Vegas Jets


Fly Private Vegas and Vegas Express Jet offers a unique and transparent approach to private jet services by providing direct access to prices and quotes from a wide network of 80-plus Private Jet Alliance Partners. You don’t have to buy pricey prepaid jet cards which may cost from $25,000 to $250,00 to take advantage of the very best pricing. You will be able to avoid any membership fees to receive the quotes you need to shop and compare for your Business or Vacation Jet, 

Experience the benefits of side-by-side pricing. You will be able to view several aircraft options with the detailed costs for charter hours, taxes and fees. Displayed in a fully transparent way. You will have the tools to make an intelligent decision.

No worries, your quotes will be confirmed at the time your proceed with Guaranteed Prices and Flight Confirmations. You charter proposal is issued by the FAA Authorized Charter operator directly to you. Avoiding middleman allow us to offer the very best prices.

Fly Private Vegas is a division of Vegas Express Jet. We have served the Casino Resorts for 20 plus years and earned our wings with our Five Star Services for VIP Casino Guests. 


Private Jet Prices

Get your jet price here. All you need is your travel plan and number of seats your need. From 4-30. Consider the Very Light Jets which include the Hondajet and Phenom 300. Arriving at your e-mail box you will be able to compare the very best prices from over 80 Plus Jet Operators who compete for your business. Compare seating charts, WIFI and Bar and Dining Servies.

Need additional quotes, contact us at 702-336-7345