Barbie, Pink Jet

Barbie will be on board to welcome you on your Private Plane Charter. We will make certain that our complementary Barbie Doll Gift from Fly Private Vegas is on Board for your Vacation or Business Trip with your family. After all, Barbie represents the accomplishments from our Lady Captains and Flight Attendants who serve you on your Private Jet Rentals. We make certain that you enjoy a great trip with a smooth landing. You’re invited to reach out to a Team Member at 702-337-7345.

Barbie, Book Private Jets

Booking a Private Jet is made simple with Fly Private Vegas. Experience the difference without the need to deal with Brokers or Owners. You will be connected to over 80 Plus FAA Authorized Jet Operators who compete for your business. Instant quotes are yours to explore:

1) Ask for a quote, no personal information or credit cards needed.

2) Open your inbox for several aircraft types and prices. View seating charts and details such as FREE Wi-Fi and Bar and Dining services. Prices for each jet are detailed and displayed side-by-side.

3) You decide to move forward and receive a Guaranteed Quote and flight confirmation. Benefit from full transparency, no hidden fees or charges! Need more quote circle back to our Desk and our Team Members will be here to understand you needs. Reach out to 702-336-7345.

Barbie, Jet Costs

Explore the low hourly charter costs for the newest Jets. The Rates for the Pilatus PC 12 commence under $1,000. Charter a Hondajet for the low cost of $2,700 to $3,000 per hour. Don’t hesitate to ask us for a quote, no obligations or risks on your part.

No need for credit cards. Get a quote here—

Hate forms, call our Airport desk at 702-336-7345 for instant quotes and availability.