. Discover how Fly Private Vegas makes this work for you with a simple solution.

Charter quotes and pricing

It’s simple and straightforward, Fly Private Vegas has a total of 80 Plus Private Jet Operators. All firms receive your request and are eager to earn your business with highly competitive  bids and pricing. Some extend special perks to earn your business. As a Jet Portal, Fly Private Vegas deploys the latest technologies and AI to provide you with the very best rates. Should you decided to accept a specific quote you receive a Guaranteed Rate directly from the Operator with your confirmed flight schedule. 

Jet Charters at 30% Less Than Jet Cards & Fractional Ownership

No need to worry about pricey memberships or up-front payments to secure a quote, simply share your flight schedule and number of seats. Fly Private Vegas will handle all the details–this without any hidden charges or fees:

STEP 1, GET A QUOTE-> it takes your flight schedule and number of seats your need. Bring your furry friends.

STEP 2< YOUR OPTIONS AND PRICING-> Open you e-mail and discover a message with several aircraft types, seating charts and details such as WIFI, Open Bar and Catering. Aircraft pricing are displayed side-by-side allowing you to compare.

STEP 3 -> You select and receive a Charter Proposal directly from the FAA Authorized Charter Firm. This includes your Guaranteed Charter Price and Flight Confirmations.  Your Tail ID and Name of the Jet Operator are fully disclosed


How much is your Private Jet

The Choice is yours, comparing aircraft options and prices is essential. We are here to address all your needs with over 80 Plus Alliance Partners to provide you with a wide range of aircraft options with full transparency and no hidden costs.

Don’t hesitate to ask us for quotes and options. Whenever possible we will include Open Legs and One Way Pricing in your quotes.

Please call our airport desk at 702-336-7345. Our special offers include, a introductory price offer for flights from San Diego to Las Ve gas for a Friday Sunday weekend.

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