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Private Jets Vegas

All types of Jet Charters, Rentals at Vegas Express Jet, for support call 702-336-7345

Searching for a Private Jet to Vegas. Looking for a great deal on a Private Plane Rental?. We can help you with the tools you need to score a great deal. We will take you from take-off to a soft landing with the basic tools. You will discover that Vegas Express Jet is very different and provides you with the knowledge and tools to fully control your costs of a Luxury Jet for Business or Leisure Travel. Take a couple of minutes to start your journey. We like to make you a Jet Expert and discover great prices for your Private Jet trip to Vegas.

Private Jets Vegas prices

Private jet charter companies typically adopt dynamic pricing. This is a flexible pricing strategy that adjusts according to market demand, the type of aircraft, and the operational costs of the charter company. 

For instance, a high-demand route such as LAX to Las Vegas may command higher prices on weekends. You may discover that one-way open legs during the same period from Las Vegas to LA Airports will be reduced by up to 50%. This is a case of supply and demand. Private Jets can be affordable, pleased read-on.

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Private Jets Vegas Costs

Private jet charter cost is typically calculated in two ways: hourly rate or per trip

An hourly rate is based on the actual flight time, from takeoff to landing. This includes the time needed for the aircraft and crew to return to base. For instance, for round-trip travel, an hourly rate would consider the flight hours of both the outbound and return journeys, while per-trip pricing would provide a total upfront cost that generally isn’t subject to change. 

Private Jets Vegas, what’s my price?

When chartering a private jet, it’s important to consider additional costs beyond the hourly rate or per-trip rate. These costs can include catering, de-icing when you visit ski resorts and Federal Excise Taxes of 7.5% which apply to all domestic US Flight. It’s smart to review all your quotes to ensure that all taxes and fees are fully disclosed. Vegas Express Jet provides you with multiple aircraft types with side-by-side pricing. 

Private Jets Vegas Overnight

You may discover that you may save money by keeping your private jet at your destination is the least expensive compared to buying two one way trips–you quote should detail the extra costs for the crew, aircraft parking and any fees. Work with your flight planner to determine your best and less expensive option. For extended stays at your destination simply buy two one ways. Our Flight planners will be here to provide you with options and solutions at 702-336-7345.

PRIVATE JETS, EMPTY LEG FLIGHTS, AND ARE THEY COST-EFFECTIVE? and can be a cost-effective option for private jet travelers. These are flights that operate without passengers on board to reposition the aircraft for its next customer or return it to its home base. As these flights would otherwise fly empty, operators will be eager to recover some costs and offer you a great deal. Expect savings from 30-60%. Our flight department will be able to update you on availability, please call 702-336-7345.


Quotes and prices provide you with a good start, the quotes you receive are based on most recent charter flights following your flight pattern. Make certain that you compare rates and aircraft options. After you consider specific quotes ask for a Guaranteed quote with firm prices and flight confirmations. Make certain that your aircraft registration (Tail Number) and the name of the Flight Operator are fully disclosed. All charter proposals you receive from Vegas Express Jet are fully transparent with no hidden fees or charges.

Private Jet Ownership

For some travelers owning a share or fractional part of a plane may be an option. This allows you to purchase 1/7th or 10% of a plane. This may work for smaller corporations and owners; however, you will pay for the investment costs, crew members, maintenance and fuel. If you need help with this option, please contact one of our Aviation Consultants at 702-720-2449. As an alternative you may consider a newer jet which includes the Vision jet with an op-front investment of $4.5 Million. Used aircraft will be available with lower hours from $1.5 Million.

Private Jet, Jet Cards

Brokers and operators will aggressively promote Jet Cards with up-front prepayments from $25,000 to $250,000. As a Jet card owner you will be rewarded with an impressive sales kit and a personalized embossed membership card. You also receive a list of rules and regulations which specify which type of charter you will be able to rent at what time and costs. Such programs may benefit those who fly extensively with a minimum of 100 to 150 hours per year. If you are considering this option, make certain to consult with a Financial Advisor and your Lawyer. This option does not protect you from firms declaring bankruptcy. It’s an option you can avoid.

Private Jets, total flexibility

Freedom of choice yours when you select “On Demand Charters” like you take a ride with UBER or Lyft, you only pay for the charter hours. No upfront payments or membership obligations. You will maintain total flexibility to select any plane type and select the best price for your journey.

Vegas Express Jet secures quotes on your behalf from 80 Plus Private Jet Operators. A Jet Portal which uses leading edge technologies to provide you with options and costs based on your preferences. To get a best price simply ask for a quote: (no need for a credit card or personal information. You do not have to buy a membership to secure quotes directly from Vegas Express Jet

  • Arriving at your inbox. A series of aircraft types with flight schedules and separate rates. You compare the rates for each aircraft side-by-side. View seating in each plane with seating charts. Aircraft WIFI, Bar and Catering options are fully detailed.
  • You may ask for a charter proposal for any of the aircraft, this is yours with Guaranteed rates, flight confirmations and the aircraft registration. Feel free to approve or ask for addtional options.
  • Final payment for your Private Plane Charter is due 24/72 hours before flight departure. Pay by Credit Card or a Bank Check.

Private Jets, support at 702-336-7345

A Team of Flight Planners, Travel Experts and Air Concierges are here to help:

Our flight planners will help you select the best aircraft and price for your journey. Our Air Concierge Team will contact you to address any special services such as catering you or your guest may require, Our Travel Team will assist with your Resort Bookings and suite upgrades. Such options are available at the Las Vegas MGM properties, the Wynn and Caesars. Feel free to ask us for a custom crafted itinerary. Our Team Members include Flight Planners, Jet Experts, Travel Planners and a Wedding Consultant. Don’t hesitate to ask us for help and support. No request is too small.

Our Air Concierge Department will contact you to reconfirm your airport lounge information and aircraft and crew details. Let us know if we can assist with any special services on the ground or on board your Private Jet.

Private Jets, specials

  • Complimentary WIFI services on most aircraft
  • Bar and beverages with a generous snack basket
  • Limousine Airport Transfers to and from your Private Lounge
  • Catering options which include fruit and cheese platters, hand crafted sandwiches. to order
  • Special Pet Services based on your preferences.

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Private Jet to Las Vegas

Gulfstream G650 Vegas Express Jet- for quotes call 702-336-7345.

No cost to you, the tools you need to fly private at the lowest costs. You can make it happen following a couple simple step you can take to take full control of you charter flights. This includes the rental, charter or lease of your own plane. Plus you will have the tools to score a great deal on Empty or Open Leg flights. Just in case you need an expertise, feel free to call our airport desk at 702-336-7345. No request is too small.

Private Jets to Vegas

Planning a Private Jet to Vegas? Vegas Express Jet is a Private Jet portal which provides you with our leading-edge technologies and direct quotes from 80 Plus FAA Alliance Partners. All firms are Jet Operators with hundreds of aircraft options and very affordable pricing. Before you start your search, make certain to compare the costs for several aircraft types. Start with the newest Very Light Jets! Over 70% of all flights are under 3.2 hours. The newest Hondajet and the Citation M3 should be on your shopping list as best buys. Explore your options here:

Hondajet with seating for 5 passengers, for quotes contact 702-336-7345. No credit card needed.

Recognize the Hondajet with the over wing mounted jet engines. This aircraft has a very comfortable interior with seating for 5 travelers. FREE WIFI is included in your flight with a forward bar and a wide range of cocktails. Enjoy a generous snack basket. A washroom is located in the aft section. Just in case. We will be here to provide you with a quote, or most recent bookings included Austin, Dallas, Carlsbad, John Wayne, Santa Barbara trip to the Vegas Strip (Reid and Henderson Executive Private Airport Lounges)

Citation M3 jet with seating for 4 with WIFI entertainment and an interior designed by BMW.

The Cessna Citation M2, should be on your shopping list with a luxury interior designed by BMW. Our frequent flyers appreciate the layout and spacious cabin. This aircraft is in high demand for weekends for flights from Van Nuys, Bob Hope to the Vegas Strip. The private arrival lounge is one block from MGM Resort. Within minutes you will be at the Wynn, Bellagio or ARIA. Many of our guests with stay at the Venetian or Caesars. Your limo will be waiting planeside getting you to the resort sportsbook or pool in minutes. Enjoy the many benefits of your Private Jet Charter, no TSA lines, no need to arrive at the airport two-or three hours before your flight. It’s a part of your Luxury Travel Experience.

Private Jet to prices to Vegas

You can charter the Pilatus PC 12 Turbo Jet for less than $1,000 per hour. This jet has from 6-8 seats with ample space for baggage. With a speed of 230 miles per hour, this place is the ideal solution for trips from Las Vegas to Scottsdale to any destination in Utah or New Mexico. Hourly costs for the Hondajet and the Citation M2 will range from $2,700 to $3,100 per hour. A 7.5% Federal Excise Tax applies to all US flights. Follow 5 easy steps to plan your trip and secure the best prices:

01 DISCUSS BUDGET AND PREFERENCES. Meet with your family and friends to determine your best schedule with times and number of seats you need. Ask us for a quote, at 702-336-7345. No forms needed. Or ask is for a quote:

02 GET YOUR PLANE: Arriving at your inbox several plane types with seating charts and details. Simply compare planes and pricing which are displayed side-by-side. It’s easy and straightforward.

03 FINALIZE YOUR ITINERARY: Pick a plane and prices and receive a Guaranteed Rate proposal with your confirmed flight schedule. No hidden fees or charges. You may approve and pay for you flight 24/72 before flight departure..

04 ENJOY YOUR FLIGHT: A members of our Air Concierge Team will confirm the flight departures, tail number of your plane and names of crew members. Get ready and meet you flight team at the private airport lounge.  All that’s left is for you to fly with peace-of-mind knowing that our team members will be here to assist you. 

Private Jets, half price

Open Legs are flights which are operated without passengers after the passengers reach their destination. The aircraft and crew return to base without paying passengers. Vegas Express Jet maintains a complete list of such flights which are yours at discounts from 30-60%. Expect availability in flights from Las Vegas to the LA airports during the weekend. Normal one- way fares for a Private Jet Charter from Vegas to LA ranges from $6,000 to $7,000 for a Very Light Jet–as an open leg you will be able to purchase this charter for half price or only $3,000.  This is a great option for travelers with a flexible schedule. For help and support call our airport desk 702-336-7345.

PC 12 Turbo Prop- Great Budget Option for flights departing from Las Vegas. Call 702-336-7345

Private Jet Charters to Vegas Airports.

Fly to the Vegas Strip Airports at Signature Airport or the Atlantic Airport adjacent to the MGM. You will be five to 10 minutes away from the Bellagio, Wynn, Aria and Caesars. Stayin at downtown Vegas consider the Henderson executive airport with a direct freeway to the Downtown Circa and all other resorts. The Henderson Airport is also a great choice for the M Resorts, The Station Casino Properties including Red Rock and Hilton Lake Las Vegas. Please feel free to contact our Concierge Team–ask us about complimentary limousine services for Midsize, Super Midsize Jet Charters. 

You’re invited to experience the Vegas Express Jet difference. We are the ultimate choice for a fleet of hundreds of aircraft types. From the PC 12 Pilatus to the newest HondaJet, Citation, Lear, Hawker and Gulfstream Jets with seating for 4-18 passengers. Takae advantage of the free support from our flight planners, Air Concierge Team and Travel Experts. No worries, your transactions are private- You always pay the charter operator direct. Avoiding the middleman helps you reduce your charter costs

Carefully review your charter proposals for special perks which include complimentary catering options and bare and WIFI services. Our Resort partners will provide you with Suite Upgrades and Daily breakfast services. Please contact our Travel Team at 702-720-2449 for details.

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Charter flights and Private Jet Rentals

Looking for a Private Jet? It’s not complicated a few single steps will make it work–getting the best aircraft and great deal on a jet rental requires a couple of smart moves on your part. We will take you to the places you should avoid, such as Pricey Jet cards and will help you understand to fly private at great discounts with the best plane types for your Business Trip or Vacation. Trust us, we will take you to a soft landing without risks or commitments, Let’s walk you through the marketplace, who flies private now! From here we will take you to How to Charter your Private Jet.

Professional Athletes: Athletes, like golfers, frequently use private jets to travel to tournaments that may be located far apart. This mode of transportation offers flexibility and can help them manage their tight competition schedules. Some golfers have tournament games which require short overnight trips from C Coast to Coast. For the convenience as prestige, some big name golfers will own their own plane. Oprah Winfrey and Bill Gates own their own planes.  Just in case you belong to this group–Working with an experienced flight planner is essential, frequent flight changes are a part of the game. 

Entertainers: Many high-profile entertainers, such as Taylor Swift, own their private jets. This ownership provides them with privacy and control over their travel arrangements, which can be crucial for individuals in the public eye. A great option for Mega Billionaires. You may not belong to this group. Some entertainers may leave the city after their performance, it’s a part of a business which takes long hours and requires Coast to Coast Travel. Schedules carriers typically have a very few late departures.

Corporate Jet Ownership: Large and small corporate firms may own private jets for various purposes, including executive travel, business meetings, and maintaining a global presence. Owning a jet can provide flexibility and efficiency for corporate travel needs. However, many firms have been selling their aircraft to reduce costs and are now charter clients.  Cost Offset: Some private jet owners opt to charter their aircraft when they are not using them personally. This can help offset the ongoing expenses associated with jet ownership, such as crew salaries, maintenance, and insurance.

Flying Private for Vacation: Many flyers discovered the benefits of a Private Jet during the pandemic, they decided to continue to fly private to save time and enjoy a total hassle-free experience. For those who do not have commercial airline services the Private Jet is the very best option compared to long road trips. This applies to most California Guests–On a typical weekend journey Vegas visitors will have an extra 4-8-hours since they do not have to arrive at the airport 2-3 hours before flight departures. Road Trips may take from 6-10 hours on weekends.  For those who have not traveled private, we encourage you to explore all options. Please read-on and start a great journey with your own Jet Rental. You will learn that you no longer need to invest in Pricey Jet Cards or Membership to become a Private Jet Flyer.

Gulfstream Jet 14 seats, Vegas Express Jet 702-336-7345

Charter flights Vegas

Most folks do not fall into the very rich category–however they will splurge occasionally on a Private Plane Charter. This is a substantial number of travelers who are searching for a great deal on Jet Rental or Charter. All travelers agree that a Private Jet is a great time saver. When you compare your options a charter plane should be on top of your wish list. 

Make sure to consider the type of plane which will work best for you.. Take a look at the types of planes here.

Leisure Travelers have a wide range of options, for shorter trips the Turbo Props and Very Light Jets are one of the most affordable options. As a first step, take a look at your fleet options, consider the distance you will fly, (Flight hours) and number of seats you need. 

Charter flights, prices

  • Determine the purpose of your trip, such as business, leisure, or a special occasion. Invite your friends, they may pay a share of your charter costs.
  • Establish your departure and destination airports. Select a local airport that saves you time. For example you will be able to arrive at the Signature FBO on the Vegas Strip–great for a short ride to the Wynn. Staying downtown Vegas select the Henderson Executive Airport.
  • Decide on the number of passengers and the amount of luggage you’ll be carrying.
  • Remember when you fly Private you can set you own times and schedules.
Citation Jet, Vegas Express Jet, may we offer a quote, contact us at 702-336-7345

Pick a plane, visit our fleet options—

  • Research different types of private jets to find one that suits your needs. As mentioned, consider factors like fuel efficiency and passenger capacity. Don’t overlook the Turbo Props which include the Pilatus PC 12 with up to 6 seats or the Very Light Jet Category. Aircraft in this category currently handle up to 70% of all Charter flights, A typical flight under 3,2 hours. The Hondajet and Citation M2 should be on your wish list. Please visit your aircraft options here.
  • The Price for a Pilatus Turbo PC 12 starts under $1,000 per hour. Do remember, charter hours are based on the total time needed to complete your trip. This includes the return of the Aircraft and Crew to their Homebase. A 7.5% Excise Tax applies to all Domestic US Flights. Get a quote here.
  • Don’t hesitate to ask for professional help, you should consider your baggage and sports gear. Feel free to contact our airport desk at 702-336-7345.

Charter flights reservations

  • Decide whether you want to work with a charter broker or a charter operator.
  • Charter Broker: Brokers can offer a wide range of options from various operators but may charge an additional commission. They may be inclined to offer you Pricey prepaid Jet Cards or Memberships. Selling Jet Cards can be very profitable. Before you consider any options of this type consult with a Legal or Financial Advisor. A Jet Card may require an investment from $25,000 to $250,000. The industry has some 150 plus jet cards, best used by larger firms or executives who fly a minimum of 125-150 hours per year. This option may not be the best solution for you or your business, do consult with a Financial Advisor or Lawyer before you proceed. You can avoid all risks and fears when you simply look for “On Demand Charters”
  • Charter Operator: Operators have their own fleet of aircraft and might offer more competitive prices but may have limited options. Operators will be inclined to sell you on their own, sometimes small fleet of planes.
  • After you consider all your options, securing a Price Quote from a Jet Portal should be high on your shopping list. Vegas Express is a Jet Technology Portal which secures quotes from 80 Plus Charter Operators and Alliance Partners. Typical cost savings are about 30% when compared with Jet Cards and Fractional ownership. Get a quote here.
  • Don’t overlook Open Leg Prices, this includes flights which are operated after the passengers arrive at their destination and the aircraft returns to base empty. No revenue, no income encourages operators to offer empty legs at deep discounted rates. You will be able to save from 30-60% on flights from Vegas to LA on weekends or one-way flights from Carlsbad, John Wayne, Bakersfield to Las Vegas on weekends. For pricing and availability contact our airport desk at 702-336-7345.
  1. Request Quotes:
    • After you review the aircraft options and prices you may decide to proceed. Vegas Express jet will provide you with a direct link to the charter operator allowing you to secure a Guaranteed Rates and flight confirmations. You will have full transparency with the aircraft registration and flight confirmations. All fees and charges will be included. No hidden fees or charges.
  2. Review Terms and Conditions:
    • Carefully review the terms and conditions of the charter agreement. Pay attention to cancellation policies, payment terms, and any restrictions.
    • Ensure that the aircraft meets your safety requirements, stay with ARG/US Gold or Platinum rated firms or WYVERN.
  3. Compare Costs:
    • Compare the quotes you receive, taking into account the total cost, including any commissions or fees. Make certain that all taxes and fees are fully detailed.
    • How about WIFI, is this free and included in your jet.
  4. Book Your Charter:
    • Once you’ve chosen a charter provider and aircraft, confirm your booking and provide the necessary payment information.
    • Ensure you receive a confirmation with all the details of your trip, including the aircraft’s tail number, crew information, and contact details. Your rate should be guaranteed with your flight confirmations and name of the charter firm.
  5. Pre-Flight Planning:
    • Communicate your preferences for in-flight services, such as catering and ground transportation. When you book your charter with Vegas Express Jet you should be receiving special offers for complimentary catering or limousine transfers.
    • It’s perfectly OK to arrive at your Private Airport lounge 10-15 minutes before departure. A member of the Flight Crew will meet you in lounge- the baggage will be delivered to your plane. Make certain to have a driver’s license or passport with you.
    • One of our Team Members will be in contact with you, just in case you need some additional assistance.
  6. Enjoy Your Flight:
    • Make it a stressful trip, take a moment to enjoy a Private Jet with friends and a great flight team. In the event you need to make changes, we are always here to assist at 702-336-7345.
Planeside meeting for your Transfer to your Resort. Our Air Concierge Team will be here to assist, 702-336-7345.

Charter flights Vegas Express

Remember to take your time, payments for charters are normally charged to you 24/72 prior to departure. You may pay by credit card or via a Bank Wire Transaction.

For your safety we will limit all our quotes with the ARG/US Gold or Platinum, or WYVERN accreditations. Vegas Express Jet will not use your names or contacts data for marketing programs. You pay the flight operator direct! 

Our Credentials, Vegas Express Jet has served the Las Vegas Resorts for over 20 years. Our policies ensure that your personal business is not shared or at risk. Resorts value their VIP Guests and privacy is critical. We do not sell Jet Cards or Memberships and provide consulting services upon request for clients who upgrade to jet ownership. Each of our team members has an extensive background in airport operations and aircraft management. We never compromise on your safety and only offer ARG/US Gold and Platinum Certified Jet Operators. Whenever in doubt, feel free to contact us at or call us at 702-720-2449 our Google Secure phone connection.  

Charter Flights charters and rentals

Our Air Concierge Team is here to anticipate all your needs. From special seating arrangements for families, traveling with pets. Over 20% of all our flights include Furry Travelers. We recognize that some travelers may need some special assistance, please share your needs and we will be pleased to make every effort to accommodate. This also applies to special catering options and healthy meal options. Please accept our offer for special upgrades at some of the most revered resorts including the Wynn-Encore, The 4Seasons and Caesars. Discover a wide variety of incentives offered by our Alliance Partners which are fully detailed in your quote. This includes a complimentary tour for two guests for Downtown Vegas with a bite-size sampling dining experience. Explore other offers for Catering, Limousine services when you fly to and from the Henderson Executive Airport. Gateway to Downtown Vegas, Red Rock Casino Resorts and Lake Las Vegas. For more information please visit Las Vegas Territory.

Are you planning to visit the Las Vegas Sports Books or get involved in the excitement at Casino Floor-feel free to ask us for introductions, Casino hosts may extend special Perks and Privileges such as complimentary rooms and dining during your stay. Please ask us for a referral, the Host will contact you direct. Remember, you should sign-up for the Royalty Plans at you Resort to earn point and benefit from special privileges. We do not ask you for personal information.!

Las Vegas Charter Flights

Discover a better way to take a Private Charter flight to Las Vegas. Discover the difference and download the steps you should take to Fly Private at a very affordable price. Steps you should take to select the   best and cost-efficient airplanes. From the Turbo jets to the newest category of Very Light Jets. You’re invited to use a few simple steps and fly in the same way you take a ride with UBER or Lyft and only pay for the charter hours. Make certain that you work with a firm who takes time to understand your preferences. In this process you should not be making any up-front commitments. If you are serious about a Private Jet Rental- please read on.

Pilatus PC 12, Turbo
Jet with seating for 6, a Price Leader and Best Buy at Vegas Express jet 702-336-7345

The Pilatus PC 12 is like a fine Swiss Watch–this Turbo jet is a little slower, but it deserves a top ranking on your shopping list as a great budget buy. Take this plane from Vegas to any city in California or Arizona. Charter rates from under $1,000 per hour. Expect ample room for your baggage, a large spacious cabin. 

Jet to Vegas

Over 70% of all Jet Charters are under 3.2 hours. Most flights operate with 2-3 passengers who fly a distance of under 1,000 miles. The aviation industry has taken notice and is building the new group of very light jets. Each aircraft is designed with the latest composite fibers and fuel-efficient engines. One example is the Hondajet with over the wing’s engines and a spacious interior. Expect a forward bar and a fully enclosed washroom with FREE WIFI. Other Very Light Planes you should consider are the Citation M2 and the Business Preferred Phenom 300 with 7 seats. You will be able to fly from Carlsbad, San Diego, San Antonio or Austin to any of the Las Vegas Strip Airports. 

Honda Jet, Great Choice for your Journey. Jet prices at Vegas Express Jet 702-336-7345

Jet Prices Vegas

Don’t overbuy on your Private Jet Flight–Private Jet Flyers who travel under 150 hours per year will not benefit from pricy Prepaid Jet Cards, nor should they pay Membership fees. With On Demand Charters you have total freedom of choice, You also will be able to book any type of plane based on your needs and schedule. Avoiding Jet Cards will save you from $25,000 to $250,000. You do not need to pay for a membership to secure price quotes and aircraft options. Experience the Vegas Express Jet Difference!

  • Request a Price quote and Vegas Express Jet will reach-out to over 80 FAA Approved Jet Operators. All it takes is your flight preferences and number of seats you need. Our Jet Portal will share the very best rates and aircraft options—they will be yours.
  • Arriving at your inbox, email message with several aircraft types, seating charts and photos of the aircraft interior. Special details to include FREE WIFI, Catering, Bar Options and the availability of washrooms. You will notice side-by-side Jet Prices for each plane type. We make it easy and keep it simple.
  • After you accept a specific plane option, expect a Guaranteed Rate proposal with your confirmed flight schedules. You may decide to approve–or feel free to seek mor aircraft options and details. Our flight team will be able to adjust your schedules in accordance with your preferences.
  • Pay for your Private Charter flight 24/72 hours before departure with a credit card.
Falcon 1000, 9 seats by Vegas Express Jet 702-336-7345

How much is my Private Plane to Vegas

Simply ask for a quote, no personal information needed. No credit Card required. Using the latest leading edge technologies the quotes are yours, no risks or obligations. Take your time to compare several options. Full time support is always here at 702-336-7345. You quote will include a series of special offers for your consideration. From Complimentary Limousines to Open Bar and Catering services. Our Concierge Team will assist with Hotel-Resort Reservations at the 4 Seasons, Cosmopolitan and the Wynn-Encore of the Vegas Strip. Enjoy upgrades and complimentary breakfast services. For more details on other events and tours please visit the Las Vegas Territory Website here.

Barbie Flights

Come fly with Barbie

Welcome On Board, take a flight with Barbie to over 4,000 destinations. It could be a Pink Jet, Barbie will be on Board, Compliments of the Team Members at Vegas Express. Please bring your whole family to enjoy and celebrate the many lady Captains and First Officers on your flight charters. We like to recognize the accomplishments by Mattel and the great Movie by Universal Studios. We share the great accomplishments and will ensure that two dolls will be yours when you book a charter flight. You benefit from a Jet Charter Portal with leading edge technologies. Receive the best rate quotes and options for your Private Jet Trip. Comer fly with Barbie!

Barbie, Las Vegas Pink Jets

You will be able to select from hundreds of plane types for your Vegas Jet Rental. Rent a Jet like your take a trip with UBER or Lyft and only pay for the charter hours. No need for Pricey Jet cards which may cost from $25,000 to $250,000. For the occasional Private Jet Flyers Vegas Express offers direct quotes from over 80 Plus FAA Authorized Charter Operators. We do all the work for you. Regretfully Pink Jets for Barbie may be short in supply–however we will understand your needs. Your flexibility will be rewarded when you consider Open Leg flights with discounts from 30-60%. Explore great buys on Charter Rentals with Barbie as your guest.

Fly Like bird with Vegas Express Jet, 702-336-7345

Barbie’s Jet Vegas Prices

Explore the great deals on the latest Private Jets which include the Hondajet and Citation M2. With seating for five and a luxury cabin designed for comfort you will be able to fly from Dallas, San Antonio or Austin to Las Vegas. For longer flights consider the newest Phenom 300 jet with seating for 7. Making your own reservation is simple, ask for a quote and we do all the work for you. Feel free to download aircraft types and options with side-by-side pricing.

  • Ask for a quote- no need for credit cards, or call us at 702-336-7345
  • Watch your inbox and receive options for several aircraft-we select the best deals from over 70 operators. Look for side-by-side pricing. Compare bar, beverage and catering services. FREE wifi.
  • You may select one of the options–or ask for more quotes
  • You avoid the middleman with direct Guaranteed Rates and flight confirmations from the operator. Pay for your flight 24/72 hours before departure. Pay the operator directly 24/72 hours before flight departure.
Phenom 300, Sating for 7

Barbie’s Jet Costs

Charter prices start at under $1,000 for a Turbo Prop Pilatus PC12 with seating for 7. A great plane for flights from Las Vegas to Arizona, California or Utah. The Hondajet is priced from $2,700 to $3,000 per hour. Prices for the Phenom 300, the most preferred business jet will start at $3,500 per hour. You flight quotes will be based on all the Charter time for your trip to your destination. Additional time applies for the return of the aircraft, back to base. All flights are subject to the Federal Excise Tax of 7.5%. We keep it simple for you, the quotes you receive are fully detailed and show all charges and fees. No hidden last-minute surprises when you receive a charter proposal directly from the operator. No extra costs for middleman. 

Barbie’s Jet

No worries, our Concierge Team will make certain that a Barbie doll awaits you on Board your flight–optional we will be pleased to send Barbie via FedEx after your flight has been confirmed. Barbie is your and complimentary with each reserved Charter Flight.

Please review you Charter Agreement which will detail all the benefits of you Barbie Private Jet. Special Catering and other Perks are yours to enjoy. We understand you and know that flying private is personal.

A good flight is a relaxing experience without the crowds and long lines at commercial airports. Share your personal preferences, no rush–no upfront commitments. Need help with Hotels on the Vegas Strip at the Wynn or Circa we will be here to offer special breakfast services and upgrades. For your visit explore all the Vegas Events at the website for Las Vegas Territory.

Special Barbie Elope Packages from the Las Vegas Wedding Connection. Visit the website here.

Barbie Jet Vegas at 702-336-7345.

Barbie Flights

Barbie will be “On Board”

Flying Private means that many of our Cockpit Members are highly accomplished female Captain and First officers. All of us enjoyed the Barbie Movie and like to recognize the great work by Mattel and the Cast who made us focus on the great accomplishments of all our Team Members, Flight Deck Crew and ground support. 

To Celebrate the Mattel and the most recent movie, we like to share a complimentary Barbie Doll, this will be on Board your Private Jet Charter or delivered upon arrival. Barbie’s arrival reflects the big changes in the Private Jet Industry. No longer a need to buy expensive Prepaid Jet Cards with investments of $25,000 to $250,000 or Memberships. Fly now, like you pay for a rideshare firm and only pay for your charter hours. No risks, no on-going obligations. Vegas Express Jet is a technology Portal. You receive the best prices and aircraft options directly from the FAA Authorized Operators. Our mission is to provide you with full transparency and no hidden fees or charges. You have total freedom of choice. Read-on and discover how you will be able to fly with Barbie.

Barbie Private Jet Flights

Barbie is very different; you will experience the very same when you consider that your do not need to invest in pricey Jet Cards & Fractional Ownership to fly private. We will not ask you to purchase a membership aircraft details and pricing for your Private Jet journey. We understand the needs of the Private Jet Flyer. A good flight can mean peace of mind, arriving relaxed. Away from the TSA lines at commercial airports. There is no up-front commitment required, we are here to build a fully transparent relationship with all our clients who benefit from leading edge technologies. Our Team Members will be here to provide you with meaningful solutions which are budget friendly. After all, your flight with Barbies should include a soft landing.

Falcon 1000, 9 seats by Vegas Express Jet 702-336-7345

Barbie Flight Prices

Barbie is yours to enjoy with the compliments of the Vegas Express Jet–details for your complimentary Barbie Doll will be included in your quote. For a detailed and fully transparent quote for a Private Plane Rental or Charter please follow us here:

  • Get a Jet Price, all you need is your schedule and number of seats your need
  • Your inbox will display a message from Vegas Express Jet with several aircraft types, seating charters, bar and beverage offers and Free WIFI. Prices for each plane rental are displayed side-by-side. You compare and decide
  • Feel free to ask for additional quote–or a charter proposal with Guaranteed Rates and your flight confirmations. All the work is done for you. Pay for your charter 24/72 hours before departure.
  • Support is here from a Team of Full Time Flight Planners at 702-336-7345

Barbie’s party!

Barbie has her own Concierge Team, for special occasions and parties our Air Concierge Team will be here to assist with custom crafted itineraries. Our Resorts have been offering special Barbie events and options for Young Adults and Families. From Weddings to pool parties. Please feel free to contact our airport desk at 702-336-7345.

Need to know, all Barbie Dolls are subject to availability. Limit two dolls for each charter booking. Please view options with you quote. Offer is valid through 12/15/2023 and has no cash value. We hope to recognize the little girls and maybe the older generation that the Barbie Movie has inspired all of us to recognize how much we have changed and live in a new culture. Welcome-on-board Barbie!

Vegas Events

You’re invited to take advantage of our complimentary Downtown Vegas Tour, enjoy the history of the Old Town and the magic of the new. Details for your tour will be available in your Charter quote. We hope you will upgrade to a Private Jet–just in case you will be arriving on-your-ow, here is the latest update on the events you can’t afford to miss.

For additional information please contact Jim Higgins at 702-539-7834. No risks or obligations on your part. 

Private Jets Vegas

Formula One Cars Fly Private, Vegas Express Jet 702-336-7345
Hello Everyone, It’s Wednesday and that means it’s time to Smile! 

This Week “….F1 to LIB….”   F1 Bridges and Lighting As we reported last week in The Smile, Formula 1 will be using temporary bridges over the Strip and related areas for emergency vehicles, buses and pedestrians. Construction of those bridges and expanded lighting poles begins this week.  The race is scheduled for November 16th – 18th. Formula One cars will race through a course along Koval Lane, around the Sphere on their way to the Las Vegas Strip.  They will sprint south to Harmon Avenue and head back to the paddock.  50 laps total in the race. Track Lighting installation begins this week on Harmon, then Koval near the Sphere next week with a schedule on the Strip through October. Temporary bridge construction begins On September 18th – 21st, the first phase of the Top Golf bridge will go up. The second phase of that bridge is scheduled for installation October 26th – November 3rd. A bridge on Audrie Street will carry vehicles over Harmon.  That will be installed September 22nd – October 5th. The largest temporary bridge will carry vehicle traffic on Flamingo Road over Koval Lane. It will be installed October 15th – 25th.   Concrete track barriers and safety fences will be installed in phases beginning October 2nd and finishing November 14th. Rolling lane closures will be in effect from 9 p.m. to 6 a.m. (times subject to change).  

Palms F1 VIP Package Once all the construction is done and the race is here, hotel, casino venues and events will be over the top.  The latest is at the Palms.   The “777 Experience” includes a weeklong stay in the Empathy Suite for $777,000   The opulent suite boasts two king bedrooms, a private pool and terrace, floor-to-ceiling windows that offer breathtaking views of the Las Vegas Strip and “artworks adorning every surface,” according to Palms.  9,000 square feet in all. The “777 Experience” joins other VIP packages along the Strip with similar pricing and more.  

Ellis Island – Official Venue The hotel casino that is closest to the Formula 1 paddock is Ellis Island.  They are the latest property to become an Official Venue. Located at Turn 4 on the track, a grandstand will be built in front of the hotel with tickets selling at $1,500 per person.  That includes grandstand access for three days as well as food and soft drinks.  Cash bars and entertainment will also be available.   There is also a grandstand & room package that costs $5,000.  That includes two grandstand tickets for all three days, a three-night stay in a king or double queen room, and complimentary food, water, and soft drinks.  

Life is Beautiful While we wait for Formula 1, the next big event is Downtown this month.  Life is Beautiful will take over Fremont Street and the surrounding area from September 22nd – 24th. Setup begins on the 18th (or before) with street closures and merchandise tents, along with everything they need to cover approximately 18 blocks of Downtown. The Killers, Kendrick Lamar and Odesza are the headliners, along with Bebe Rexha, Nelly and many others scheduled.  

Vegas Express Jet Have you ever considered chartering a private jet for a trip to Vegas?   On your next Private Jet flight to Las Vegas, we would like to extend a special invitation to enjoy the very best of Downtown Las Vegas.  This complimentary offer is extended to all our clients who reserve a flight though December 15, 2023 to Las Vegas or Henderson. The offer includes limousine service and dinner for two, a guided history of Las Vegas, sightseeing along the way and more. For a quote on a charter flight to Vegas, please contact our friend Han Geskes at Vegas Express for a quote here.  
Peter Luger getting closer One of Americas oldest restaurants which opened in 1887 is accepting reservations for next month in Las Vegas.  Peter Lugar from New York will be at Caesars Palace in the old space occupied by Rao’s.   The Vegas location was designed by Jeffrey Beers International and was inspired by the original location.  It features exposed brick, wood paneling, oak floors and tabletops, and industrial windows.  The restaurant can seat more than 300 people between the main dining room, central bar, and private dining options.  

Coming Soon in The Midweek Smile Looking ahead to weekly Updates:
NASCAR Weekend – October 13th – 15th
IMEX America – October 17th – 19th
SEMA – October 31st – November 3rd
NFR – December 7th – 16th  

Peter Luger Introduction If you are not familiar with Peter Lugar Steak House opening at Caesars Palace, our featured video this week will give you an introduction on what to expect from Peter Lugar.  

For all your Las Vegas inquiries and Beyond: (702) 539 -7834   All inquiries are welcome and responded to within 24 hours.   Stay Tuned for more Updates and “Thank You” for your support of The Midweek Smile!

The Hondajet, seating for 5 travelers. Now Available at rates from $2,700 per hour.

Private Jets Vegas Deals

Fall is the very best time of the year to enjoy a stay on the Las Vegas Strip. Benefit from open legs and one-way flights with savings from 30-60%. Enjoy a relaxing flight without the long lines and early check-in arrivals at commercial airports. Our Team Members will be here to assist you with Private Plane Charters and rentals. Contact our airport desk for availability–

We understand you, and we know that flying is personal. We are here to understand your preferences and budget requirements. There is no up-front commitment, no need to purchase pricey Jet Cards or Memberships. No forms to complete, give us a call for a great deal on a private jet with a soft landing at 702-336-7345.

Vegas Jets, Rewards

Hondajet, Elite jet Vegas Express Jet 702-336-7345

Help us celebrate 20 years on the Vegas Strip.  No better way to thank you for your support than offering a reward to our current and new guests. It is our mission to introduce to Vegas Downtown, the way it used to be and the new. Enjoy bite size treats on the way. We are confident that you will enjoy this experience. Please accept this complimentary offer. Details will be included in your quote. This offer is limited to two passengers for the Downtown Tour. Please view your charter quote for details.

Vegas Jets, Rewards for you

  1. Personalized Service: No up-front commitment required. We are here to build a long-term trusted relationships with our business and leisure Private Jet Flyers.
  2. Best-in-Class Service: Clients have recognized your services and flight experience as being of exceptional quality. Our customers rate us as Five Start plus.
  3. Vegas Rewards Program: Take advantage of our Las Vegas Downtown escorted tour with the rich history of the old and the very new. You will be exploring Downtown Las Vegas with the history of the newest resorts like the Circa. During your tour enjoy bite size treats at a number of restaurants. It’s like Las Vegas used to be. Optionally feel free to opt-in for our complimentary Limousine Transfers, Dining and catering options with fruit platters or hand-crafted sandwiches. Our Jet Concierge will coordinate all your choices at the time your flights.
  4. Instant Reward Program: The program doesn’t involve any complicated forms; instead, clients can enjoy rewards simply by reviewing their Charter quote.
  5. Please view the details of our Rewards program in your charter quote–this program will expire on Dec 15, 2023. This complimentary program is restricted to new charter bookings only.

Vegas Rewards

Vegas Express Jet is a Private Jet Technology Portal which helps you discover the very best Private Jet Charter prices from over 80 Plus Operators. Our Alliance Partners compete for your business and share the best rates and aircraft options directly with you. Charter proposals issued by the FAA Operators include Guaranteed rates and flight confirmations. We do not sell jet cards or memberships. Expect full transparency, multiple aircraft prices with full transparency No hidden fees or charges.

Bigger rewards are yours when you consider one of the newest, cost and fuel efficient Jet Charters.

All types of Private Jets

Good news and bigger rewards are yours to experience–the new very light jets which include the Hondajet, Citation M2 and the Phenom 300 should be on your shopping. List. Our Team Members will be pleased to provide you with several options allowing you to decide. If you wish we will be able to include options for sustainable fuel options. (SAF). Please call our airport desk at 702-336-7345.

Hourly charter rates are as low as $2,500 per hour for the Pilatus PC 12 Turbo Jet. This budget option is available for flights from the North Las Vegas Airport for flights to all Arizona, California and Utah airports. The low rate includes all taxes and fees. 

Will it be Downtown Las Vegas or the Strip?


Take charge and select the very best resorts for your stay in Vegas. Will it be the Wynn, Bellagio or Ceasars or the new Circa Downtown Vegas. Don’t overlook the M Resorts in Henderson or the Red Rock on the west side. Our Concierge Desk will be pleased to assist. For additional information please visit the Las Vegas Territory Website. (Vegas Express Jet is a member) or make it a day of golf at Mesquite. For suggestions and options visit Travel Nevada.  For small groups and Casino Rewards please contact our Concierge Desk. Special Perks may be yours with the support of our Casino Hosts. Pleas contact our desk at 702-336-7345.

Understand, the offers are extended to two guests for the Downtown Las Vegas Escorted Dining Tours. Transfer Limousine Services are valid for up to 6 guests and are one way only. All services are complimentary and have no cash value. No refunds in the event of cancellations. Details are fully disclosed with your Charter Proposals. Offer, terms and conditions subject to change without prior notification.