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You may have been searching for options and prices. “Google” is here to help you find unlimited number of options. For a first time jet flyer, it may be confusing —It’s our mission to help you source the best Jet Rentals and the Cheapest Prices. “On Demand Charters” are in the same category as ride sharing services for UBER or Lyft– you only pay for the Charter Hours.

No need to worry about on-going payments for memberships and fees that show-up on your credit card. Here are the options and steps you can take to enjoy a Luxury Jet!

Charter costs are 30% Less Than Jet Cards & Fractional ownership. We will be here to help you select the best airports, and secure highly competitive Charter Rates. Discover the tools we offer, Free of charge to you.

We partner with 50 Plus Alliance Private Jet Operators with hundreds of aircraft options. Download our Jet solutions for your own trip or you small business. We simply work for you, keeping it simple. No obligations or risks on your part. It’s here for you to download and compare:

  1. Get your fully transparent, quotes which include all fees and taxes. Compare several aircraft on a single quote page with Side-by-Side Pricing.
  2. View Aircraft Photos, seating plans and all features such as WIFI, Galley Services and Flight Attendant Availability. Need more photos and aircraft dimensions call us at 702-336-7345
  3. Snacks and Dining at 30,000 feet! Standard Catering services- or special menus customized for each guest. From Breakfast Burritos to Belgium Waffles with berries.
  4. Help you compare Jet Cards, membership options with the benefits of “On Demand Charters”
  5. Transition options from aircraft ownership to outside services with full dispatch support.
  6. Lease or Rental options for long term aircraft usage with a dedicated flight crew, dispatch operations.
  7. Address ownership issues, this include potential tax benefits and risks during a changing economic environment. Options that provide you with 100% more peace of mind! We are here to assist.

Air Charter Advisors

Our SILVER package provides with fully transparent quotes and rates for multiple Jet Charter Planes. It’s yours and Free, seating charters are always included. Compare side-by-side rates and view options such as Free WIFI. No charges or fees for quotes, no need for personal information or credit cards. It will require your flight schedules and number of seats you need. Ask for a quote.

Support for Flyers 100-125 Hours per year. Better Solutions

Our GOLD program is designed for Business Flyers who are considering a series of options, this may include Jet Cards, Extended Memberships. Or Partial- Fractional Jet Ownership.

Our Team Members will provide you with a wide range of options. This program is designed to accommodate flyers who exceed 100-125 hours of flight time annually. You will be able to access a series of quotes and rate constructions to plan current and future flight plans. One of our Team Members will ask you to partake in one of our Conference calls. A one time fee may apply for individuals who consider the purchase or lease of aircraft. Please call 702-720-2449 our secure phone line.

Luxury Cabin Global Jet- 14 Seats

THE PLATINUM option is your solution for Corporate Accounts or high Value individuals. Designed to help you with time saving, cost efficient plane types. Our Team Members will be able to address the Ownership options for Private Jet Cards. We will help you determine the cost of direct ownership, fractional options or the use of On Demand Charter Services. Anticipating you future flight hours and city pairs will be essential. With your help and flight patterns you will be able to determine the use of Very Light, Light or Midsize Jets. Many firms have deployed the Super Midsize group which includes the Ch 601-604 series and the Gulfstream 200. After you review all available options you may consider a mix of aircraft types.

Before we assign a specific aircraft, our Team Members will help you understand 121 and 135 operations. Small business firms may have owners may have a Pilot License or plan to secure this by flying on business trips with a corporate aircraft—the new category of Very Light Jets, which include the Cirrus Jet may be addressed in our your business reviews. We suggest that you contact us via e-mail. Small Business firms in locations with no scheduled flight services may greatly benefit form all types of charter options. This include the ownership of a Very Light Jet like the Cirrus Jet with the latest safety technologies.

Cirrus Jet, Small Business Executive Jet

Corporate- Jet Advisor

Small business is discovering the benefits of flying private. Go after new business with a personal visit. More business owners are deploying a Private Jet for daytrips. Some of our Clients are Franchise owners who visit their key accounts. Using conference rooms at smaller airports has been a big cost and time saver. Business Owners are in need of new solutions to manage their business. Our Team is here to introduce to options that work for your business and can be measured in Dollar Savings.

Corporate Jet solutions

Jet leases may provide you with the ability to use a jet for a specific amount of time. This may include crew time, aircraft maintenance and full time availability. Consider the number of light hours and the distances you employees will be traveling to serve the needs of your clients. Our Flight planners will have the software programs to project your future costs and identify options for cost savings–with fuel costs at an all time high-limit your flight time and open legs. Keep the aircraft and crew with you whenever possible.

Private Jets 4-30 Seats- Private Jet Advisors.

Advisors for Private Jets, Tailored to your needs

Our Team Members are here to provide you with Unbiased recommendations. Vegas Express Jet does not own or operate aircraft. We have served the VIP Travelers of the Las Vegas Strip Resorts for over 20 years–Casino’s have owned and operated a wide range of Private Jets. Ownership has been costly with excessive peak demand during weekends and holidays. Bigger jet savings when you fly midweek days. We help you select aircraft types of shorter, longer flights.

Private Jet Consultation, Private and Confidential:

Our Jet Credentials–we have been here:

  • Jet Operator Part 135 FAA Authorized, our team managed aircraft and sales at the Quail Center Las Vegas. This included dispatch and Casino Resort Services
  • Coordinated the FBO services and Charters for major operator located in Mexico
  • Assisted a wide range of clients in the purchase and lease of aircraft–provided options for direct and Fractional Ownership.
  • Addressed flight services to the USA for major airline services with the objective to build feeder traffic
  • Vegas Express Jet handles thousands of quote request–we operated over 1,000 Private Jet flights for the Vegas Strip Casinos and Vacation Travelers. Our Casino Hosts and Senior Executives at Resorts continue to entrust their high value clients for Worldwide Charter Services provided by Vegas Express Jet.
Jet Weddings, Ceremonies, Elope Packages. Get a quote

Each of our Team Members is well qualified to anticipate your needs and expectations. From the moment you own or lease your aircraft. We will address your needs from Lower Fuel Costs to Hangar space to maintenance services. With the help of financial and tax consultants you will be able to fully evaluate your options and financial investments. We will ask you to update us on your past and future travel schedules and flight times. You will be able to select from hundreds of aircraft types which includes the newest High Tech Jets to slightly used planes with excellent maintenance records.

Air Concierge Team

The Private Jet is a important part of your travel experience. Our Air Concierge Team is here to address:

  • Catering services, standard bar and snack services provided with your flight. Optional menu for custom dining options for your group or individual guests
  • Limousines, Ground Services with planeside transfers at selected FBO’s.
  • Hotel Resort accommodations with the availability of Conference rooms. Special Perks include Suite Upgrades, Complimentary breakfast daily and hotel-spa credits. Details are shown in your charter agreement.
  • Custom Crafted itineraries to the National Parks, The Grand Canyon, Bryce and Zion. With a Private SUV and driver, our with a Helicopter Charter. Savings from 40-60% compared to individual seat purchases.
  • Signature Tour programs with a Private Jets for day trips and Weekends to Napa Valley, California Central Coast or Golf at Pebble Beach
  • Wedding plans and Elope packages designed by our in-house Wedding consultant, please call 702-720-2449 to schedule a free consultation.
  • Commercial B737 Aircraft for Business and Sports Charters—we are here to update you on the procedures and options to fly from Private Airports. Please contact us.
  • A La Carte itineraries designed to meet your specific requirements, on of our Concierge Team Members will schedule a joint conference call to determine your needs and preferences. Receive a detailed proposal in 24-72 hours. (Service is free of charge for Private Jet flyers connected with Vegas Express Jet)

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 Vegas Express Jet is a technology portal which sources quotes on behalf of clients from 50 Plus FAA Authorized Part 135 Charter Flight Operators.  Vegas Express Jet does not own or operate aircraft. Charter Agreements are issued directly to the travelers by the Flight Operator, with total Charter costs, tax and handling fees.   Flight-Charter Costs are directly paid to the Charter Operator by the Charter Party via Credit Card or Bank Wire Transaction.    Concierge and ground services are provided by Royalty Travel NV, a fully accredited TRUE #99901760 Agency.  Carefully review your charter agreement before you sign-approve.  Your Charter Agreement will identify-disclose the Aircraft Registration (Tail Number and Operator Detail.)

Vegas Express does NOT collect any charter payments. Vegas Express Jet LLC Jan 2022.

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