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Travel Safely

A special word of thanks to our frequent flyers who have shared our safety tips with our Team Members. Many of the recommendations originate from folks like you who have discovered better ways to deal with their pains–like waiting for a Credit Card company to address a call during their stay in Europe–or waiting for hours at lost and found for a bag which was never recovered. You’re invited to explore–the feedback we received. Our advise, consider the options that work for you. For professional expertise note the contact we share with the Experts at Bedrock!

Important Travel Safety Tips Everyone Should Know

  • Deal with your surroundings, before you enter a meeting room, concert or hotel.  Look for emergency exits and whenever possible select a seat close to an exit.  Look around—what will you do, how will you get out safely.
  •  If you don’t see the emergency escapes, take time to ask.  When you fly, study the emergency card in your seat pocket—-keep a small purse or bag with your most critical items such as medications. During a serious emergency you will not be able to get to your bag from the overhead bin.
  • Digitize your life—Share your itinerary with friends and family before you leave. Your wallet and suitcase are not a good place. Make copies of your Passport, Credit Card and other information and move it to the cloud.  Consider a Password Protected USB which is protected with a traveler lock (Kingston buy it at Amazon)
  • Minimize the amount of cash and credit cards you carry.  Use your phone wallet for payments and keep phone numbers to call your bank to cancel your card or dispute charges.
  • Don’t look like a tourist—Gold Watches, Glitz and Glitter expose you to more risks. Avoid big crowds if possible. Limit the use of your phone in public for directions.
  • Public Wi-Fi is risky, simply avoid it.  Pair your phone with your IPad or Laptop. It may be slower but safe. Buy an overseas phone plan.
  • Get Travel Insurance, feel better and more secure. Consider purchasing a travel policy. Understand the importance of last- minute cancellations and quarantine requirements.  Some firms offer annual policies, a smart move for the frequent flyer.
  • Consider an extra layer of safety, our Private Jet flyers are encouraged to consult with our Partners at Bedrock Special Projects, 702-995-7111 for solutions please contact J. Damien Scott.
  • Travel with One Carry On suitcase of 44 Lbs only, you save hours and travel with peace of mind! Save time and enjoy the journey.

For support, please call our airport desk at 702-336-7345.

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