Jet Net Charter- Private Jet Solutions

From the Luxury Falcon 2000 Jet with seating for up to 10 guests for your flight to Vegas, Hawaii, Paris, London or Rome. Decide and learn which options are best for your Journey or your future plans to own your own Jet?  

Explore our FREE quotes which allow your to budget for your next Private Jet Flight–Or use our Jet Consult service to secure a Custom Analysis of the Private Jet Programs which best fit your needs.  Let us custom craft a solution that addresses all your options and your budget. Explore your totally FREE quotes and custom crafted analysis for your long term options.

Totally FREE

  • Start with your flight schedule and number of seats you need.
  • Receive quotes for several types of jets, compare seating plans and details pertaining to Bar and Beverage Services, WIFI availability and baggage and washroom details.
  • Select that aircraft and quote and received a Charter Proposal/Agreement directly from the FAA Part 135 Authorized flight operator. Use your credit card to hold the aircraft and make payments 24/72 hours before your flight.

Jet-Consult, a program with custom analysis, outlining the best programs for your needs. Enjoy the ownership of a piece of a Private Jet. A small Fee applies, please view details below:

  • JET ownership options are addressed. For small business owners the availability of a Private Plane is cost efficient and may generate substantial increases in revenues.  We share costs of ownership and aircraft type options.
  • FRACTIONAL ownership, allowing you to own 1/10th or 1/7th of a Jet.  The benefits and risks associated with such programs based on your flight hours.
  • JET CARDS, with over 150 cards available we will introduce to options and costs with an overlay of your current flight plans and prior trips. (Commercial and Private Air)
  • OPEN LEGS/ ONE WAY options are included in your options for consideration.
  • OTHER SOLUTIONS, which provide you with total flexibility albeit at a higher cost. Helping you make an intelligent decision.

The Jet-Consult program is designed to provide you with a fully detailed strategy and budget requirements.  It provides you with FREE quotes and the Expertise of our Jet Team which includes Flight Planners and Our Air Concierge Team. 

Your Jet-Consult program is customized for you, your business with budget costs and options. It also includes a lifetime memory in the form of a Key or Baggage Tag. Its is resque part of a retired Boeing or Airbus Jet with a solid steel rope and the tail number and identification of your jet.


What you need to know about Jet-Consult

How does it work:

Each Jet-Consult package is coordinated by one of our Team Members. Each of our Flight Planners has a minimum of experience of 10 years in the Aviation and Private Jet Industry. Each program is personalized and not derived from Templates—it’s focused on your needs.

  • Expect a casual first call from one of our Team Members. We will not ask you any personal questions, however we will focus on your flights per year, departure airports and destinations. The number of passengers and sales tools or baggage. 
  • You can assist us by sharing your booking procedures, how far in advance and last minute departures.
  • Are you a fractional owner or do you have a Jet Card
  • Your personal preferences for a specific type of Private Jet
  • Are you considering your own jet for pleasure or business.

Upon completion of our casual interview we provide you with our worksheet which addresses your specific priorities, needs and goals. 

Just in case you like to share additional information please contact us.