Private Jets- Day Trips

Empty Legs 40-60 savings at Vegas Express Jets


Over 70% of our guests fly trips under 1,500 miles. Many private jet charters include day-trips for business or pleasure.  Business Travelers take advantage of the Private Plane to visit cities not served by the Commercial Airlines.

Visitors to the Las Vegas Strip use a private jet to expand their stay with day journeys to California Wineries, Disneyland California and visits to Palm Springs.  Other locations include Bryce and Zion National Parks. 


Simply arrive at your Private Airport lounge only minutes before departure, bring the family and your “Furry Friends”- Experience a “Hassle Free Trip”, no lines and no waiting in at Commercial Airport Gates.  Bring your friends and associates and share the costs. You eliminate all the stress since we instantly load your bags for departure with our planeside meet and greet services at airports. For support, airport P.702-336-7345

Greater flexibility with the availability of hundreds of aircraft from over 50 Alliance Partners serving over 4,000 airports. Vegas Express Jet has served the Las Vegas Strip corridor for over 14 years. Our Guests stay at the Wynn-Encore, Bellagio, Aria, Waldorf and Cosmopolitan. For the luxury experience we recommend the 4Seasons. Take advantage of our Special Perks and Upgrades provided by our Air Concierges.


Full transparence, you select your schedule and times. Select the best plane and seating. Vegas Express handles the rest with a quote which details your flight times and costs. No hidden fees or surprises! For support call our Airport phone at 702-336-7345

The Twin Turbo King Air is a commercial Best Buy Budget option—-fly to and from Las Vegas to all LAX airports including Burbank, Van Nuys, Santa Monica,  Long Beach, Ontario, John Wayne, Carlsbad and San Diego Airports.

Light Jets include the Phenom 100 with seating for 4 travelers, the Lear 35A with up to 7 seats. Midsize options include the Lear 60 with 6/7 seats.

Large Cabin Jets with up to 19 seats include the Gulfstream IV and V, 650 with a range of up to  8,300 miles. Ask us for a quote. No need to join membership clubs or purchase pricey prepaid jet cards. “On Demand Charters are your best buy and options” no strings or hidden charges.


Save up to $15,000 with our Gulfstream Coast to Coast Charters with the G200 with up to 10 seats. Fly from LAX to NYC and benefit from hourly cost savings of $1,500 per hour. Compare this with the Gulfstream V with hourly rates of $7,000- per hour.  Enjoy complimentary WIFI services and the attention of a Flight Attendant.

Open legs with Medium and Large Cabin Jets provide you with deep discounted charter rates which range from 30 to 50%. For travelers with a flexible schedule this option should be considered.  Open legs are available between 3 and 13 days before departure. Please ask our Jet Consultants for quotes and options.


As Consultants, it’s our mission to introduce Private Jet Flyers to the very best Jet Operators with high quality aircraft.  All of our 650 plus Alliance Partners is ARG/UL Gold or Platinum rated.  None better!

Vegas Express Jet

Vegas Express Welcomes your payment

Sample Prices by Type of Aircraft
Passengers Range/miles Rate Hourly
Light Jet 4/8 2300 $200-$3500
Midsize 6/8 3500 $3100-$4,100
Super Mid 8/10 4200 $4,200-$4500-
Large Jet 9/19 8,200 $7,500-$14,000
Turbo 6/8 2,000 $1,50-$2,100
Roundtrip flights- sample rates ask for quotes!
City pair Light Jet Medium Jets Large
LAX/LAS $8,500 $13,000 $27,500
LAX/SFO $9,900 $13,500 $28,000
SNA/LAS $8,400 $11,600 $27,500
LAS/DAL $19,500 $23,000 $29,995
LAX/MIA NA $45,000 $70,000
LAS/NYC NA $44,900 $65,000
LAS/SLC NA $19,950 $27,000
LAS/DEN $199,950 $23,990 $39,000
LAS/LON NA NA $205,000
LAS/CHI $27.95 $33,000 $43,000
LAS/Hong Kong NA NA $345,000





Best buys include the King Air Twin Turbo and the Light Phenom 100 Jet.

  • The King Air provides you with low cost Private Plane options with low hourly charter costs. With up to 8 seats, this commercial preferred jet is a smart buy. Place this one on your wish list for shorter flights under 2 hours.
  • The Phenom 100 Jet is a great options for your upgrade to 4 seat Jet with an interior designed by BMW. Fly in a luxury jet at an affordable price. Fly this plane to all Las Vegas Airports on the Strip! The Phenom has a range of 1300 miles—about 3 hours.


Phenom Light Jet 4 seats, FREE quotes at 702-336-7345


  • Direct charter agreements from Aircraft Operator. Guaranteed rates with no hidden fees. Available “Price Matching”*
  • All quotes you receive from Vegas Express Jet include a 4% cash discount.
  • *Based on the same aircraft type and schedule.


  • With over 50 Alliance Partners you benefit from direct rates and firms which offer the highest quality and service standards.
  • The Hybrid format is one of your best options and sources for a cost efficient aircraft. Ask us for a “Flexible Quote”
  • Chartered flight options may include multiple aircraft options for you to compare.
  • For support contact our Airport Desk at P.702-336-7345. No request is too small


Save up to 60% with Open Legs, flights for travelers with flexible schedules, visit us for Cheap jets.


TRANSPARANCY, provides you with the ability to compare quote since all fees and charges are fully detailed.  No need to join membership clubs or buy pricey jet cards. On demand charters are a bet buy!

SMART TECHNOLOGIES : Providing you with competitive rate quotes for one way and open leg charters. Guaranteed Charter Agreements help you select the best option for your trip.

 JET PRICES—COMPARING QUOTES: This option allows you to request several aircraft types and rates, please visit us at.

UNDERSTANDING YOUR PLANE OPTIONS: Consider your options before you fly, make a smart move and use all the seats to save costs.

  • Turbo Jets, this includes the Twin Turbo King air with 7 seats. This aircraft is a “Smart Buy with rates from $1,500/ $1,900  per hour”.**

Great Value and Budget Buy Get a Quote Now

  • The Very Light Jet, the Phenom 100 has an interior designed by BMW, with a rate from $1,995- per hour this 4 seat is a great option for flights under 3 hours. *A flight hour minimum of 2 hours may apply.
  • Lear 35A with seating for 7 or Lear 60 are great options for flights of 4 plus hours- select this aircraft for trip to and from Seattle, San Francisco, Dallas, Houston, Chicago. Rates range from $2,700 for the Lear 31A to $3,600 for the Lear 60

Turbo and Light Jet Cost Savers at

Vegas Express provides you with all aircraft options from over 50 Alliance Partners, This includes the Hawker 800-900 Series, Challenger 601-605, Falcon 50-2000 or the Global 6000 with 15 seats. Fast quotes via Text message. For flexible quotes.


Open legs are a best buy for travelers with a Flexible Schedule. The best time to reserve ranges from 3-13 days before your departure date. Savings range from 40-60%. Ask us for the updated availability and contact us at P.702-336-7345. No risks or obligations on your part. Understand that you may pick a flight–however availability is First Come-First Reserved.

 Offering Wheels Up in 45 minutes from all major airports—-

  • Private Jet Prices without costly memberships
  • No need for Pricey Prepaid JetCards
  • Complimentary Photographer on site for photos for group charters
  • Limousine services for groups at no extra charge——
  • On-site meet and greet by on of our Charter Team Members

Keep it simple, ask us provide you with a detailed quote (no strings attached) if you wish to compare a Turbo with a Light jet ask for “Multiple Quotes”. Call our airport phone for support at P.702-336-7345

Vegas Express Jet offer exclusive benefits which include:

  1. The services of a team of Certified Travel Planners who address your needs in the ground and in the air. Special catering services provided by Whole Foods services. Fresh meal options which include salads and custom crafted sandwiches which are delivered to your plane only minutes before your flight departure.
  2. Special rates for First and Business Class Tickets on Commercial Airlines for International flights.
  3. Protection services from the Bedrock Protection Agency on the ground and in the air-please visit.
  4. One of our Team Members will be on-site for all Trans Atlantic or Pacific flights to assist with your boarding process. We ensure that your catering is  on board and introduce you to the flight deck crew and your flight attendant(s).

Vegas Express Jet has served the Resort Casino Industry since the year 2005 with Private and Commercial Jet Services. We exceed the highest standards in Customer Services and conduct your Private Jet booking with the understanding that we respect and handle your transaction as “CONFIDENTIAL”. All our Team members are Jet and Travel Certified Experts.

For your protection we ask you to pay the Charter Operators direct- saving the middleman and transactions is a part of our costs savings we share with you. All Charter quotes include a 4% cash discount.


Vegas Express Jet Private Airport Lounges, Las Vegas Strip Atlantic, Signature, Henderson Executive, Van Nuys, Burbank, Long beach, John Wayne SNA, Carlsbad, San Diego, Bakersfield, Santa Barbara, Scottsdale, San Jose.

Admin offices at Las Vegas Strip Corridor–Las Vegas NV 89120-1333 USA, All aircraft are operated by FAA Part 135 Authorized Operators with the ARG/US Gold or Platinum ratings for quality and safety.

Vegas Express Jet acts as an agent for FAA Part 135 Authorized Operators, and is not an operator- owner of aircraft. All flights are offered and arranged through Vegas Express Jet a Royalty Company. Charter Agreements are issued by Part FAR 135 operators and are submitted to our clients guests for review and approval. Royalty is an authorized agency in partnership with the services provided by Signature. This includes IATA Carriers and special offers on First Class and Business Class International Travel. Reach our Air Concierges at P.702-458-5191




For commercial aircraft with 19-160 seats please visit us at Jet Net Charters or call us at725-696-4012—-no request is too small. We will be able to provide European rates including special rates for First and Business Class seats on commercial airlines.








Las Vegas Airport departures from Atlantic, Signature, No. Las Vegas, Henderson Executive Airports, Van Nuys, LAX, Carlsbad and Santa Barbara.

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Vegas Express Jet

Vegas Express Jet, Jet Experts and Concierges Airport Phone 1+702-336-7345

SUPPORT: Admin 5132 Tennis Ct Street E, Suite 101, Las Vegas NV 89120-1333 USA, PH Airport 1+702-336-7345. FAX 1+702-458-5191. E:, or Concierges at PH 702-458-5191


Vegas Express Jet by Royalty arranges flights on behalf of clients with FAA Part 135 operators which maintain full control of the aircraft and crew. Vegas Express Jet does not own or operate aircraft. All quotes are secured from FAA Part operators which are ARG/US Gold or Platinum rated- amongst the highest safety standards in the Private Jet Industry.

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