King Air C90

King Air C90- Consider the Citation M2 for short flights- Aircraft is based at Carlsbad CA.

Passenger Capacity 6-7 people
Cruising Speed 283 mph
Range 1267 st.m.
Length 12.7 ft.
Width 4.5 ft.
Height 4.8 ft.
Baggage Capacity 48 cu.ft.



King Air B200

King Air B200- Limited availability in Las Vegas- This aircraft is based at Van Nuys. Get your Express Quote

Passenger Capacity 7-9 people
Cruising Speed 300 mph
Range 500 st.m.
Length 16.7 ft.
Width 4.5 ft.
Height 4.8 ft.
Baggage Capacity 55 cu.ft




King Air 350

King Air 350–Ask us for rates from $1895- per hour. Get your Express Quote

Passenger Capacity 7-9 people
Cruising Speed 315 mph
Range 1700 st.m.
Length 16.8 ft.
Width 4.5 ft.
Height 4.1 ft.
Baggage Capacity 55 cu.ft.


None better, over 70 charter clients rated this 5 Star Plus–we highly recommend.  Limited availability. Best prices Midweek! Based at LAX/CRQ/SAN/LAS.






Citation M2- Hands down, most preferred Very Light Jet, year 2016 with the latest technologies and a great flight experience. Get your Express Quote

A very light jet with seating for up to 5 travelers. This aircraft has a fully enclosed washroom, WiFi Services and a spacious cabin- rates from $2,3000 per hour

·       Passenger Capacity- 5 – 6 passengers
·       Baggage Capacity- 14 suitcases
·       Maximum Range-  3.4 Hours
·       Cruising Speed- 370 MPH
·       Cabin Length 7ft 2 inches
·       Cabin Height
·       Cabin Width


Private Jets for Leisure

Citation M3- recommended for flights up to 4 hours–rates from $3,500 per hour.  Best jet, overall for Business Flyers. Use this aircraft for day-trips and return home.


Passenger Capacity 8 people
Cruising Speed 310 mph
Range 1742 stm.
Length 46 ft.
Wing Span 45 ft.
Get me an Express Quote-save time we do the work


Medium Jets

This includes the Lear Jet 60, the Hawker 800.  Aircraft in this group offer seating for up to 10 passengers, rates from $3,300 to $3,600 per hour.  The benefits of the medium size jets:

  • Most aircraft have a higher ceiling allowing you to standup.
  • Washroom facilities include a fully enclosed lavatory with a flushing toilet and running water
  • Extra space for baggage, this includes a separate comportment 
  • Most Jets have a small forward bar with snacks and a wide range of drinks and alcoholic beverages

Your quote will include photos of the interior and exterior–plus a floor plan with seating details.


Super Medium Jets

The Challenger 601-604 Aircraft by Bombardier are known as the “Preferred Corporate Jets” with seating for 10-12 passengers.  In this group to Gulfstream 200 is a great choice for Trans Continental flights.  Rates from $4,400 to $4,900 per hour. 

  • Aircraft offer seating for up to 14 passengers
  • A seating, desk table with seating for 4
  • A full bench with seating for 2-4 guests
  • Fully enclosed washrooms 
  • A forward galley for “Hot food heating” and dining options
  • The Gulfstream has a large baggage compartment in the aft of the jet, you will be able to access your baggage during your flight
  • Aircraft seating includes a dedicated “Jumpseat” in front cabin.
  • All aircraft in this category include the services of a flight attendant

Gulfstream IV will be based at the Henderson Executive Airport– departures within 2-4 hours.

Please ask us for an Express Quote


Gulfstream IV

Gulfstream IV with 14 seats
Gulfstream Large Cabin Jet- range up to 7,300 miles, nonstop LAX to Korea, Hong Kong

A long Haul Jet with seating for up to 14 travelers–excellent choice for flights to Europe.  Rates range from $6,500 to $7,200 per hour

This group of jets is designed for long haul travel, most aircraft will accommodate up to 8 sleeper seats. Expect a two washrooms front and aft.  Some aircraft are provided with an extra crew compartment to provide extra flight crew members for flights exceeding 10 plus hours.

Our Team Members will be here to handle all the flight details including Visa Services and Health Certificates. Please call our airport desk at P.702-336-7345.

Typical rates from the USA to Europe from $200,000, Hawaii $100,000- to $125,000 Roundtrip.

Global 6000

Large Cabin Jets with up to 16 seats, great options for Party, Wedding and business Travel.

The Global 6000 series is the optimal aircraft option for extended flights–the cabin is wide and spacious.  Vegas Express Jet has used the Global for Wine Tours to France with visits to Bordeaux, Lyon, Marseilles and Paris. The Galley is fully supplied with dishes and all setup for “Gourmet Dining”– up to 8 lay flat seats for long-haul-overnight flights.


Boeing BBJ 737 Business

Business Class options for Overseas Flights.

This aircraft is the preferred option for the Las Vegas Resorts with up to 19 seats.  Availability is very limited. Some B737 aircraft are designed to accommodate sports teams in an all Business Class Configuration with up to 57 seats.  Expect charter rates from $12,000 to $16.000 per hour.

Vegas Express will be able to provide you with price quotes for all types of jets.  This includes the B737, Airbus 320 and B787 aircraft with up to 230 seats.  We also offer “Seat Blocks” on commercial aircraft and will quote a wide range of options.  This may include Business Class Air on International Carriers. Ask us for a quote.


Unlike other charter operators, brokers or individual owners Vegas Express Jet is not offering a limited selection of aircraft.  You will be able to view rate quotes from 50 Plus FAA Part Operators who compete for your business.  This “Unbiased Approach” allows you to view more accessible and personal charter experiences.  Options to compare more aircraft with side-by-side quotes.  You will not be dealing with firms which are focused on selling pricey jet cards or memberships.

With “Planeside Boarding Procedures” you will be avoiding long TSA Lines and depart and arrive at a Private Airport Lounge or Hangar.