Charter Jets


Please take moment and understand the Difference you will Experience with Fly Private Vegas. We understand you and know that flying private is personal. This may be your upgrade from commercial air to a Jet Experience–or you may have flown private before. We take the time to understand your preferences ensuring that your Jet Charters are seamless. We do not seek any up-front commitments. We will make every effort to provide you with full transparency and the information to make an intelligent decision. 


01) Feel free to call our airport desk and meet with one of our Flight Planners. We will be here to identify the most suitable planes for you trip and budget. 02) Expect a series of aircraft options with full details on the interior, WIFI, Luggage Space and Bar and Catering Services. You will receive a seating chart for each aircraft and side-by-side pricing for your Charter Hours, Taxes (FET of 7.5%) and other charges (if any) no hidden costs at any time.

03) You may select any of the options, or request more quotes. Optionally you may proceed with any of the aircraft you received.

After you selected a quote receive a Guaranteed Rates and Flight Confirmation directly from the FAA Authorized Operator. 

Charter Jet Prices


Full transparency, you will discover that all costs are fully detailed. Always pay via a Credit Card, you charter costs are due/payable at 24/72 hours before departure. At that time you receive your flight ticket with the Tail Number Registration of your Jet Charter with the names of your crew members, location of your Private Airport Lounges for your departure and arrival. AIR CONCIERGES You receive your final itinerary with an update on catering, transfers and any other services you may have requested. In the meantime, our Air Concierges are here to take care of any needs you may have. From assistance with your Pets to reservations at special events such as Formula One Racing.

For support call us at 702-336-7345.


Fly Private and Vegas Express Jet have served the Las Vegas Resorts for 20 plus years. We are celebrating and sharing our appreciation for your support and will include the following with each quote:

For a Limited time enjoy our hand crafted sandwiches and a lunch box with gourmet cookies, drinks and chips. Request our menu for your selection which will be coordinated by our Air Concierge Team. All meals are freshly prepared just in time with our focus on sustainability and healthy food choices.