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What’s the Price for a Private Jet?

Hondajet with seating for 5 with WIFI and “Open Bar”

Most visitors are searching for a great deal on a Private Jet. We are here to help those travelers who are upgrading from Commercial air and experienced Private Jet Flyers who are searching for lower cost options with more flexibility. Discover a number of simple steps you can take to reduce your Charter Costs by 30-60%. Download and save the essential steps you should take to Fly Private at very affordable prices. Read-on what’s the price for a Private Jet and start saving.

The Price for a Private Jet is 30% Less Than Jet Cards & Fractional Ownership.

With over 150 Jet Cards in circulation, it can be complicated and sometimes confusing. A number of cards offer you lower rates in exchange for an up-front investment which ranges from $25,000 to $25,000. You would expect much lower hourly charter rates–however some firms and broker include additional taxi time which is charged to your card. Optionally you could decide to buy a 1/7 or 10% ownership in a Private Jet. You also will pay the same share for the ownership expenses which cover the crew costs, fuel and maintenance. This option may be valid for large corporations with a large group of business flyers.

You should Fly Private like you take a ride with UBER or Lyft and only pay for the ride, without any membership or jet card obligations. Vegas Express Jet will secure the very best charter and rental deals on your behalf from 80 plus FAA Authorized Operators. The lowest rates are yours to compare, you decide with no restrictions or any up-front payments. Selecting the best Jet for you mission is important to get the Best Price for a Private Jet.

What’s the Best Jet for the money?

Did you know? Over 70% of all Jet Charters are under 2.3 hours. That’s about 1,000 miles. Based on industry data the typical flight has only 2-3 passengers. Aircraft builders introduced a new group of Very Light Jets to address the needs of travelers like you with the Hondajet, the Cessna Citation M2. The Citation has an interior designed by BMW and seating for 5, this jet has a fully enclosed washroom and provide the cabin comforts of a much bigger jet. A great plane for families and Pet Parent. Hourly charter costs for the Hondajet and Citation M2 range from $2,300 to $2,700 per hour.

Hondajet with seating for 5 with fully enclosed washroom

What’s included in my Jet Charter- Rental

Your Charter-Rental includes the entire aircraft, you set your own schedule and times. Remember are the seats are yours, invite friends and family and share the costs. You flight will depart from a Private Airport Lounge, no lines no TSA simply a guest check-in. It’s OK to arrive 15 minutes before your flight departure. One of the Flight Crew Members will meet you in the lounge and escort you to your Private Jet. You baggage is on-board within minutes. During the flight you will be able to enjoy complimentary WIFI and Open Bar services with all types of cocktails and fruit juices. Take advantage of a generous snack basket. Ask us for a menu option which include fruit and seafood plates, custom crafted sandwiches. Upon arrival your bags will be waiting for you planeside.

What’s the price for all other plane types

Start by asking for a quote, no costs are charges to you. Our Team Members will review you quote request and provide you with the very best aircraft prices and options from over 80 Flight Operators. Remember you do not need any Jet Cards or Memberships to secure great deals.

  • Ask for a quote, all it takes is your schedule, destination and number of seats needed
  • Open your email for a message which includes several aircraft quotes with side-by-side pricing. You compare and select. Take a moment to view the interior of each jet with a seating chart.
  • You may proceed with any selection and receive a Charter Proposal with Guaranteed Pricing and flight scheduled. If this meets your needs, simply keep the jet and hold this with your credit card or make a Bank Payment.
  • Like to receive more options, let us know, our Airport Team is here to assist at 702-336-7345
  • Take a look at a sample quote

Is there a better price for a Private Jet?

You will discover that the Team Members at Vegas Express Jet will review all factors pertaining to your flight–whenever possible you will receive options for Open Legs, charter which may save you from 30 to 60% or open legs. None of the options provided by Vegas Express Jet include any long term obligations for memberships or prepaid requirements. We help you shop around by providing you with multiple aircraft options and side-by-side pricing.

Operators provide Vegas Express Jet with special “Perks” which are detailed in your charter quotes. This may include complimentary upgrades, limo transfers plus bar and catering offers. You will notice that each quote is fully transparent and fully disclosed the costs for charter hours, taxes and fees. No hidden and last minute charges or fees.

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