Private Jet to Las Vegas

Vegas Jets Fly Private Vegas and Vegas Express Jet offers a unique and transparent approach to private jet services by providing direct access to prices and quotes from a wide network of 80-plus Private Jet Alliance Partners. You don’t have to buy pricey prepaid jet cards which may cost from $25,000 to $250,00 to take

Private Jets Superbowl 58, Free dining

Superbowl 58, Free Dining Congratulations to Fly Private Vegas a division of Vegas Express Jet on reaching the milestone of 20 years as one of the premier jet portals and private jet providers on the Vegas Strip! Your dedication to providing top-notch service to VIP guests and casino players has undoubtedly contributed to your success.

How much to rent a Private Jet

How to get the best Jet Rental Price? Is it all about the price, or is it the type of plane which meets all your needs. Our Private Jet Flyers are always searching for the best prices and the services which are included in the costs for the Jet Rental. Shopping and comparing prices are