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Share A Seat On A Private Jet

Share a Seat on a Private Jet


Flying Private is a very special experience.  Our offices receive a vast number of calls from passengers who like to fly to the Super Bowl and possibly secure an empty seat on a Private Jet. Do understand that Private Jet flyers book a jet for privacy and security.  They also own or charter the jet from a Private Jet FAA Part operator.

The FAA established specific rules and regulations for charter operators–this is the FAA Part 135 Certificate.  Under this rule single entity parties charter the jet and sign a Charter Agreement. As a matter of fact, the FAA provided the scheduled airlines with the ability to offer single seat options—this same benefit was not extended to the Charter operators.


A number of websites will promote individual seats on specific flights, you will be able to view the number of available seats and costs.  The Broker will secure the first party to sign the charter agreement and hopes to sell the rest of the seats to covert the full cost for the charter and include a profit margin.  This process will meet all the FAA Charter Requirements.

Seat Charter options have succeeded in markets like Burbank-Las Vegas, however seats on long haul charters during midweek days are scarce. In the meantime, a vast number of passengers who received last minute notices of charter/seat cancellations have been disappointed. We suggest that you review all your options. 

As a traveler, take time to carefully review the Charter options,  or contract.  Is the flight departure and flight guaranteed.  Will this include a specific date and time. Will you have an assigned seat on the Jet or is this an open issue which will be addressed at time of departure.  On long haul flights you need to know–is my meal included?  How about the insurance which is provided?

In the meantime, Vegas Express Jet will continue to review the best options for our clients and provide you with the very best solutions.  Please feel free to ask us for our support as your providor. Please visit us.


Privacy, Security and Flexibility are high on the priority list for our VIP Travelers.  Flying with perfect strangers and folks who may not have been screened by the TSA are major concerns.

Our clients frequently ask for last minute flight changes to accommodate business meetings. For a seat sharing passengers  this schedule change may cause great pains since the will be unable to partake in a concert or meeting.


  • Hitchhiker program, let’s you secure charter flights at price reductions from 30-60%.  Available within 3-13 days before departure. This includes flight segments which are operated without passengers to pick-up passengers. Or flights returning to base without any revenue customers. Operators are eager to recover some costs for crew and fuel. Simply ask us for a quote and include the comment “Open Leg” requested.
  • FREE rate quotes, yours– with no –obligations or risks, please contact our Airport desk P.(1) 702-336-7345. We are here to provide you with options and suggestions.  For Overseas flight our Concierge Team provides you with special discounted seats in Businesss Class. 
  • All the quotes you receive from Vegas Express Jet are fully transparent, all charges are fully detailed with hourly charter costs, handling fees and Taxes. Charter rates start under $2,000- per hour. May we suggest that you share the costs for your Jet Charter with friends and family.

Our technology-travel portal has direct access to flight options posted on our site and retains charter prices in all major markets.  We will be here to provide you with price estimates and Guaranteed Rates and flight availability confirmations.  All Charter Agreements are issued by FAA Part 135 Authorized operators.  In order to avoid the “Middle Man” we ask you to pay the operator direct.

For support, please call our airport desk at P.702-336-7345. Flexible quotes, please indicate your itinerary and select a plane.


To few passengers for a Private Jet flight to Europe?  Asks us for Business Class Air Quotes- share your schedule. Our Concierge Team will provide you with several options—-leaving Midweek on  a Tuesday or Wednesday will help you save big. Additional savings may be yours when you agree to make some stop-overs.   We have access to a number of Global Systems allowing you to view a wide range of options.

  1. Fly one scheduled airlines like Delta, AA. BA and Air France in Business Class.  Same seats as full fare passengers–you save big.
  2. You must agree to “NOT COLLECT” frequent flyers miles.  A small upcharge will apply for credit card transactions—same as on some major airlines.

Please contact us at P.702-336-7345 for special fares, please ask for the RATE DESK.  No need for any deposits or prepayments—you pay directly pay for the airline ticket.  We will include optional information for Travel Insurance options.



Vegas Express Jet, A Technology-Travel Portal for Private Jet inventory and pricing. All aircraft are operated by FAA Part 135  firms. Our Concierge Team is a fully authorized travel agency—take advantage of special Business Class Tickets to Overseas Destinations.  All travel services are provided by RoyaltyTravel.US   Vegas Express Jet, does now own or operate Jet Aircraft. 

Customized Trips from the Vegas Strip to Disneyland, The California Wineries. Group and Incentive Packages. Contact our Airport P.702-336-7345






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