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Trip Planner- Smart Travel Savings

Trip Planner- Smart Travel Savings



  • PROTECT YOURSELF from “Theft”—Take time to take pictures of your Passport and Travel Documents- yes you can use your phone and save the images on a USB or Backup to the “Cloud:”. Places like Drop Box are great.  In case of an emergency you will have access to all your information in case you need a new passport.  Don’t forget, you need to make pictures of your Credit Cards on each side.  Do the same for your prescriptions!
  • PARTNER WITH YOUR TRUSTED NEIGHBOR–Keep newspapers from your sidewalk and stop the mail. “Stop your Mail with the Post Office”
  • YOUR MOBILE PHONE:  Check with your phone company, will your phone be operational. How much are the charges–or should you prepay for a special plan which saves money! Phone charges can be very high if you do not have a plan.  Buy a battery back up charger, available at most electronic stores.  Just in case you use and electronic watch consider an old fashion type watch or winder!
  • WHEN YOUR FLIGHT IS CANCELLED–OR IS DELAYED BY DAYS– You need a personal contact–, A  Travel  Agent who you can call for flight changes. Standing in line at a ticket counter at the airport can take lots of time–plus you may learn that the seats on other flights are “Sold Out”. Keep the contacts in your phone “Contact List”
  • DO A BAGGAGE PRACTICE RUN:  Highly recommended, determine how many pairs of socks you need and how many slacks, shirts and underwear you actually need.  It will surprise you how much you will be using.  Don’t over-pack and try to make it work with a single carry-on suitcase of 44 lbs.  Most airlines are unable to remove you suitcase from a cancelled flight–it takes up to 4 hours!  In the event your check a bag–make certain it contains “stuff” you can do without for up 48 hours. 
  • TRAVELING WITH PETS: Check with your vet, airline and tourist offices. A Pet Passport may be a requirements–it can be complicated.
  • TRAVEL INSURANCE:  Can be a very good investment, make certain that the policy includes evacuation services.  Securing medical services at an overseas location can be pricey and your credit card may be maxed-out.  Buy it from your Travel Adviser who will be here in case you need assistance.


Just in case, the information we gathered in this message was collected from our Loyal Travelers who recently returned from Business and Vacation Travel.  One of our clients experienced a 4 day flight delays with a major US Airline—the aircraft experienced a series of back to back mechanical issues. At the final moment the Crew became illegal after the duty time was exceeded. It can happen.

Each of our Air Concierges is a Certified Travel Advisor, our offices are fully IATA/ARC Accredited.  Beyond our Private Jet Services we provide special pricing for Business Class Air to European and Asian Destinations.  Please ask us for a quote—share you needs and preferences. No request is too small.

Offering a wide range of Safari Programs with special Perks and Options—please share your wishes and we will provide you with quotes and options—-Please contact us.





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