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    Vegas Express Jet proudly raises the bar and exceeds the standard for luxury and corporate private jet charter services. We pride ourselves on offering a professional service. No need for pricey Jet Cards or Memberships. Enjoy Las Vegas Luxury and save 30%. Contact us at 702-336-7345.

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    Why Choose a Private Jet Charter?

    Private jet charters with a wide range of aircraft and pricing options

    The actual operating cost of a private plane applied by a jet card may be inflated by up to 300% to ensure high profits. However, with on-demand private jet charters, you benefit from total freedom of choice. Vegas Express Jet is your source for private jet rentals and executive air charters around the world. We offer instant access to over 8,000 planes with 80 FAA-Authorized Operators. Pay only for your charter hours with no long-term contracts, hidden charges, or membership fees. Plus, no credit card is required to secure a quote.

    Private Jet in Las Vegas

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    Private Jet Lifestyle

    Luxury Jets are now within your reach. Rent a Plane your way without the need for Pricey Jet Cards or Membership fees. With On=Demand-Charters you enjoy total freedom of choice. Enjoy the Private Jet Life without any upfront commitments. Get a Free Quote and compare jet prices here.

    Safety Accredited Aircraft.

    None better, all aircraft are ARG/US Gold or Platinum rated.

    Anywhere. Any time.

    Total flexibility, select your own flight schedules. No restrictions.

    Modern Private Jet

    We give you access to a safety & service accredited aircraft.

    Flexible private flying.

    Select from the newest cost-efficient jet aircraft.


    Professional Pilots


    Jet Airplanes


    World Airports



    The Superior Very Light Business Jet, seating for 7 guests.

    Embraer 300


    Most Preferred Bsuiness Jet

    A spacious cabin with seating for 7 travelers, ample space for bags and sports gear.


    Stand-up 5ft 2 Cabin

    With a business seating configuration this plane is ideal for business meetings.


    Latest technologies

    Expect GoGo wireless connectivity for business or pleasure travel with a wide range of sprots and entertainment packages.


    In High Demand

    Well suited for semi trans-continental flights with a fully enclosed washroom.

    Fleet options, high demand aircraft:

    Fly Private Jet Charter Las Vegas, Wheels Up Fast.



    • 6 Seats
    • Price: Frm $2,300 p/h

    Citation M2

    Citation M2

    • 5 Seats
    • Price: Frm $2,300 p/h

    Gulfstream 200

    Gulfstream Jets

    • 12 - 16 Seats
    • Price: Frm $4,995 p/h

    Boeing 737-800

    Group Charter

    • 55 - 160 Seats
    • Price: Contact for pricing

    Visiting Las Vegas and arriving by private jet booked with Vegas Express Jet offers a luxurious and convenient way to experience the city. Explore why you need to Fly Private!

    1. Luxury and Comfort: Traveling by private jet provides unmatched comfort and luxury. You’ll have ample space to relax, stretch out, and enjoy the journey without the crowds and hassles often associated with commercial flights. It’s your schedule, you make it happen. Arrive at one of the Vegas Strip Airports. Minutes away from the Luxury Resorts the Wynn-Encore, The Bellagio and the new Fontainebleau. 

    2. Exclusive Experience: Arriving in Las Vegas by private jet adds to the exclusivity and glamour of the experience. It’s a statement of luxury and sophistication, perfectly in line with the city’s extravagant atmosphere.

    3. Privacy: With a private jet, you have the entire cabin to yourself or your group, ensuring privacy throughout the flight. This is especially valuable for high-profile individuals or those seeking a discreet travel experience. Our Air Concierge Team will be here to handle special upgrades and complimentary services extended by the Casino Hosts. 

    4. Customized Services: Vegas Express Jet may offer personalized services tailored to your needs and preferences. From gourmet catering to ground transportation arrangements, they can ensure a seamless and enjoyable travel experience from start to finish. 

    5. Convenience: Your private flight departs and arrives at a Private Airport Lounge. It’s a hassle free journey with instant baggage delivery, no layovers and VIP Services you deserve.

    6. Flexibility: Private jet travel offers flexibility in terms of departure and arrival locations. You can choose to depart from a nearby airport. Our Team Members will be here to assist with last minute changes. 

    7. Impressive Arrival: Arriving in Las Vegas by private jet adds a touch of glamour to your trip and sets the tone for an unforgettable experience. You’ll make a grand entrance and kick off your Las Vegas adventure in style. Your Private Car and Driver will meet you planeside. You will be minutes away from your resort on the Vegas Strip, Henderson or Lake Las Vegas.

    Overall, traveling to Las Vegas with your very own Luxury Private Jet is a once in a lifetime experience. We are here to customize your visit with upgrades at the Vegas Resorts and take you to a private airport on the Vegas Strip. Start you journey with a complimentary price quote. Compare and select your own jet and compare side-by-side prices. Get your price here! Or call us for an instant quote and flight confirmations at 702-336-7345

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    A satisfied client—we are here to exceed your highest expectations!

    Absolutely thrilled with our experience with Vegas Express Jet. The entire journey was nothing short of hassle-free and truly surpassed our expectations. JT, our esteemed guest, gave them a stellar Five Star Plus Rating. From the onset of our trip planning, we were impressed by the incredible deals and pricing options for the aircraft and the crew members contributed to making our journey all the more enjoyable. At every stage of our trip, the Vegas Team went above and beyond, exceeding our highest expectations.  We’re already looking forward to our next golf trip with Vegas Express Jet– you’ve set the bar incredibly high! We can’t wait to do it all over again very soon!

    Vegas Express Jet: Headquarters USA on the Las Vegas Strip Corridor, Tel: 702-336-7345 Worldwide representatives at London, Paris, Amsterdam and Milan.

    Call us at 702-336-7345.

    Private Limousine Services.

    Luxury Car Rentals .

    Suite upgrades at the Wynn-Encore, Bellagio, Aria, Cosmopolitan and 4 Seasons. Full services support by a Concierge Team of Travel Experts and Vacation Planners.

    Custom Crafted itineraries to the California Wineries, Golf and Sports Events, Weddings.

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    For Quotes and Support Contact us:

    National Headquarters for Vegas Express Jet:

    Las Vegas Strip Corridor at 5132 Tennis Ct E, Suite 100 Las Vegas, NV 89120.

    Worldwide Offices, representatives, London, Paris, Amsterdam and Milan

    Airport Tel:702-336-7345.

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    Come fly with Vegas Express Jet to and from 4,000 Airports. For support contact us at Tel:702-336-7345 or e-mail
    All types of Private Jets 4-30 Seats, support at "tel:702-336-7345"

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