Las Vegas Private Jets with lower prices

New lower Jet Prices, rates for the fall our down from 5 to 15% as reported by industry experts.

This is a big turn-around from the Jet Costs which increased by 30% and more during the pandemic. Expect the best deals and lowest prices in the Very Light Jet and Turbo groups. 

Read-on and understand how you will be able to control the costs for your very own Private Jet Rental. We will be here to make it work for you. Read-on and find some great options and costs for your own Private Jet Charter. Asks us for a Jet quote and we will do the work for you, shopping is easy with Fly Private Vegas and our partnership with Vegas Express Jet. Get your quote here.

Over 70% of all Charter Flights are under 3.2 hours and cover a distance of about 1,000 to 12,00 miles . The newest group of Very Light Jets are designed to make your Private Jet Rental affordable. For budget flyers the Pilatus PC 12 is a great option with Hourly Charter Prices from under $1,200 per hour.

Las Vegas Private Jet prices

The Price is only a part of your Charter Costs. Make certain that locate the best plane for your journey. Follow-us her to take Fleet Inspection- does your plane come with WIFI, how about catering options. What is included— your quote should be fully transparent and include all fees and taxes.

All US and Domestic flights and charters are subject to a Federal Excise Tax of 7.5%. Getting a quote is simple–all you need is your preferred flight schedule and number of seats you need.

From here we will do all the work for your.. Watch your inbox for prices for sever al aircraft types–side-by-side prices let’s you compare plane types, catering, bar and dining options side-by-side.

No need to buy pricey Jet Cards or Member ships saving you up 30%. 

Private Jet Charters to Vegas

Get a quote at any time-follow the link here. Like to go paperless, with no forms? Simply call our Airport desk at 702-336-7345. Expect an express quote in in minutes with aircraft information, seating charts and photos of the interior of your own Private Plane Charter.