“Welcome On Board”  Fly Private Vegas by Vegas Express Jet is a Jet Portal which secures quotes from over 80 Plus FAA Authorized Charter Operators with hundreds of aircraft. At the moment you ask us for the Best Private Jet Prices we secure a wide range of quotes and share the very best Aircraft types and options with you! Beyond the leading edge technologies we deploy, each price quote is reviewed by one of our Flight Planners and Air Concierges. We help your compare the best options and the very best prices.

Vegas Express Jet & Fly Private Vegas ensure that you do not have to buy pricey jet cards and memberships–this represents a savings of 30%. We also offer the newest aircraft which include the Very Light Jets. This includes the Hondajet, Citation M2 and the Phenom 300. Over 70% of all flights are under 2.3 hours., typical distance traveled is under 1,000 miles. For short distance flights we will include options for a Turbo Prop like the Pilatus PC 12. Hourly rates for this plane will range from $1,200 to $1,300 per hour. We help you reserve your Private Jet instantly. 

Pilatus PC 12 with up to 7 seats. Vegas Express Jet 702-336-7345

How does Fly Private Vegas and Vegas Express Jet– work, getting you the best prices and flights. Support 702-336-7345

We are here to help you find the best prices and help you compare aircraft and prices and select. Instant quotes are yours with three simple steps!

  • Ask us for a quote, all you need is your flight schedule and destination–and yes how many seats will you need.
  • Arriving at your inbox (also check you spam messages, just in case) A series of quotes fore different airplane types with your flight schedules (in local; times) with Images-Photos of the interior and seating charts. Details such as catering, bar services and WIFI. Baggage space and the availability of a washrooms. Experience full transparency with the hourly charter rates, taxes and fees and your total costs. You are free to select any of the options—or simply ask us for more quotes. No risks or obligations on your part!
  • Like to take advantage of any of the options– You receive a Guaranteed Price and Charter Proposal with your flight confirmations. Remember, no need for Jet Cards, memberships fees. No worries about last minute hidden fees or charges. You are in total control, remember all flights are subject to availability. Book now to avoid disappointment.

Reserve a Private Jet, best charter prices.

Explore how you will be able to reserve your private jet. With multiple quotes you will be able to compare aircraft prices, seating and WIFI services.  No need to buy pricey jet cards or pay membership fees saving you from $25,000 to $250,000.Reserve a Private Jet in the same way you take a rideshare and only pay for the charter time. No hidden fees or charges, You simply compare your plane options, seating and the pricing. 

Flight Reservations at 702-336-7345

Anytime, anywhere our flight and travel planners will be here to address any questions you may have. Feel free to ask for additional quotes or Open Legs. Let us know if you need special assistance, pet travel. We will be here to assist with ground services and limousine services. You quote will include a series of Special Perks extended by Vegas Express Jet. Make certain that you take the following steps before you reserve your private jet!

1) Compare the seating charts you received–do you have all the seats your need?

2) Is your flight non-stop.

3) Are all the taxes and fees fully detailed?

4) Did you receive a charter agreement issued by the flight operator with your Guaranteed Pricing and Flight Confirmations.

5) Is the flight schedule correct.

6) Remember–Your flights are confirmed after you accept the flight schedules and prices as noted in  your charter agreement.

Need help, don’t hesitate to call 702-336-7345. No request is too small.