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Thousands of Jet Cards, here are my mistakes.

You’re invited to download our Private Jet flight pricing tool with the indispensable information to make an intelligent buying decision. Here are the crucial tools you have been waiting for. Take a first step to run through the information we collected from our clients. Get the hang of Private Jets, options and price detail before you start packing.

Here is the secret sauce which will you of the ground with a very affordable luxury jet. We provide the information you have been waiting for. We will be here to do all the work for you as an experienced Frequent Business Flyer–or a Leisure traveler who is searching for a Luxury Jet at a very affordable price.

Understand why Jet Card owners are walking away from their cards and restrictions imposed by Brokers and Jet Card Issuance firms. Here are the tools you need to Fly Private and avoid unexpected risks and disappointments. We used the feedback we received from our clients–trust this works for you.

Citation Jet, Vegas Express Jet 702-336-7345

Flying a Private Jet.

Here it is, unstructured as we collected from our Clients and Travelers who are trading their fancy “Embossed Membership Cards” for a Private Jet Charter or Lease with 100% More Peace of Mind.

  • Transparency: Make certain that the information you receive is fully detailed. It should be more than a price!
  • Jet Cards, Fractional Ownership: Jet cards typically require you to prepay Jet Hours with upfront investments of $25,000 to $250,000. Fractional ownerships allow you to purchase 1/7th or 10% of a Private Jet providing you with a specific number of flight hours. Such options are best suited for Senior Corporate Executives who fly 150-200 hours per year. We recommend that you seek the guidance of a Lawyer or Financial Planner to help you with this type of investment. Firms like NetJets have developed this business model for large Corporate Clients.
  • You have better options, charter a Jet like you order a ride from UBER or Lyft and only pay for the charter hours. Visit our Three Click Option below.
  • Pricing: Operators may display hourly rates, however during peak holidays and events Dynamic Prices may cause upcharges from 14-19%. Comparing rates, ensure that your rate includes all taxes, handling fees and segment charges. Other costs should include custom charges for International Customs Clearance at the US Port of entry.
  • One Way Rates: Some operators may post One Way Rates- use this option for longer stays at your destination–typically beyond two nights. Aircraft assignment may take place 48 hours before flight departure. However Operator will specify aircraft types and seating.
  • Open Legs: Understand, open legs are created at the time the aircraft returns to base after the passengers have been delivered to their destination—the aircraft returns to base without any revenues. This also applies to pick-ups. Operators and Vegas Express has access to all open legs which are published in the in-house computer programs. A great choice for travelers with a flexible schedule. On the upside rates are 30-60% lower. Open legs are posted between 3-and 13 days prior to flight departure. Downside risks include cancellations to changes to the flights booked and a need to buy last minute charters or seek commercial options.
  • Aircraft types: Cabin sizes (Turbo Props, Very Light, Light Jets, Midsize and Super-Midsize, Large Cabin Jets and Larger Global Jets). Ask for seating charts and photos of the interior.
  • Aircraft Age: Operators will offer a mix of older Lear Jets build before the year 2000. Many business flyers will specify newer aircraft build after the year 2000.
  • Aircraft and Operator Ratings: ARG/US is an organization which will rate aircraft and operators. Firms maintaining high quality and safety standards will be rated as Gold or Platinum. Such designations will be shown in the Charter Agreements. It provides the Charter Client with an extra layer of safety.
  • Business Essentials: Is the aircraft with WIFI Equipped, this may include GOGO aircraft to ground services. Or is the service limited to “tablets” only. For International flights you would need Satellite services. Some of the services can be very pricey. The costs should be detailed in your Charter Agreement.
  • Comparing Quotes with Guaranteed Rates: Understand quotes are based on the rates and tariffs the flight operator maintains in the in-house pricing system. Guaranteed rates may be different since the aircraft may be at a different location or is not available. A Guaranteed quote includes your flight confirmation of your flights and pricing. Bottomline use your quote as a guide or estimate. After you accept the quote you will be able to request a charter agreement—at that time the operator will confirm your plane and crew availability.
  • Brokers: They will be here to help you secure aircraft- however the function as your middleman and will increase the price you pay. By dealing directly with the operator you pay the charter firms direct and avoid risks. Brokers are eager to sell you Jet Cards and Options. Before you consider seek legal expertise.
  • Standard Catering: Anticipate a wide range of Beverages, this includes Bier and Miniatures. Expect a generous snack basket. For special meal services do ask for Fruit and Seafood Platters. Handcrafted Sandwiches. For large Gulfstream and Global Jets you will be able to order special gourmet options. Please contact our Jet Concierge Team.
  • Pets: Flying with furry friends, no problem. Don’t forget the immunization records and a harness. Please share the weight of your Furry Friend at the time you ask for a charter quote. Maximum 2 pets per aircraft.

How much is a Private Jet?

Here is a Proven Solution which helps you save time. Thousands of Jet options have been shared through our Jet Portal which is a high tech system. It directly secure Jet details and pricing from over 50 FAA Authorized Part 135 operators with ARG/US Gold or Platinum rated credentials. No need for Credit Cards or Personal information:

  1. CLICK ONE: Simply submit your flight schedule and number of seats you need. You will be able to select from over 4,000 airports.
  2. CLICK TWO: We do all the work for you. Your email will include a message and quote for several of the best aircraft options. View the interior and seating plans for several aircraft. Charter costs are displayed side-by-side. All the essential information include your flight schedules in local times. View distance and flight times.
  3. CLICK THREE: Simply select one of the quote options. Vegas Express Jet will alert the Flight Operator to provide you with a Guaranteed Quote and Flight Confirmations. Select and accept the option and place a hold on the aircraft. Full disclosure of your aircraft registration (Tail Number) will be included. At your option you may hold the aircraft with your credit card which will be charged 24/72 hours before your charter flight. Optionally you may pay via a Bank Wire Check Payment and save the 4% Credit Card fee.

Your trip ticket will be issued at the time you charges have been collected. The Operator will ask you to submit passenger names and ID information. You are all set and your departure will be scheduled from a Private Airport Lounge.

Jet Concierges 702-336-7345

From the moment you request a Charter Quote, our Team Members will be here to address all your questions. This includes special business services, vacation packages and any special catering services you may need.

Luxury Interior Party Jet, 14 seats. Vegas Express Jet 702-336-7345
Top Booking Cities for SpringAircraft type most requested
Orlando-Las VegasGulfstream IV-14 seats
Palm Springs- Las VegasG200- Super Midsize Jet 10 seats
Vancouver CA – Las VegasHonda Jet 6 seats
San Jose CA- Las VegasCitation CJ3 with 6 seats
Las Vegas- Monterey CA (Pebble Beach)Weekly flights for Golfers with Citation M2
Las Vegas-NapaWine trips, daily and weekend visit
Las Vegas- Santa BarbaraWeekend stays at 4 Seasons

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