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Las Vegas,  Vegas Strip and Covid 19

Discover how to travel during the Pandemic.  Commercial airlines are now rebuilding  their flight schedules  to a 55% level compared to prior years. Every effort is being made to keep travelers safe. Ultimately, a plane with 100 plus travelers is at best a Petri dish with many risks.  Travelers will “bunch up” up-on flight arrival and in the jet ways. 

Private Jets can be pricey, however they provide 100% more peace of mind. As a matter of fact over 70% of all flights are under 1,500 miles.  A very light jet, which includes the 4 Seat Phenom 100 or the Citation M2 with 5 seats are great options.  Hourly rates range from $1,900 to $2,300 per hour. For example a Fri-Sun weekend from Carlsbad to the Vegas Strip will be priced in $9,000-.  Compare this to a road trip of close to 10 hours.

Vegas Strip Condo and Villas are here from $85- per night. Arrive by Car, RV or your own Private Jet Charter– explore your options here. 

“About us, Vegas Strip”

On the Vegas Strip for 19 years—we started with Commercial Jets and Charter Services for the MGM and Caesars with 20 plus weekend flights from the East Coast, JFK.  Following airline de-regulation Vegas Express Jet became the premier supplier of Luxury Jets for the Casino Industry. Han Geskes is the Managing Director –his background includes VP Leisure Sales for American Airlines,  General Airport Manager at the Las Vegas and Kansas City Airports.  Vegas Express Jet has been one of the premier Private Jet suppliers for the Wynn, Caesars and the 4Seasons. We are here to anticipate the needs of the Luxury Flyers!

Falcon Jet, Vegas Express Jet
Medium Citation Jet- 8 seats, Vegas Express Jet

Private Jet flyers demand the very best services at the lowest rates. Through the use of leading edge technologies travelers receive “amazing rates and benefits”.  Over 50 Plus FAA Authorized Jet Operators compete for your business. 

Vegas Express is not a Broker and is not focused on Revenues form Memberships and or Pricey Jet Cards with Price Tags from $25,000 to $300,000.  This business model places you as a Private Jet flyer at risk.  One of the big players recently filed for bankruptcy leaving many card holders with losses from $25,000 to $500,000. You need to avoid this type of a high risk investment.

Affordable Jet Charters, like you take a ride with Uber of Lyft.

Over 60% of all the requests received are from Leisure-Vacation travelers.  A typical flight is 2.3 hours with 2-3 passengers.  Distance is mostly under 1500 miles. The most preferred aircraft is a light jet with 6 seats. Hourly rates will range from $1900 to $2400 per hour.  Always ask for a “On Demand Charter”, only pay for your flights.

Business travelers prefer larger jets since they fly to and from the east-coast without the need for fuel stops.  Flights are 4 hours and longer–a Midsize Jet like a Learjet 60 is selected. The most preferred aircraft are the Challenger 604 and the Gulfstream 200.  Aircraft in this group have 10-12 seats with price tags from $4,400 to $4,700 per hour.  The larger jets are an excellent choice for Wedding parties, social groups and sports teams.  We will be here to help you select a cost efficient jet option.

All your transactions are secure and Private–no flight or customer information is shared without your prior written approvals—-


In-Flight dining coordinated by our Concierge Team. Quotes at P.702-336-7345 (No credit card needed)

No strings attached quotes- we do not ask you for a Credit Card to secure rates and aircraft details! Plus you will receive multiple options.

  • Start with a request for a quote–our “Flexible Quote Request” let’s you set the times, airports. Plus you can select a specific aircraft is you wish.
  • Receive a detailed quote which includes several plane, types options.  You will see photos of the interior of the plan and receive details on Washrooms, WifI etc. 
  • Compare side-by-side pricing. All quotes include a 4% Cash Discount when you pay the operator direct.  Avoiding the “middleman” help you save money.
  • Special-Perks” extended by the Charter Operators are yours.  Fully detailed in your quote expect special offers for in-flight catering, Limousine transfers and Resort upgrades. Special amenities may be extended for complimentary breakfast services at hotels/resorts.

Our Team Members, here to assist!

-> A Team of Flight Planners are here to assist–for support call P.702-336-7345

-> Save from 30-60% with out “Hitchhiker Fares” Open legs which are available within 3-13 days before flight departure.  Flights are subject to availability and highly recommended for longer flights. A great choice for travelers with a “Flexible Schedule” We welcome last minute bookings–with departures within 45 minutes. You may ask us for a quote, anytime without the need for a Credit Card.

-> Our Travel Team includes a Certified Travel Advisor,  Mansion Villa Expert and our Wedding Consultant.  Just in case you’re looking for a “Elope Package’ getting hitched we make it work for you. Stay at a Villa or Mansion to celebrate your event with a Gourmet Chef and your very own spa! Please ask us for a budget plan and itinerary. Contact us Email.

-> We “Never” ask you to buy Memberships or Pricey Jet cards to benefit from our special charter rates. 30% Less Than Jet Cards & Fractional Ownership. 100% more peace of mind.  When you are ready to travel, please ask us for a quote!

-> Planning a trip, please visit our Travel Store, select a virtual brochure and start shopping.  Our store is open 24/7/365.

Remember we are “Pet Friendly”- share the weight of your furry friend at the time you request a quote. All we need is the weight of your furry friends to provide you with a complete quote!  Treats, Bones are on the house!

Pets are welcome-

Over 55% of all our travelers will ask us for information for ground services, this includes rental cars, car and driver options.  Hotel – Resort accommodations and trip arrangements for the National Parks.  Feel free to ask us for introductions to Casino Executives to gain special Resort Perks, show and dining tickets.

Extra Savings are yours when you bundle your charter with a Vacation Package–



Vegas Express Jet is a Private Jet and Travel Portal which sources quotes on behalf of clients- Vegas Express Jet does not operate any aircraft—all quotes issued by FAA Part 135 Operators are in full compliance with DOT and FAA Regulations.  Our Travel Store is operated by Royalty Travel US which is fully IATA accredited under TRUE 99901760.  All employees are Certified Jet and Travel Experts. We are located on the Las Vegas Strip Corridor at 5132 Tennis Ct E, Las Vegas NV 89120-1333 USA, P.(1)702-336-7345.


Customized packages for you! Condo’s Villas. National Parks, Bryce, Zion, Grand Canyon. Call us at P.702-336-7345


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