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Many travelers have found themselves stuck in a foreign hospital or footing a bill to get home to their own doctors and hospital. If you find yourself hospitalized abroad, medical membership may get you home.

  • Our Air Concierges will be pleased to provide you with a Medical Transport Membership
  • Provide with an annual membership for Medi Vac services for under $300-
  • Or you may opt for a single one time policy which includes coverage for trip interruption and includes health insurance. Expect prices from $45- to $120 for one week- policies and pricing are based on lengths of stay and your age. 
  • Feel free to ask us for a quote—contact us.

Falcon Medivac Jet, Call support at P.(1) 702-336-7345


Our Team Members will be here to accommodate last minute charters, provide you with the best options and cost-efficient quotes.

Vegas Express Jet and our 50 Plus Alliance Charter Partners are taking STRICT precautions to ensure your health and safety. Aircraft are deep cleaned overnight, plus fully disinfected during flight layovers. Please view your quote for special details and instructions. 

  • Please call or Text us at P.702-336-7345. Our team members will be here to understand your needs and provide you with solutions.  If we are unable to satisfy your need we will refer you to one of our trusted partners–
  • Rest assured your aircraft is deep cleaned and disinfected between flights. You safety and good health are never compromised.
  • You will know for certain that the airport facilities are fully operational at departure and your arrival airports.
  • Cabin and food preparation are very critical- to this end our Air Concierge Team will coordinate all your special needs at the time you plan to move forward with your charter booking. Share your preferences, we will secure Handcrafted Sandwiches from the Whole Foods Market (Amazon) or The Panera Bakery. Optionally you may ask us for a fully detailed catering menu.

Special catering options 


You’re traveling internationally, and are seriously ill., Insurance or membership with an air ambulance company will cover your transportation home or to a well equipped hospital. Some of the membership and insurance companies will be here to assist.  This applies under normal circumstances–remember to Corona Virus has changed the entire medical organization—-Do share your needs and one of our Air Concierge Team members will be here to address your needs. 


Take advantage of our fully transparent Charter quotes. Here you will be able to compare aircraft with seating for 4-30 seats. View you plane before you fly with detailed interior and exterior photos.

  • Securing a quote does not require a credit card, all we need is your preferred flight schedule and destination. You select a plane when you secure a quote.
  • Control your costs, take advantage of the Very light Jets which include the Phenom 1oo with seating for 4 passengers.  Hourly charter rates from under $2,000 per hour.
  • Medical Ambulance flights require the coordination by a team of Medical Experts for air and ground services.  Upon receipt of your phone call, a medical expert will call you personally to handle all details. 
  • Take advantage of our Leading edge Technologies providing you with quotes from 50 Alliance Charter operators, each firm competes for your business. Our Airport phone provides you with fast responses at P.(1)702-336-7345.  No request is too small!

Our Dispatchers are here to assist at P.(1) 702-336-7345


  1. Update your family members on your flight schedules, hotel stays.  Leave a copy of your itinerary with a party who will be able to act on your behalf.
  2. Make a copy of your insurance and medical plans, just in case
  3. Carry a Credit Card which has worldwide acceptance, we recommend American Express
  4. Make a back-up of your passport, credit card and other information  to the Cloud!  Hopefully you never need to access this information! Just in case!
  5. Call your Travel Advisor for help- Vegas Express Jet will be able to assist with last minute flight changes.  For Commercial Air Ticketing and Business Class air visit us at Royalty Travel US.


We are ready once the pandemic subsides- in the meantime, may we suggest!

  • Three day trips to the National Parks, Tent or Hotel Options visiting Bryce, Zion and the Grand Canyon. Unwind in a uncrowded place–travel in small groups. Yes we can customize a trip for small groups from 6-10 travelers. Share your wishes.
  • Virtual Wedding packages with a follow-up Las Vegas “real ceremony ” for small intimate parties of 10 or less with a Grand Canyon in air ceremony at the Grand Canyon. Customized by our Wedding and Group Coordinator Joni Moss.  FREE consultation and budget planning. No credit card or pre-payment required.  Special options for Mansion Stays with 6 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, spa and pool. Plus your own executive Chef!  Minutes from the Vegas Strip sans slot machines! Ask us a bout our Free night stay. Pay for three nights and the fourth night is on the house! This is a limited offer, please contact us for availability!
  • Customized Itineraries are prepared by our Jet Concierges-  we will be delighted to send you a custom crafted package which you will be able to use for a later date. Receive updates on special offers for the destinations on “Your Wish List”.  
  • Coming soon, our 2021 Van Gogh Art and Wine Journey visiting France in the Spring of 2021. Experience the best of France with visits to Paris, Bordeaux and Lyon the Gastronomy Capital of the World.  Special wine paring and visit to the Wine Museum. Enjoy the TGV from Paris.

Share your Vacation Plans with US.


Vegas Express Jet and, A private Jet and Travel portal which sources Private Jet Charters on behalf of our clients from 50 Plus Private Jet Alliance Partners. is a fully authorized travel agency which offers Business Class Air at Amazing rates when combined with hotel and car rentals. Contact our airport desk at P.(1)702-336-7345. Vegas Express Jet doe not own or operate aircraft. All quotes meet exceed FAA/DOT requirements.





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