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Vineyards In Bordeaux And Champagne, Private Jet Tours

Vineyards in Bordeaux and Champagne, Private Jet Tours

The City of Bordeaux by Vegas Express Jet

A SPECIAL INVITATION FOR WINE LOVERS:–Here are some suggested itineraries. Each tour program is Custom Designed in participation with our partners in France. We partner with wine clubs to extend special benefits to their members. This includes special events at Chateaux, Wineries and Restaurants including the Michelin “One Star”.

Now you will be able to fly non-stop onboard a Vista Global 6000 Jet from you hometown to Bordeaux France.


For Wine Clubs, Groups or Incentive meetings this is the opportunity to fly to the World Capital of Fine Wines. With thousands of Chateaux you will be impressed b the quality of fine wines and the history of the region.

Chateaux with Vineyards, Custom Designed Tours 702-336-7345

Your visit: (Bordeaux suggested stay three nights)

Wineries Bordeaux:

Spend a day sipping French reds and whites in the Saint- Emilion and Pomeral wine region. Visit Chateaux to taste the region’s wines and wander the streets of beautiful Saint- Emilion.  Include a festive dinner evening with wine tasting and entertainment at a Chateaux for your Club members.

The City of Bordeaux by Vegas Express Jet

  • A warm welcome at Chateau Mouton Rothschild
  • Enjoy a Gala Dinner at an intimate Chateaux with wines and dinner—a lifetime experience!
  • A  French Chef will take you to the market to select you dinner which you will prepare in a “cooking class”.
  • Stay at a Luxury boutique hotel
  • A wine guide will be with your group to help you enjoy a Lifetime Experience of great vintages.

Paris City of Light and One Star Michelin fine dining

TGV Train from Bordeaux to Paris France. Suggested day 4 nights.

Wineries Champagne:

Visit the most iconic Champagne Houses in Reims France. We take you via the “Scenic Route of Champagne” to discover the legacy of Dom Perignon in Hautvillet and enjoy the tour of the Grand Maison the Moet & Chandon. Receive a VIP tour for your club conducted by a family member with Champagne Tastings. Special dinner events will be included for you and your club members in Paris.

  • Experience the new TGV Train Services with a 2 hour journey to Paris- A lunch will be served at your seat in the First Class Compartment.  Transfer from the North Station (Gare du North) to the Hotel Maurice. (Other hotel options are available)
  • You will enjoy two daytrips to Champagne with special receptions. Visit Champagne houses Mercier in Epernay or Tattinger in Reims.
  • Enjoy a special reception at a Paris Fashion House and Dinner at the Jules Vernes Restaurant in the Eiffel Tower.


Your tour itinerary for your group will be customized by on of our Travel Consultants in partnership with our Wine-Tour Operator in France. You will be able to select from a wide range of tour options, winery visits and special events for your club members.

The charter costs for the 15 seat Bombardier 6001 Vista Jet will range from $350,000 to $375,000. This is a pro-rated cost of $24,000 per person based on a fully occupied air charter aircraft.

Our Travel team will customize your hotel stays with various hotel options from 4 Star First Class to Luxury Hotels in Bordeaux and Paris. If so desired we will be able to include special group dinners and events such as the Cooking Classes in Bordeaux and Paris. We will work within your budget requirements and offer twin bedded and single room supplements.


Using our regional knowledge and destination specialists in France we create itineraries which are designed to meet your groups special preferences. Your custom crafted program will include the following:

  1. Your private Jet Arrangements, a detailed charter contract which includes all the scheduled information and aircraft details including the seat arrangements.
  2. The Charter agreement will be submitted to your club for approval. Flexible payment options will be provided.
  3. Vegas Express will work with your group or committee to address al your needs and budgets.
  4. Your itinerary will be designed in accordance with your wishes to visit special wineries and regions.

Other wine options featured by Vegas Express Jet include Argentina, Australia and So Africa. Please ask us for itineraries and options. Or talk to our Concierge Chef Ann Geskes at P.702-336-7345

Jet prices, how much does the Private Jet and Trip Cost. What is the booing process. We help you address all the questions:

  • How much is the private jet? Your costs are based on full charter jet with up to 18 seats. You may be surprised to learn that the cost per seats is lower compared to the prices for a First Class Seat on a commercial airline. Plus you will be able to fly nonstop to Bordeaux from any city is the USA.
  • The private jet is a great option for wine clubs or organizations- you share the costs and enjoy Nonstop flights from your hometown airport to Bordeaux, Paris, Tuscany or any place in Europe
  • Can I travel on my own—the answer is Yes with a commercial airline. One of our Team members in our travel department will be able to handle—please call 702-458-5191, please ask for Ann.
  • How much will I pay for hotels and sightseeing–your Wine Club will have a special offer which will include all hotels, dining options and your transportation.
  • Costs for hotels, meals, winery visits and experienced wine escorts will range from $500- to $700- per day. Luxury hotels will range from $600- to $1,000. Special group discounts will be applied!
  • Your price for your air and ground package will cover all your costs including tips,  taxes and Gratuities.
  • I am single–will I be able to secure a single room. The answer is YES, however you will be required to pay a single room supplement.
  • What insurance do I need? Your wine club will offer a number of packages—including the option to purchase cancellation insurance.
  • Will I enjoy my trip with our Wine Club?—we work very hard to anticipate all your needs. Our team members inspect the hotels visit the wineries and meet with the Wine Experts who will escort you on your tours.


As a Wine Club member you will be able to visit a website of your group and review your day by day itinerary and flight costs. You will be able to contact a special phone number for any questions you may have.

Wine Club Members, Presidents and Organizers are welcome, please ask us for complete proposals for your Private Plane and Ground Packages. Please contact us at P. (1) 702-336-7345 or ask us for a quote.


Winery tours to Bordeaux, Champagne, Tuscany, So Africa, Argentina. One and Two day journeys to Napa Valley and Central California Coast. Private Jet Options, Global 6000 with 15 seats operated by Vista Jets

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