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    Las Vegas Private Jets

    Private Jet to Las Vegas.

    New Light Jet Fleet

    The Cessna Citation M2 with seating for 5 passengers is cost efficient with special weekend rates from the LA Airports to Vegas.

    Jet Costs form $1,250 per hour.

    The Pilatus PC12 is a price and value leader with up to 7 seats. Available at all Las Vegas Private Airports.

    Open leg charters save from 30-60%

    Instant availability. Flying from Las Vegas to the LAX airports is reduced from $6,000 to only $3,000.

    Private Jet to Vegas

    The highest quality and safety ratings with all aircraft ARG/US Gold or Platinum Rated. None better!

    Air Concierge Team

    Here to understand your needs and provide you with a wide selection of Jet Rental options.

    Jet Charter Worldwide

    Guaranteed Jet prices with flight confirmations to and from over 4,000 airports. Deploying leading edge technologies.

    Most preferred and selected Jet Charters for the year 2024. The Honda Jet is the winner, with Free WIFI and a fully enclosed washroom. The Cessna Citation is the number thee with a luxury interior designed by BMW. The Pilatus PC 12 is the Budget Choice for short flights under 2 hours. Our Team Members will be here to help you select the best jet for your joruney.

    Our history and Track Record: Founded in the year 2000 by a Senior Executive in the avaiation insutry. We have provided the Resort Industry with transparent solutions. 24/7 contact with a team of Certified Jet and Travel Planners.

    How much is my Private Jet. Your quotes include multiple aircraft types with side-by-side pricing- no hidden charges or fees. Never any up-front commitments.

    Vacations and Business Packages

    Vacation - Jet Combo Packages , big savings



    • 6 Seats
    • Price: Frm $2,300 p/h

    Citation M2

    Citation M2

    • 5 Seats
    • Price: Frm $2,300 p/h

    Gulfstream 200

    Gulfstream Jets

    • 12 - 16 Seats
    • Price: Frm $4,995 p/h

    Boeing 737-800

    Group Charter

    • 55 - 160 Seats
    • Price: Contact for pricing
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    Total Flexibility with On-Demand Charter. Your best value! Enjoy 24/7 access with no blackout dates. You are not limited to a fixed fleet.

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    Open legs savings from 30-60%. For rates and availability contact 702-336-7345

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    Private Jet to Las Vegas. Support P.1+702-336-7345.

    Fly Private Vegas is a jet technology portal which helps you secure competitive Jet Prices from over 80 Plus FAA Authorized Operators. You receive Guaranteed Rate proposals directly from the operator with confirmed flight schedules. Fly Private Vegas is not a direct flight operator and does not own or operate aircraft. All flight operators are ARG/US Gold or Platinum rated. Fly Private Vegas is a division of Vegas Express Jet LLC.