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Vegas Casino Charters

Here is a special message for Casino Owners, VP of Player Development and Casino Operators–We are here to assist. We bring Players to your Casino floor, you Baccarat ands Poker Tables. Here are the solutions which address the off-peak, midweek periods.

Did you know?–The Resort and Casino industry is challenged by big shifts in visitor Traffic. The outlook for the Convention Industry is very positive, however forecasting is a challenge. Convention guests typically have less time available for playing time at slots and tables. Vegas Express Jet is here to introduce the Casino Industry to a wide range of travel and leisure options to increase visitor and player traffic. Specifically during the off-peak times Monday-through Thursday. Using the Private Jet, or best known as Junkets have been a success for the Resorts industry. Las Vegas is the premier gaming destination–a special invitation for an additional visit with exclusive benefits will create a substantial amount of incremental traffic.

Travel incentives and guests benefits will stimulate trips to the Vegas Strip. The exclusivity of a special Invitation with a unique flight experience will encourage participants to place funds in Casino Cages. Or commit to spending time at the Resort Table Games. Each of the Vegas Express Jet Team Members is fully committed towards the development of a very unique travel experience for each Casino Guest. Vegas Express Jet is well positioned to provide the very best Charter options from our Charter Partners and Charter operators. Flying Private on Board a Casino Jet will be very special occasion for most VIP Guests.

Business Class Configuration for B737-400 Vegas Express Jet

Vegas Express Jet will be able to customize the entire Junket experience–from the moment the check-in takes place at a Private Airport lounge until the guests arrive at your resort. In the meantime the entire flight experience is customized in accordance with your requirements. This includes aircraft branding, open bar services and custom crafted menu services. Other options include in-flight video messages and any special features required by the Resort-Casino. Using a Charter Jet with a First and Coach Cabin provides the Resort and Casino Hosts to recognize their best players with First Class Seat Assignments.

Boeing 737 Jet Series 800 All Coach Vegas Express Jet

How much is a Vegas Casino Charter

Back to Back charter options will greatly reduce the costs for “Ferry-Open Leg” flight hours. Our Team will assist Casino Executives in the development of a flight-schedule-plan which minimizes the time required for the repositioning aircraft and crew. Using a specific aircraft and crew for an extended period will further reduce charter costs. Charter costs for a B737-800, or the Airbus 319– range from $13,000 to $19,000 per hour, plus taxes. Aircraft options include all Coach Seating for 160 guests. Optionally you may select a full Business Class configuration with 52 Seats. For international flights we recommend the B757-200 ER with about 210 seats.

Now you will be able to invite Guests from Israel, Italy, France to visit your Vegas Strip Resort. The Boeing 757-200 ER is a long range jet with Business-First Class Lay flat seats an a Coach Cabin. We provide you with cost efficient solutions and help you compare several aircraft options. Our Quote and Prices are fully transparent.

Casino Charters, Resort Branding

Our past experience indicates that the inbound, arrival charter experience is critical for the Resort. For the traveler it should be a seamless journey with a warm welcome and easy check-in at Private Jet Airport Lounges- No TSA lines and searches. Your Resort will greatly enhance the flight experience with Open Bar and Meal services options. Your guests will be able to enjoy a vast array of entertainment options and GOGO WIFI phone services.

Our team will work with your Casino Hosts to ensure that the inflight experience is special and unique. A satisfied traveler will be eager to spend more time on the Casino floor.

May we suggest, a number of options which include name branding of the aircraft check-in positions, pre-departure receptions at airports, special meal options or customized Luncheon boxes with surprises, such as Chips, Cookies and more.

We will work with the Casino Hosts to ensure that all the pre-arrival and transfers are fully coordinated including special services, such as Limousines for VIP Guests. You guests will enjoy a seamless check-in with no lines for TSA checks. Upon arrival, planeside transfers will expedite the short ride to the resort.

A Team of Seasoned Jet Experts, Vegas Express Jet

Seat Blocks for Off-Peak Travel

Utilizing scheduled air services can be problematic with instant name and payment requires for flight and seat confirmations. The use of seat blocks may be a solution in smaller markets Vegas Express Jet will secure special price concessions and flexible booking arrangements. We will focus and secure seat blocks for “Off Peak Midweek Departures and returns with three night stays”. Vegas Express Jet will be able to negotiate less restrictive ticketing requirements with the flexibility of name changes. Optionally the Resort has the ability to secure 2×2 seating leaving the middle seats open in Coach. Availability may be limited in certain markets and during peak sports events on the Strip. You will be fully updated on all restrictions which apply. The rules which apply to group sales and seat blocks are not uniform, this applies to the submission of payments and potential cancellation fees.

How much is a Casino Charter

As a single identity, the Resort will be responsible for the entire costs of your Charter Jet as detailed in the Charter Agreement. With a series of back to back charters the overall costs will be substantially less than a typical one time charter flight. However when the pattern is modified additional costs for flight time and crew may apply. Our Team Members will be here to address the needs of your Casino Executives. This will be detailed in a quote and proposal which addresses:

  • Flight schedules from specific cities to the Las Vegas Strip, Private Jet Airports
  • Costs for flights based on back-to-back operations
  • Total Charges to cover Charter Hours, Ground Services and In-Flight Entertainment and Catering
  • Specifications for all services, this to address Open Bar, Flight Attendant and Meal Services options
  • Seating Maps with aircraft details, this to include options to share special messages through the Video System. Options for escorts to make special presentations.
  • Address any specific services options such as baggage deliveries directly to the resort.

Charter Advantage, Vegas Express Jet

Vegas Express Jet will be able to provide the Casino Resort with multiple aircraft options and flight schedules. This also applies to Block Seat Options. Additionally we will be able to identify the resources. This includes special catering such as lunch boxes with custom crafted sandwiches, special dining and open Bar options. Departures from Private Airports will greatly enhance the flight experience–whenever possible we will help you avoid crowded commercial airfields with TSA Searches.

Junket Experts, Private Jets

Our Team has a background in the Commercial Charter Fields. This included Charters for Pre-Launches in the Automobile Industry and General Electric in Spain. Battle Born on the Vegas Strip our Team Members have coordinated over 20 Jet Charters weekly. It will be our mission to fully understand the Resort Objectives and respond with a fully detailed Charter, Budget and Implementation Plan. Our Executive Team is battle-born in the Charter-Aviation industry. Our knowledge is supplemented with leading technologies to generate the very best flight schedules reducing the costs for flight times and fuel us. We will be on-sight to ensure that your clients benefit from a great flight journey–we hope to make it better!

Wheels Up?

Our Team goals are as follows:

  • Understand the needs of resort Executives. Help you identify specific airports and markets–schedule a single or multiple flights. Options include Bi Weekly Friday-Sunday and Sunday-Thursday patterns–the aircraft returning from Las Vegas will be able to pick-up a new group on the return. Operating from cities in the area will be a major cost saver. Reducing flight hours will be our major objective. For example, deliver a return group to Dallas and pick-up a new group of travelers in Austin.
  • The passenger experience is paramount- to this end we will use Private Airport lounges with the option for special receptions to welcome your Players.
  • Assist your Resort with options and quotes from several FAA 121 Authorized Charter Operators with aircraft details, seating maps and crew details
  • Identify standard catering and options for upgrades
  • Media option for in-flight messages and aircraft branding
  • Take steps to ensure that the entire flight experience is better than “Great”.
  • Secure feedback from Casino Hosts to determine their specific needs, before and after the flight departures.

Vegas Express Jet has served the Las Vegas Corridor for over 15 years. This included thousands of arrivals with hundreds of aircraft types. We deploy the latest technologies–and we continue to learn to adjust to a new normal in the services industry.

For your Casino Guests we aim for a totally seamless experience before they arrive at your Resort Casino. Exceeding the passenger expectations will greatly enhance players desire to partake in all the options offered by the resort and greatly enhance the Casino Revenues.

Support 24/7 Please call our Charter desk at 702-336-7345

We will be here to understand your specific needs. We will ask you to define the key markets you have selected and travel dates. This information allows us to provide you with flight patterns–reducing open legs and extended layovers will have a direct impact on your charter costs. It will be our mission to provide you with product options which will be superior and hasslefree compared to Commercial Air Travel.

Our Team Executives provide you with a significant advantage, this includes our ability to provide you with a variety of aircraft options and operators. Each quote will be submitted with the Aircraft Type and seating charts. Sample contracts will be available for submission to your Legal Department for review and Signature Approvals. The Charter Contract will provide you with Guaranteed Rates and Flight Schedules.

Flights are confirmed at the time you approve the aircraft charter document and submit a deposit payment to place a hold on your charter flights.

Please contact us at 702-336-7345


 Vegas Express Jet is a technology portal which sources quotes on behalf of clients from 50 Plus FAA Authorized Part 135 Charter Flight Operators.  Vegas Express Jet does not own or operate aircraft. Charter Agreements are issued directly to the Casino Resorts by the Flight Operator, with total Charter costs, tax and handling fees.   Flight-Charter Costs are directly paid to the Charter Operator by the Charter Party via Credit Card or Bank Wire Transaction.    Concierge and ground services are provided by Royalty Travel NV, a fully accredited TRUE #99901760 Agency.  Carefully review your charter agreement before you sign-approve.  Your Charter Agreement will identify-disclose the Aircraft Registration (Tail Number and Operator Detail.)

Vegas Express does NOT collect any charter payments. Vegas Express Jet LLC Jan 2022.

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