Selecting a Private Jet or will you be using a group block on a commercial flight.

Exploring which options will work best for you, your groups members should be a simple task. You may discover that each option provides you with benefits, and some downsides. Terms and conditions continue to change, this includes the price you pay and the ultimate experience of each participant. Take a moment to consider the following before you start your journey:

  1. Are all the travelers departing from the same airport and leaving for the same destination?

  2. Size of your group-incentive.

  3. Are you considering the safety and security of your business, will you allow all key members of your team to fly on the same aircraft. Or would you prefer to use several aircraft for your group or incentive. 

  4. How important is the flight experience as a reward for you key employees.

Private Jet flights for your group

The Private Jet Experience is totally different, starting with a departure reception at a Private Airport with ample parking, No TSA and No lines is a tempting and superior choice. Flying nonstop to your destination is a big plus. You will be able to show custom crafted video messages to recognize your accomplishments and key individuals during the flights. One major advantage includes you ability to make name changes until hours before your flights. You will be able maintain full control of your seating arrangements.

Commercial Group Flights

Airlines will offer group rates which are from 10-20 below regular coach fares. You may discover that such fares may not apply to weekend or peak period flights. Securing a block of seats for your group members may be a challenge. Recognize that the commercial airports are crowded, TSA inspections and long lines may be a part of your journey. Airlines may have restrictive policies for name changes or the addition of new guests. You will not be able to have a special welcome reception on the tarmac when you fly commercial. 

Comparing a Private Jet with commercial air, they price you pay!

Planning your group, incentive or sports trip is critical for your firm and team members. The are the foundation towards winning in business or the sports world. Our Group and Charter Department Flight Planners handle a wide range of Sports and Incentive Travel. Understand that each flight is different and deserves a careful review of your specific needs and flight schedules. A good flight plan can mean peace of mind. You’re invited to share your needs and requirements. allowing us to help you with the very best solutions:

1) Please share your flight schedules with departing and arriving airports.

2) The Number of participants and any special requirements

3) Will you need a program for ground services, hotels, meeting rooms for special events.

4) Your budget for your flights and ground services. One of our Team Members will contact you to secure your approvals and best time to review your specific requirements.  It will be our mission to provide you with several options and solutions to ensure that we meet all your expectations.

For solutions, best prices contact us 702-336-7345. No up up-front commitments.