With every month of airport and flight schedule disruption the Private Jet is a more appealing option. 

Private Jets at 30% Less Than Jet Cards & Fractional Ownership

All types of Private Jets- Very Light, Vision,  Hondajet and Citation M2 aircraft with seating for up to 5 guests. Lear 60, Hawker 800 Midsize and Challenger 604 with up to 16 seats. Hourly Charter rates from $1,900- to $2,700.
Our Team Members will be here to assist, please call us at 702-336-7345, No need for memberships to secure multiple quotes.  You do not need a credit card to secure Jet Prices–. Ask us for a quote.

No need for pricey prepaid jet cards with up-front investments from $25,000 to $250,00. You are invited to visit our site at “Fly Private Vegas” for special offers and information on Formula 1 Las Vegas. For special offers visit Wynn Las Vegas.

We will be here to provide you with a special quote for the newest and budget friendly Hondajet, The Citation M2 and the Phenom 300. Please visit all our aircraft and ask us for Multiple Quotes allowing you to compare several aircraft and detailed costs “side-by-side”. A Vegas Express Jet Exclusive, Charter Jets like you take a ride with Lyft or UBER and only pay for the Charter Hours-. Visit our fleet options

Open legs, you save from 30-60%, highly recommended with travelers with a Flexible Schedule. Our Flight Planners maintain an updated list of flights operated by 90 Plus FAA Operators. Please share your needs at our airport desk at 702-720-2449

Bellagio Wedding Proposals and Ceremony, a $1000- gift certificate is yours when you combine a Private Jet with the services provided by The Las Vegas Wedding connections–please visit us for details.

You’re invited to visit our newest at Fly Private Vegas. Enjoy the newest! All Aircraft and Crew Members are ARG/US Gold or Platinum rated, amongst the highest quality and safety ratings in the US Aviation industry— Our clients allow us to earn a 5 Star Rating! Our Team Members are here to provide you with Fast Quotes. For last minute “Wheels Up” Call 702-336-7345. GET A QUOTE HERE

Hundreds of Aircraft Options

Demand for Private Jet increased by 30% year over year.  When you are searching for a Private Jet you can avoid pricey options:

  • No need for Jet Cards or Membership- you have total freedom of choice
  • Visit our fleet and select the best jet for your trip, consider Open Legs with cost savings from 30-60%
  • Open legs, for latest availability and Pricing call 702-720-2449 (no need to credit cards)
  • Your quote includes seat maps, photos and pricing details
  • Fully control your costs, view rates side-by-side.
  • Options include the newest Hondajet and the Citation M2. Budget prices from $2,300 to $2,700 per hour.
  • Special Perks and Upgrades are yours and detailed in your quotes. You can beat the best quotes from 80 plus operators.

We do the work for youno need for Credit Cards or Personal Information. How much is my Private Jet

How much is a Private Jet to Las Vegas–All quotes from FAA Part 135 Charter Operators with  ARG/US Gold and Platinum Safety Ratings. Exclusively yours. Enjoy free bar, catering and WIFI, get a quote and compare!
Explore and download:

From the newest Very Light Jets to the Large Cabin Luxury Jets. We are here to provide the very best options and solutions for your Private Flights.  

Don’t overlook:

Peace of Mind  these Unsettling Times” with  “Bedrock Special Projects

 Compare your options

Introducing our in-house Wedding Consultant Joni Moss-Graham. Your source for Las Vegas Weddings and Honeymoons to Paradise- on the Las Vegas Strip and to Hawaii. From a ceremonie by Helicopter to the Grand Canyon or Red Rock Canyon. You Wedding Ceremony should fulfill your dreams and provide you with everlasting memories. Please visit here for details.

Visit our fleet:

Get me a quote here.

Most preferred aircraft for 2022.  Hondajet, Citation M2, Phenom 300, Challenger 601-604, Gulfstream IV. Hourly Jet prices from $2,300

No need for Credit Cards or Personal Information to secure a Price Quote for your Jet Rental. The latest types of Very Light Jets are here with 4-30 seats.   Depart and arrive at a Private Airport lounge- no TSA inspections. Instant quotes at 702-336-7345 

Worldwide Services to 4,000 Airports in the USA, nonstop charters to Hawaii, Europe and Hong Kong. Based for 21 Years on the Las Vegas Strip with departures from the Private Jet Airports at Atlantic, Signature and the Henderson Executive Airport.  Minutes away from the Raiders, Golden Nights and the Big Name Resorts which include the Wynn Las Vegas, Bellagio, Aria, Cosmopolitan, 4Seasons and the Downtown Circa. The 4Seasons is the most preferred Luxury Non Gaming Resort. 

A private jet charter is the closest private jet option to buying a ticket on a commercial jet. Booking a trip is typically as easy as that of a commercial flight –   Text us for an instant quote at 702-336-7345. 

Citation M2- Luxury at Budget prices.

The newest Citation Jet with seating for 5 travelers. A luxury cabin and seating designed by BMW. Rates from $2,300 per hour. Please request a quote.

Safety and Security

During these unsettling times we are pleased to offer the services of Bedrock Special Services.  We recommend that you reach out to Mr. J. Damien Scott at Bedrock Special Projects at 702-996-7111.  Contact Bedrock direct.

Take advantage of this Extra Layer of Security for you, your business and family members. 

The new Phenom 300 Jet

This is the most preferred Business Jet with a standup cabin and seating for up to 7 travelers. Enjoy a spacious cabin with a fully enclosed washroom and Free WIFI services.  Rates range from $3500- to $4,000-. May we recommend that your book early.  Please ask us for a quote or call the Airport desk at (1)702-336-7345. Long Range 4.5 hours, comfortable seating- mini bar.

Large Cabin Gulfstream G550 with 19 seats

The Gulfstream Jet will take you to Hong Kong, Paris or London NONSTOP- extra crew members are provided for International Flights.  This Jet is your very best option for Business Meetings, Family travel and Weddings.  You will be pleased with a luxury interior with Lay Flat Seats and a large Galley for fine dining.  The Aircraft is supplied with WIFI and Inter-Continental Satellite Services. We will be delighted to show-case this Jet. This Jet is the preferred option for Casino Guests.

Open Leg savings from 30-60%.

After the delivery of travelers to their destination to jet returns to base without any revenue passengers.  Such flights are “empty legs” operators are eager to recover Jet Fuel and Crew Costs.  Open legs are discounted from 30-60%. Our in-house technologies allow us to share all available open legs within the USA.  Are you planning a leisure trip and have schedule flexibility- a Open Leg is a great way to fly a luxury jest at deep discounted rates.  Please share your needs and wishes in a short message to our flight planners or call our airport desk at 702-336-7345.

Flight “Share your empty seats, lower your costs”

Share your empty seats with friends and family- It’s good for the environment, save more money for your vacation, hotels and fine dining. The entire Jet Charter, Jet Rental aircraft is yours to enjoy. You should feel free to post your empty seats on social media and collect a share of your charter costs. Vegas Express will be pleased to update other charter clients of seat availability on your flight. With your prior approval we will have the travelers contact you direct. Before you have others join your flight, it is your responsibility to check the credentials of individuals join your flight. Make certain that you update all passengers on itinerary changes. Have questions–please feel free to contact our airport desk at 702-336-7345.

Used by Hundreds of Private Jet Flyers “Wheels Up Fast”

Private Jet Advisor
Planning Jet Ownership,  Leases, Jet Cards, Rental  Charters- Helping you with solutions and connections.
Business Jet
Suite Upgrades, Perks at Resorts. Complimentary Dining is yours.  Visit our Concierge Team for Hotel Deals!
Party, Wedding Jets
Visit with Joni Moss-Graham our in-house Wedding Consultant. Explore here, we welcome last minute requests.
Sports and Group Charters
Boeing 737,800 Charters with 150 seats, all Business Class Jets for Sports Teams. Please contact us at 702-720-2449 and meet us at the Sports Desk.
BOOK NOW (1) 702-336-7345

Full Transparency with direct quotes with Guaranteed Rates and Confirmed Flight Schedules. No hidden charges or fees. With Vegas Express Jet you have total freedom of choice and total flexibility. All Aircraft are ARG/US Gold or Platinum Rated, amongst the highest safety and quality standards in the Aviation Industry. All charter agreements are issued directly to the traveler by the FAA Part 135 Authorized Operator and fully disclose Aircraft Registration and Operator Identification as an FAA Part 135 Authorized Charter Operator. You always pay the operator direct providing you with an extra layer of security.  Vegas Express Jet is a Private Jet Technology  Portal and does not operate as a direct or indirect Operator. All Charter Agreements are issued by the FAA Part 135 Operators.

Support is here 24/7 with “Wheels Up Fast” call our airport desk at 702-336-7345. 

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