How much is a Private Jet

Turbo and Light Jet Cost Savers at

CHARTERED FLIGHTS,  Compare charter prices and aircraft. The choices you make will provide you with pleasure at the lowest costs. Compare prices and secure a quote without membership costs or pricey jet card

ON DEMAND CHARTERS ARE A BETTER BUY, No need to buy Memberships or Jet Cards. You simply pay for the hours flown. Start with securing quotes and compare prices. We compiled a list of the items you need to consider before you “click and buy”


  • PRIVATE JET PRICES ARE LOWER–Select a Twin Turbo like the King Air with up to 8 seats. Great choice for flights under 2 hours. Expect rates from $1495- per hour (2 hour minimum may apply)
  • CHARTERED FLIGHTS–Are a best buy with you use fewer seats. The very light Phenom Jet with 4 seats has a spacious interior designed by BMW. Rates from $1995- per hour. This aircraft is a great option for flights under 3.5 hours. The Phenom has a range of 3.5 hours or 1300 miles.
  • RENT A LIGHT JET—-The Learjet has a reputation as the preferred business aircraft. Special deals on the Lear 31A, Lear 35A with 6 seats. Expect rates from $2300- per hour.
  • HOW MUCH IS A MEDIUM JET—Need a jet for a trip from LAX to Miami, Chicago. Las Vegas to St. Louis or Dallas. Select the 6 seat Learjet 60 with seating for 6 passengers. This long range jet offers seating for 6 passengers. A Large enclosed washroom and WIFI.
  • LARGE CABIN JETS—You need this aircraft for trips to and from Las Vegas to Honolulu, Aruba, London, Paris, Lyon, Bordeaux with up to 19 seats. Private Jet Prices and options include One Way prices and options for Open Legs.



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Vegas Express Jet. Airport Lounges on Las Vegas Strip- Atlantic, Signature, Henderson- Van Nuys, Burbank, Santa Monica, Long Beach, Ontario, John Wayne, San Diego CA

Scottsdale, Phoenix with airport lounges in all major cities- No TSA no Lines

For quotes, please call us at P. (1)  702-336-7345

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 1) Lowest Cost, Twin Turbo with rates from $1495- per hour

2) Very Light Jets, Phenom 100 with seating for 4 rates from $1995- per hour

3) Light Jets, Lear 31, 35 from $2500- per hour

4) Medium sized jets, the Lear 69, Hawker 800 from $3,500- per hour

5) Super Medium, Challenger 600 with 12 seats from $4,495- per hour

6) Large Cabin Jets for Long Haul Flights:

  • Global 6000, 14 seats
  • Gulfstream IV Sp 14 seats
  • Gulfstream 650 with up to 19 seats and a range of 8,000 plus miles.


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Vegas Express Jet, visit our departure Lounges on the Las Vegas Strip. Atlantic, Signature. Henderson Executive. Van Nuys, Burbank, Long Beach, John Wayne, Carlsbad, San Diego, Santa Monica, Bakersfield.


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