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Vegas Jet Charters

Private Jets are now 30% Less Than Jet Cards & Fractional Ownership (Like timeshares in the air) Join the new Private Jet flyers who are managing their budgets and have found better and cost efficient ways to experience a Luxury Jet at Budget prices. Vegas Express Jet Leads the way with a Jet Portal. Over 80 plus Jet Operators compete for your business and provide you with the best deals to earn your next Private Jet flight. It’s the way to go private without any long term obligations or risks. Take a look at our fleet and decide:

Vegas Jet Prices are 30% Lower

There is a much better way to explore your Private Plane options. You can make this work without the old expensive way which required you to buy pricey jet cards with upfront payment from $25,000 to $250,000 and up. That’s the past, the traveler has learned that On Demand Charters are 30% Less and preserve the freedom of choice for the Jet Flyers. Charter brokers love to sell and promote jet cards wince the offer cash flow when a consumer pays anywhere from $25,000 to $250,000 and up for a Golf Embossed card and guaranteed loyalty to the Broker and Operator. With total freedom of choice and a large selection, follow this way and download the information to Fly Private Vegas

Vegas Jet Prices, save 30%

Jet prices for your Private flights are generated by our Jet portal which has access to over 80 Private Jet Operators each with hundreds of aircraft options. FAA Authorized Operators will compete for your business with the lowest prices. Our in-house technology will identify the lowest prices and options which are shared directly with you. Compare aircraft with interior photos, seating charts and details such as Bar and Catering Services. All at your fingertips to compare and decide. With side-by-side rates you will have the ability to compare and decide.

Vegas Jet, select a plane

Over 70% of all Jet Flights are under 2.3 hours, typically under 1000 miles. The newest group of Fuel and Cost Efficient Planes should be on top of your wish list with rates under $2,000 per hour. Visit our fleet here and pick a plane.

  • Your Very Light Jets include:
  • The Vision Jet with 3-5 seats, great budget option. (No washroom need to use rear seats for baggage)
  • Pilatus PC 12 Turbo with seating for 6, great for trips from Las Vegas to airports in California, Arizona and Utah
  • The Hondajet with seating for 5 with a fully enclosed washroom and WIFI
  • The Cessna Citation M2, seating for 6 with an interior designed by BMW
  • Phenom 300 with seating for 7 with stand-up cabin- Medium range for trips from LAX to Chicago or Carlsbad/Diego to Portland Seattle.

The Price for your Private Jet

Experience full transparency with direct quotes to you by the Private Operator with GUARANTEED pricing and flight confirmations. With on-demand charters you Fly Private in the same way you order a ride with UBER of lyft. You will have all the information to make an intelligent decision. For your business or vacation travel. Feel free to contact our Airport desk at 702-336-7345.

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About Vegas Express Jet LLC, A private Jet portal which helps you search over 80 FAA Operators with the highest ARG/US Gold and Platinum ratings for the best deals. Your quotes arrive at your Inbox with all the details you need to compare and make an intelligent decision. Just in case you like to charter your jet or consider the owner ship of your own private jet we can help. Contact us at 702-720-2449. No request is too small.

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