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Private Jet Charter Pricing for “On Demand Jets”, open legs, charter rates for the King Air from under $2,000 per hour. Amazing rates, John Wayne (SNA) Las Vegas weekend for 8 travelers for under $8,000.


You select the aircraft and seating options. Our “On Demand Charter Options” allows you to select the aircraft type and seating. This includes all types of aircraft. You options include:

  1. BEST BUY  Charter flights with the King Air Twin Turbo- rates from under $8,000 for a Las Vegas weekend.
  2. Very Light Jets- select the Embraer Phenom 100 with 4 seats and an interior designed by BMW. This aircraft has a Large Baggage, LUXURY SWIVEL SEATS .  A large baggage Compartment- fly from Burbank to Las Vegas with your 4 seat Phenom for under $10,000- (The entire plane with 4 seats is yours) it’s not  a converted commuter jet with 30 passengers!
  3. Upgrade options include the Lear 35A with up to 7 seats. This Jet will take you to Seattle, San Francisco, Napa, Dallas, Chicago and all the cities in the Midwest of Florida. Ask for our special rate quotes from San Diego, Carlsbad Palomar and the John Wayne SNA airports.
  4. For a spacious cabin and long range, up to 5 –hours select the Lear 60 with 7 seats. This is the most preferred luxury jet by the business travelers.
  5. Super Midsize Jets include the Gulfstream 200 and the Challenger 601 with up to 12 seats.
  6. For long haul International flights we feature the Gulfstream and Global Jets with up to 18 seats.
  7. Compare side by side  aircraft prices and select- ask for multiple quotes an exclusive offer from our Dispatch Team, for support call P.702-336-7345 with no risks or obligations on your part!

Vegas Express Takes Care of the VIP Travelers for the Las Vegas Resorts

Our clients include the high value travelers for the Casino Industry, this includes the Wynn, Aria, Cosmopolitan and Aria Resorts. Safety, security and privacy are addressed by a Team of Dispatchers and Air Concierges.


“On Demand Charters” provide you with the best options- you only pay for the charter hours flown and are not responsible for any fees. No need to purchase Memberships or Buy Pricey Jet Cards with up-front investments from $5,000- to $25,000.

All the quotes you receive include a 4% cash discount–pay the operator direct and save. Our Team Members will be here to provide you with fast quotes and flight confirmations. Please call our airport phone at P.702-336-7345. No risks on your part.

You may consider a request for multiple quotes- compare the King Air with the Phenom–or the Light Jet with a larger 6 seat Lear 60 with WIFI and a enclosed washroom. Enjoy luxury and comfort at very affordable prices.


We help you search for big savings with “Open Legs”- after you submit a quote request we will include Open Leg options for your review and consideration. Open Legs are a great choice for travelers who have a flexible schedule.

6 Seat Lear 60 Fast Midsize Jet for trips of 4 hours.

The Total Care program featured by Royalty in Partnership with Vegas Express Jet anticipates all your needs. Receive complimentary Limousine Services for all flights on 3 plus hours (One Way)  with Midsize, Super Midsize and Large Cabin Jets. Ask us for special rates on limo transfers.


As Consultants we work for you, helping you select the best aircraft for your mission. Take advantage of our “Flexible Quote” options. The information you receive allows you to compare, search and shop for your Private Jet.

  • Flight schedules which detail flight times in local times.
  • Aircraft photos which provide you with interior seating and exterior image of the aircraft which we propose for your flight
  • Detailed pricing for flight hours, handling fees, fuel surcharges, flight crew overnight costs and Federal Taxes.
  • With “On Demand Private Jet Charters” you avoid charges for pricey jet cards or memberships.

You are encouraged to ask for multiple aircraft options, you compare flight hours and direct costs for your Private Jet Charter. Compare the costs for a King Air Twin Turbo with the Price for a Light Jet…. Or upgrade from a Light Jet to a Midsize Lear 60. You fully control your options and budget.

From the Light Jet Lear 35A to the Gulfstream 650. 4-19 seats.


Private Jet Hire rates are the lowest for the Lear 31, 35, 55 and 60 with low hourly rates from under $2,500. The Lear provides you with 6 seats and ample space for sports gear and baggage. For last minute availability contact our Airport Desk at 702-336-7345.


No need to pay membership fees or buy a pricey prepaid jet card with any of the quotes you receive from Vegas Express Jet.

Budget flyers benefit from the low price on the Phenom from the Las Vegas Hangar at the Quail Center with rates from $1,995.00 per hour. Your Best Buy and Best Value for flights under 1300 miles. Consider this jet for Santa Monica, Burbank, Van Nuys, Santa Barbara, Ventura, Ontario and Carlsbad. Please ask us for quotes or call P.702-336-7345. Please visit us at Jet Net Charters.

Private Jet Prices- How to secure best deals- Vegas Express Jet

Experience our new store under construction for rates and deals.

Super budget rates are yours when you opt-in  for the Twin King Air Turbo with rates from $1,500- per hour. Fly from Las Vegas to Orange County John Wayne for under $6,900  roundtrip.

Worldwide Services by FAA Part 135 Authorized Operator- fly one ways, roundtrips and benefit from Open Legs and Special Rates. For support contact our flight department at P.702-805-8877 —or ask for a quot

Plan your trip or contact one of our Jet Experts, we are here to help and chat at 702-805-8877

PRIVATE JETS- More Luxury for Less and No long term obligations.

Wholesale Rates for the Lear 35A with up to 8 seats start at $2,400 per hour- you do not need to pay retail rates at $2,800 per hour. When you upgrade to a Midsize or Large Jet expect savings up to $1,000 per hour for the Gulfstream IV and Large Cabin Jets


Our dispatch team will be pleased to provide you with Open Legs which are available within 7-17 days before departure. Expect savings from 40-60%. Call our Dispatch offices at P.702-805-8877. Or contact us


LAS VEGAS STRIP: (rates may be lower on weekdays- now you will be able to manage your costs)
Seating from 4-8 passengers:
Seattle $ 12,350.00
Los Angeles $ 3,395.00 * 
Denver $ 8,750.00
Phoenix $  7,900.00
Austin $ 13,500.00
Dallas $ 12,950.00
Houston $ 13,900.00
New Orleans $ 15,850.00
Chicago $ 14,950.00
Atlanta $18,000.00*
New York $ 21,900.00* -$30,0000
Boston $22,900.00* $30,0000
Miami $ 22,250.00*


  • * Upcharges may  apply for Federal Taxes of 7.5%, Segment fees of $4- per person. * Twin turbo Burbank – Las Vegas KHND

Vegas Express Jet will be pleased to provide you with a Customized Rate Quote for your schedule, this includes the “Best Buy” and cost efficient aircraft for your trip. Get your quote here: For flights within the next 48 hours please contact P.702-336-7345

How to compare rates?- make certain that the rate quote you receive is for a specific aircraft type. Your check list should include all taxes and fees and special charges. You may receive a quote which does not include the Federal Tax of 7.5% which applies for all charters within the USA.


Very Light Jets include the Phenom 100,  Citation Mustang with seating up to 4. Select this Jet for flights up to 3 hours- with a range of 1300 miles.  Prices range from $1,950 to $2,400 per hour.  Fly this Jet from Santa Monica, Ventura, San Barbara, Paso Robles, Sacramento, San Jose or Burbank. Ask for pricing to and from your home town airports.


The Challenger 601-604 series the Preferred Party Jet for up to 12 guests


  • Light Jets include the Lear Jet 35A with seating for up to 7 passengers. This is a fast jet with a range of up to 4 hours. This aircraft has aft washroom. Rates range from $2,250 to $2,600 per hour.
  • The Lear 35A is a best buy for flights from Phoenix, Scottsdale, Tucson and all Arizona Cities.
  • Super-Midsize Jets provide you with a large cabin and seating for up to 12 guests. This aircraft type offers the space you need for long haul flights without the “Pricey rates” for the Gulfstream. The Challenger 601-604 series aircraft are the preferred business jets and well suited for Wedding Parties and Family travel.


Make certain you charter agreement includes a guaranteed rate quote- all charter contracts issued by Vegas Express Jet are supplied by the Operator Direct–no middleman, no additional costs.

Affordable Phenom 100 Jet by


SMALLER GROUPS CHARTERS- Options include the 19 seat Beechjet with 19 seats, the Embraer 135 with 30 seats- this is a commuter jets with ample room for baggage. Aircraft in this group have a range of 2- 2.5 hours. Rates from $6,700 per hour.

COMMRECIAL JETS, SEATING FROM 33 TO 160- Boeing 737 aircraft with 160 standard or 57 Business Class Seats. Aircraft have a range of up to 6 hours. Rates range from $14,000 to $22,000 per hour.

CHARTER TYPES- Charters are available for sports, business and group charters. Special policies apply for tour charters.

Aircraft types Seating by Airplane Type Rates from*
Very Light Jet Phenom 100, Citation Mustang  Rates from $1995- per hours
Light Jet Lear 35A up to 7 seats  $2,495-
Midsize Jet Lear 55, 60 – 6 seats $3,500- to $3,800 
Super Midsize Jet Challenger 601-12 seats $4,450-
Large Cabin Jet Gulfstream IV SP 12 seats $5,700- to $7,500
Commercial Beechjet 1900, 19 seats $6,700-
Twin Turbo Prop  King Air Twin Turbo 2-Pilots 4-9 seats- your Best Buy and Best Value- Best choice for flights under 2 hours. $1,500-

Vegas Express Jet, departure Lounges Atlantic, Signature at the Las Vegas , Los Angeles, San Diego, Burbank, Santa Monica, John Wayne, Santa Barbara, Phoenix, Scottsdale, Kanab, Salt Lake City, Henderson Executive and No Las  Vegas. Based on the Las Vegas Strip  Corridor serving the Las Vegas Resorts, Wynn, Encore, Aria and MGM. Please contact us at P.702-805-8877

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