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Vegas Group Charters

We have the planes that will satisfy all your needs. From the smaller Commuter Jets with 30 seats to the Largest Commercial Jets with over 230 seats. In between we offer the Boeing BBJ with 34 Seats, The B737 with 53 Business Seats or the B737 with up to 150-160 Seats. Just in case we have the Airbus Neo Jets with 150 seats.

You set you own schedules, return after the game on the same day. Or take your guests to a Product Launch without the need for overnight accommodations.

Casino Operators have been inviting their top players for a stay on the Vegas Strip with Gulfstream Jets with 14 seats and the Boeing 737 BBJ with 34 Seats.

It’s a smart move not to overlook the availability of group rates offered by airlines, they may be the best ticket for your group–provided you can live with TSA lines and early check-in procedures.

Here is an introduction to the aircraft which are available, ask us for quotes and availability–contact us 702-336-7345

Casino Charters

B737 Charters 53 Business Seats- 150 Coach. Vegas Express Jet

VIP Jet Charters for “High Value Casino Guests”. Bring your most valued players to your Resort’s Baccarat Tables and Poker Rooms. Offering a Private Jet trip is a great incentive for most guests–we ensure that they enjoy a relaxing journey on the way to your Vegas Resort. You will have lots of aircraft options, from the 14 Seat Gulfstream to the BBJ with 34 seats. Our Team Members will be here to help you plan your trips with back to back movements to reduce empty legs. Helping reduce you costs.

Charter a 737-BBJ For Your Group

With executive seating for up to 34 passengers, this aircraft boasts a tremendous range of 5,500 nautical miles and is perfect for private group charters to anywhere in the world. The range provides a fantastic opportunity for international flight charter travel. Comfort on board is a significant bonus of traveling on a 737 due to the spaciousness and baggage capacity. Whether traveling with a sports team or corporation, the 737 can accommodate a wide variety of needs without sacrificing performance or reliability.

Boeing 737 with 57 Business Class Seats, Vegas Express Jet 702-336-73455

Boeing Jets with up to 150-160 seats

Your options are simply unlimited, you may ask us for a two class aircraft with first and coach seating. Optionally you will be able to Charter a B737 with 150 seats. If so desired your could keep the middle seats open for more comfort.

Should you collect payments from individual passengers the flight operation is considered a tour charter and funds must be placed in a escrow account–Our Team Members will be pleased to update you on your choices and options. This does not apply to group blocks on commercial airlines.

Boeing 737 Jet 150 Seats, Vegas Express Jet 702-336-7345

Group Charters, Answering your questions:

  • Can I set my own schedules: Yes you are in charge, simply share your needs
  • Where will the flight depart: You will be able let us know–do you prefer a flight departure from an airline gate at your commercial airport–or do you prefer a departure from a Private Airport Lounge. We will update you on your options and costs. When you leave from a Private Lounge your local bus company may be able to park planeside. It’s a timesaver for all concerned
  • Can I secure a quote with availability of the Jet? Yes, you will receive a quote which includes you pricing with a seat-map of the aircraft.
  • Payments: You pay a small deposit after you accept your Charter Agreement-full payment may be required for charters departing within the next 30 days. Carefully review you Charter Proposal before you approve and accept.
  • Names, Name Changes: Your final name list is due 24 hours before departure. You will be required to submit a manifest which includes all the ID Information.
  • TSA?: No TSA at Private Lounges. Expect TSA services at commercial airports.
  • Payments for my charter, are they secure and safe? Your charter agreement is issued by the Charter Operator or airlines who owns and operate your Jet. Our Team Members will be here as your advisor and help you understand the terms and conditions. You always pay the operator direct-this allows you to avoid the Middleman Broker!
  • This to include refunds options, cancellation fees and the timelines required for schedule changes, the submission of passenger details.

Charter Support

Call us at 702-336-7345. You will be working with one of our Experienced Charter Coordinators with a background the the Airlines and Charter industry. This includes FAA 121 and 135 Operations. With our in-house technologies we will be providing you with the group rate options on major carriers.

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Vegas Express Jet is a subsidiary of Vegas Express Jet LLC.  Vegas Express Jet is not a direct or indirect “Air Carrier”.  Vegas Express Jet is a Technology Private Jet portal which provides quotes and aircraft information for aircraft operated by FAR Part 135 and 121 Operators.  Fully transparent Charter Agreements are issued by the Charter Operators in accordance with DOT and FAA Requirements.

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