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We changed the way you Fly Private. Best value and Guaranteed prices for all Private Charters and Rentals. Meeting your schedule, fly to over 4,000 airports. Guaranteed Pricing and Price Match*


Best price and value on each and every Private Charter flight while delivering the highest safety standards and impeccable services.

HELP YOU PLANNING AND QUOTES: Help you review the aircraft types, seating capacity and distance you need to travel. Transparent quotes which show you the aircraft schedules, interior seating and detailed costs allowing you to compare several aircraft types. Our Airport Team will help you select a cost efficient aircraft for your journey. No charge for our phone services at   P.(1) 702-336-7345—or use our request a quote.

GUARANTEED PRICING: Charter Agreements provide detailed costs and price match options. All costs are fully detailed with no hidden fees or charges. No need to purchase memberships or price prepaid jet cards. All Charter Agreement are fully transparent for your review!

SMART TECHNOLOGIES : Providing you with competitive rate quotes for one way and open leg charters. Guaranteed Charter Agreements help you select the best option for your trip. Transparent quotes with no hidden charges.


Vegas Express Jet has fixed rate agreements with FAA Part 135 operators. Take advantage of “PRICING  FOR SEVERAL AIRCRAFT OPTIONS” this provides you with the Guaranteed lowest rates and instant availability.

Our Dispatch Team can be reached at 1+702-336-7345. This group will be able to assist you with LAST MINUTE CHARTER DEPARTURES.

HIGHEST QUALITY AND SAFETY STANDARDS: Your aircraft is operated by FAA PART OPERATORS WITH THE ARG/US GOLD- PLATINUM RATING: Your flight crew includes a Captain and First Officer, larger jets like the Challenger 601 include a Cabin Attendant for your safety and impeccable inflight services. Be safe and secure with quotes from ARG/US Gold and Platinum rated FAA Operators. Amongst the highest rating for safety and quality.

WAY BEYOND FIRST CLASS SERVICES: You’re invited to explore our aircraft options- from the Very Light Jets which include the Phenom 100 and Citation Mustang which accommodate up to 4 passengers. Rates start as low as $1850- per hour. This could be you preference for a trip under 1300 miles. (Range about 3.5 hours). In the Light Jet Category consider the Lear 31, Lear 35 with seating for up to 7 passengers. Prices  range form $2100- to $2500- per hour. For long haul travel, destination weddings we suggest the Gulfstream 450 with 12 seats.

MIDSIZE JETS ARE THE PREFERRED CHOICE FOR BUSINESS TRAVELERS: The Falcon 20 has seating for up to 9 passengers, this group includes the Citation Excel, Hawker 900, Lear 60 XR. Ask us for a late model 2009 Lear Jet with seating for 7 passengers and a rate of $3300- to $3700- per hour. Feel free to ask us for your PREFERRED AIRCRAFT CHOICE.

THE GULFSTREAM ESTABLISHED THE GOLD STANDARD FOR THE INDUSTRY: The Newest G650 will accommodate up to 18 passengers and fly non-stop to any destination city in China. You may find this aircraft in very limited supply with hourly rates of $10,000 plus per hour. SUPER MIDSIZE JETS which include the Challenger 601-604 series are typically the preferred choice for groups up to 12 passengers with an hourly rate of $4,700- per hour. You can’t beat the comfort of this large cabin aircraft with a large galley and oversized washroom. Delta Airlines offers this aircraft to their Premium Private Jet flyers. You will be able to fly this same aircraft from Coast to Coast or on your next trip to Florence ITALY.

Our Alliance Partners include firms which offer ONE WAY RATES for long haul flights of 3 plus hours. Our ALLIANCE PARTNERS with Phenom aircraft offer FIXED PRICES for flights in California, Nevada and Arizona. It’s our goal and objective to provide you with the most efficient aircraft options.


No membership fees, or special charges to join.  You only for the hours you fly. “On demand charters” are a best buy

We do not push you to buy expensive pre-loaded credit cards

Transparent rates and Charter agreements- issued by FAA Part 135 operators with detailed prices. No hidden charges or fees. You avoid the “Middleman” since Vegas Express is the Las Vegas Agent for Aero Jet Services, Scottsdale- Las Vegas.

Save up to 4%, pay via a Bank Wire. We provide you with the discounted net pricing.

Your rate quote will include the following:

  • Your charter costs based on the hours the aircraft will fly to complete your schedules
  • Airport landing fees and fuel surcharges (if any)
  • FET Federal Taxes apply to all US Domestic flights of 7.5%
  • Handling fees and upcharges for credit cards—it’s a smart move to pay via Bank Wire Payment and benefit from 4% cash savings.

DONT HESITATE TO ASK FOR SEVERAL QUOTES, COMPARE PRICES. Do ask us for a Rate Quote with detailed pricing

Please view the sample pricing for Light Jets to and from (one way) Las Vegas. This includes the Citation CJ3 and Lear Jet with up to 7 seats.


The rates are based on our charter costs and operations during the last 90 days- peak rates may apply during key holidays. Operator may change fuel surcharges since costs are increasing. Have questions, please call our Dispatch Team at P.702-336-7345.

LAS VEGAS STRIP:  All rates are net/net, please understand that the rates do not include the following:

  1. Federal Taxes of 7.5%
  2. Airport Landing, handling fees or charges for De-Icing
  3. Segment Fees of $4- per person
  4. To secure a bottomline estimate, please increase the prices by 15-20%. Do ask for a charter agreement for your approval.
  5. View our sample rates below from Las Vegas->>>>>>
  6. Rate are estimates, use as guide only
Seattle RT PH100 $ 12,350.00
Ls Angeles RT PH100 $ 9,800.00
Denver: RT $ 8,750.00
Phoenix RT $ 7,900.00
Denver RT $ 8,750.00
Austin OW $ 13,500.00
Dallas OW $ 12,950.00
Houston OW $ 13,900.00
New Orleans OW $ 15,850.00
Chicago OW $ 14,950.00
Atlanta OW $ 18,000.00
New York OW $ 26,900.00
Boston OW $ 28,900.00
Miami OW $ 27,250.00

YOUR PRIVACY: We respect your Privacy and never sell/share your name with marketing firms. We will provide you with actual charter proposals which you may approve- we never post or share credit card or your personal date on any of our sites. Please make certain that you carefully review your charter agreement, flight schedules and aircraft details.

OUR AIR CONCIERGES: As a Private Jet customer you benefit from special PERKS and UPGRADES through our alliance with the SIGNATURE NETWORK. Feel free to ask us for Rental cars, Exotic Car Rentals (PORSCHE, MBZ) and upgrades at LUIXURY HOTELS. Contact us at Concierge@vegasexpressjet.ecom


Las Vegas Airport departures from Atlantic, Signature, No. Las Vegas, Henderson Executive Airports, Van Nuys, LAX, Carlsbad and Santa Barbara.

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Vegas Express Jet

Vegas Express Jet, Jet Experts and Concierges Airport Phone 1+702-336-7345

SUPPORT: Admin 5132 Tennis Ct Street E, Suite 101, Las Vegas NV 89120-1333 USA, PH Airport 1+702-336-7345. FAX 1+702-458-5191. E:, or Concierges at PH 702-458-5191


Vegas Express Jet by Royalty arranges flights on behalf of clients with FAA Part 135 operators which maintain full control of the aircraft and crew. Vegas Express Jet does not own or operate aircraft. All quotes are secured from FAA Part operators which are ARG/US Gold or Platinum rated- amongst the highest safety standards in the Private Jet Industry.

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