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Cheap Private Jets

Cheap Private Jets


Experienced private jet flyers will be very specific in their charter requests. For travelers who wish to upgrade from Commercial Air to a Private Jet consider some cost savings for your next trip.

As Consultants we started our business some 16 years ago.  We received a big boost from the Casino Industry providing Luxury Jets for Big Players- also known as “Whales”. Private Jet flyers demand privacy and personal attention. Our ratings always exceed Five Star plus reviews—however we keep private information by our own standards off limits.

We changed the way you search for competitive quotes and aircraft options. With the support from over 50 plus Alliance Partners, FAA Part 135 Private Jet Operators we provide our travelers with quotes and aircraft details.

Travelers are searching for full transparency and rate quotes which include flight schedules (in local times), aircraft information with seating details and photos of the aircraft interior. This is why—-

Rates are detailed with your flight costs, taxes and fees. All US flights are subject to a 7.5% Federal Tax and Segment charges of $4.20 per person. No hidden costs or last minute upcharges!


Can be yours without sacrificing luxury or convenience. Savings may be as high at $10,000 to $12,000 when you follow our suggestions for your next trip.

Private Jets are pricey- a large amount of the costs are fuel related, owning a and operating a $10- to $20 Million Aircraft is costly.  Magnify this with the salaries for the Pilot Group, Hangar Space, Maintenance and Insurance.

Corporate Jet owners may charter a jet to reduce their annual overhead costs.


You may have chartered a Gulfstream V with 12-14 seats from LAX to NYC. A typical price tag is about $100,000 plus for the roundtrip journey. Most departures leave with 4-6 passengers–leaving close to 50% of all seats empty.

Save from $10,000 to $12,000 when you charter a Gulfstream 200 super midsized jet with 9 seats. It will cost you about $70,000 to $80,000 for the entire roundtrip flight. The G200 is a full sized Super Midsize Category Aircraft with a seating plane which is almost a carbon copy of the bigger GV.

You benefit from a great interior with a conference table, full forward galley for in-flight dining. This addition to a full sized washroom and a baggage compartment in the back of the aircraft.

G200 Luxury Jet with 9 seats

The G200 has seating for 9 guests with ample space for meetings aloft, for quotes visit


Once you are on board the Gulfstream 200 you may not notice the difference–the interior is very spacy and comfortable. Yet the cost savings are very substantial.


Big savings are yours- downgrade from the Lear 60 to a Lear 35 and save $800- per hour.


Our Team Members will be here to help you compare the costs for several aircraft types. You will save up to $800- per hour when you consider a Lear 31 and compare this with Midsize Lear 60. The Lear 60 provides you with a slightly larger interior and has an extended range of about 30-50 minutes. You decide which option works for your pocketbook. 

Other comparisons include the option to fly on board a Twin Turbo King air and save at least $500- per hour compared to the Phenom 100 light jet.

Great Value and Budget Buy Get a Quote Now


One of our Team Members, all of us are trained and certified Consultants will be here to help you compare multiple aircraft and cost options. You compare and decide.

If you wish our Dispatch group will be here to assist with aircraft cabin dimensions and address any questions you may have. No request is too small. For support P.702-336-7345. For prices visit.


Vegas Express Jet, Airport Phone 702-336-7345





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