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Private Jet Prices

Private Jet Prices

Lear 35 Seating- for support call 702-336-7345


Private Jets are “Pricey” this may be good time to follow experience Private Jet Flyers who select the best jets at discounted prices.

COMPARING PRICES AND AIRCRAFT- understanding your options.

Before you secure a quote, understand–most flights (53%) carry three to five passengers. 27% fly with two passengers only. You may not need a larger plane to save time–

Over 77% of all travelers typically fly under 1500 miles, this translates to flight of about 3,5 hours. Private Jets fly at about the same speed as commercial airlines. For most Private flyers the trip to a city with an airport not served by the major carriers is a smart move.

Over 26% of a Private Jet Charters are under 500 miles. In many cases you avoid congested traffic on trips from California to Las Vegas. During weekends a trip may take up to 7 hours- a small jet will but the trip to one hour.

JET PLANE PRICES- an opportunity to save

Great Value and Budget Buy Get a Quote Now

The King Air Twin Turbo is a great choice for Charter Flights under 90 minutes. The King C90 has comfortable seating for up to 8 passengers. This Twin Turbo is a amongst the most fuel efficient aircraft. A great budget option with rates from $1,600- per hour. A two hour minimum applies for most trips. Feel free to ask us for an instant quote.

Phenom Light Jet 4 seats, FREE quotes at 702-336-7345


The Phenom 100 is a very light jet with an interior designed by BMW. This jet will fly up to 3,200 miles without a fuel stop. Travelers enjoy the large cabin and spacious baggage compartment. Some travelers expressed concerns about Cabin Noise and limits during the hot summer heat on the Vegas Strip. Pricing for the Phenom ranges from $1,995- to $2,100 per hour.

The Premier Jet with up to 8 seats may be a better choice for a slightly higher price which ranges from $2,400 to $2,700 per hour. A spacious cabin with more comfort.  Great option for groups from 6-8 passengers.

From the Light Jet Lear 35A to the Gulfstream 650. 4-19 seats.


Light Jet may be a best solution for trips from 3.5 to 4 hours.  The Lear Jets offer seating from 6 to 7 seats. Your charter flight will cost you from $2,300 to $2,700 per hour. This aircraft may be your best buy since you will go faster and save time and money since fuel stops are not required. Some of the extended version will fly from coast to coast—fly from San Diego to Daytona Beach- stay for three days and pay under v$40,000.

Vegas Express, Private Planes- 702-336-7345


Which aircraft are the favorites of Business Traveler’s readers? In terms of airline sized Private Jets the Boeing BBJ (737) took a 76% vote while Gulfstream G650/650ER was cited by 62% in the ultra-long -range jets category. Its sister the G5450 was the most popular large cabin Private Jet. while 34% the Bombardier Challenger 300/350 in the super midsize was very high on the preferred list.  Need to fly from LAX to Miami for a 4-4 night stay. Do consider the Gulfstream 200 with 9 seats at a cost of $54,000.

Vegas Express Jet Meet and Greet at Signature Lounge on Vegas Strip


Amongst the light jets the Phenom 300 was amongst the most preferred. The Beachcraft King  Air dominated the twin turboprops and the Pilatus C12 ranked tops as a single-engine turbo.


Private Jet Charters include the part ownership of a private plane—this program allows 7 business partners to purchase a specific aircraft and share the costs of ownership, crew cost, maintenance and insurance. This program is no longer popular since it imposes great restriction to each of the owners. Traveler need more flexibility and like to avoid this costly program.

Try to avoid memberships in exchange for a one time price reduction–carefully review your options before you sign a long term deal and commitment to make on-going payments.

Jet Cards allow you to prepay for your flights—albeit all the programs have options and restrictions which deserve the attention of your accountant. For the leisure travelers On-Demand-Charters should be on top your “wish list”.


You only pay for the Charter Hours which are flown for your trip. Compare this program to the door to door services provided by  Lyft or Uber. You pay for the trip only without any long term obligations. All your flights are operated by FAA Part 135 Certified Operators.  

No restrictions since you will be able to secure your aircraft at any time–no need to reserve 12-24 hours before you wish to depart. With On-Demand-Charters you will be able to depart within 45 minutes after you approve your charter agreement and your credit card has been processed.

This is the information you need when you are searching the “Jet Plane Price”

  • You need to view your schedule in local times, with flight time and distance.  Make certain to select an airport which is freeway close.
  • Your quote needs to include photos of the exterior and seating of your plane–make sure you have ample room for your Pets.
  • Quotes, prices need to include all taxes (FET 7.5%), landing fees, upcharges for fuel costs and overnight crew costs for extended trips
  • When shopping and comparing rates and planes–make certain that the quotes details all charges and fees.

Carefully review your charter agreement. Your price should be guaranteed for up to 72 hours. Make certain that the aircraft as quoted is available on the dates you wish to travel.

Consider a Trip Cancellation and Medical Package which can be yours- please ask for rate options and coverage from our Concierge Team—make certain that you buy your policy before you sign your charter agreement to ensure you are fully protected.

Our business mission- we help you save with direct introductions to over 50 Air Charter Alliance partners. Buy direct and save the middleman markups.

  • Vegas Express Jet has served the Las Vegas Resort Corridor for over 14 years. We bring VIP Guests to the Resorts like the Wynn, MGM and Cosmopolitan.
  • Expect quotes which include multiple aircraft options— use this information to compare.
  • Wheels Up Fast with departures within 45 minutes– after you approve your charter agreement. No need to worry about hidden fees or last minute “upcharges”. Your price will be guaranteed for up to 72 hours.
  • Payment options include cash- bank wire with discounts of 4%, Bitcoin* and Credit Card Payments.
  • Full support from our Concierge Team, we help you plan day trips and weekends. Our Team Members will be here to assist with Commercial Aircraft for Group and Incentive Travel
Vegas Express Jet

Vegas Express Welcomes your payment

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Corridor Offices, P.702-336-7345

Departures to and from over 4,000 US Airports.

*Bitcoin payments–please ask us for special payment options- no service fees or handling charges apply. A fully transparent payment policy.

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