Vegas Express Jet- No risk quotes!

Vegas Express Jet- Security and Payments.

Vegas Express Jet will never ask you for a credit card or payment information to secure a quote–after you receive and approve a Charter Agreement you pay the operator direct.

  • Vegas Express Jet will never ask you for Credit Card information to obtain a quote
  • For your security, only pay the operator direct after you have reviewed you charter agreement and approved.
  • Your Charter Agreement will provide you with a “Guaranteed Rate and Flight Confirmation” plus the aircraft details will disclose the Registration and Ownership of your Private Jet.  Our Alliance Partners follow all FAA and DOT protocols for disclosures. 
  • Pay your charter costs with a Credit Card–this provides you with an extra layer of safety during these “Unsettling Times” in the Travel and Aviation Industry! 

One of the major Charter Operators recently filed for Bankruptcy protection–owners who made substantial investments in prepaid jet cards may be subject to substantial losses.   We recommend that you limit your charter options to “On Demand Charters” only.  No need for memberships or pricey prepaid cards. 

Concierge- door to door services.

Ask us for a quote which includes our “Door to Door” Concierge Services.  A car and Driver will meet and greet you at your home, office or resort for a direct transfer to a Private Lounge Airport.

Your plane will be waiting on the tarmac where our Concierge Representative will handle and supervise your plane-side transfer.  No lines, No Crowds–it’s a better option for at risk travelers. To schedule, please call our airport desk at P.702-336-7345. 

Consider our Door to Door Concierge Services

Vegas Express Jet, About us

Our mission is simple and straightforward, to provide you with the Best Charter Aircraft for your journey at 30% Less Than Jet Cards & Fractional Ownership.  As a Jet Travel and Technology Portal we secure quotes on your behalf.  This includes over 50 Plus Private Jet FAA Part 135 Authorized Alliance Partners.  The quotes you receive are unbiased and transparent allowing you to make intelligent buying decisions.

If you a charged a handling fee–this will be disclosed in your quote.   Vegas Express receives a handling fee, only after you completed your journey. 

Concierge Services- Door to Door, safe- secure. Plane-side transfers, no crowds


We greatly respect Brokers and Aircraft owners.  Brokers will provide you with prices  and include a mark-up before they send you a quote—or they may offer you Memberships or Jet Cards.

Jet operators have a fleet of aircraft which they operate—quotes and options will be limited to their in-house fleets only, limiting your options and potentially the best aircraft and charter costs.

Vegas Express offers you “Unbiased” quotes which are sourced from 50 Plus Alliance partners plus our in-house Charter Portal Technologies.  You benefit from quotes which you may compare side-by-side, allowing you to make an intelligent buying decision. No fees or charges on your part.  We will NEVER ask you for a Credit card to secure a quote.



Vegas Express Jet- Wheels Up Fast 702-336-7345
Aircraft Cleaning is critical with FAA Approved Chemicals. Following all Covid-19 Protocols


Vegas Express Jet- Transparent quotes

How do you secure a quote?  Simply take a moment and ask us for a “Flexible Quote”.  We will ask you for your preferred flight schedule, number of passengers–and yes, if you wish you may select the airplane type you prefer.  Please update us on any special services you may need.  Are you flying with Pets, or do you prefer a Pick-Up at your home with our “Door to Door Concierge Services?

1) The Quote you receive allows you to view your flight schedules in local times, total hours flown and schedules in local times.

2) You will be able to compare several aircraft types and seating. Seating plans, interior photos allow you to compare and select.  How old is the Jet–how about WiFi?

3) Pricing details include the costs for your charter hours, taxes if any and charges for services like De-Icing during trips to Ski Resorts. Special discounts include price reductions for Bank Payments.

4) You may opt for “Open Leg Options” with savings from 30-60%.  Please contact us directly for an update on availability.  A great option for travelers with very flexible schedules. 


Support contacts:

Airport desk, P.(1)702-336-7345

Quotes, no credit card needed, please check here for a “quote here”


Protecting you: Disclosures , update Covid 19. Vegas Express Jet LLC

Vegas Express Jet is a Private Jet Technology Portal.  Charter rates are sourced from 50 Plus Alliance Partners who compete for your business.   The latest technologies and filed tariffs are applied for quotes.   Vegas Express Jet will “Never” ask you for Credit Card or Personal information.

Chrarter Agreements are issued by the FAA Part 135 Authorized operators with Guaranteed Rates and Flight Confirmations.  This includes the Registration of the Aircraft and Operator Data. Upon acceptance travelers pay the Charter Operator Direct. Vegas Express Jet “a Technology Portal” does not own or operate any aircraft.  Operators meet/exceed all DOT and FAA Regulations.

Ground Services are provided by a Signature Affiliated Agency.   View detailed itineraries and names of Authorized ARC/IATA Agencies.

Covid-19 Protocols will be disclosed in Charter Agreements, travel destinations and operations are under direct control by the Federal, State and City Airport Regulations.  All Operators follow Covid-19 Protocols.

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