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Vacation on board a Private Jet–it’s like a cruise by ship but much more convenient, visit more cities and enjoy more time at your destination. Enjoy Luxury Hotels, Great tours and customized programs for you and your family.

Luxury Air Cruises with the World’s Largest Private Jet–explore your options

From The World’s Most Awarded Luxury Cruise Line™ comes an extraordinary new way to explore the world by private jet: Join us for 15 to 29 days as we traverse lands both exotic and remote. You’ll reside in the finest hotels, resorts and safari lodges while enjoying exclusive access to places of rare beauty and cultural significance. Aboard the  AirCruises state-of-the-art Boeing 777—the world’s largest and most luxuriously spacious private tour jet—you’ll experience All Exclusive excellence at every turn: expert butler service, Michelin-level cuisine, the finest wines and champagnes, expansive social space, and the most sumptuous Exclusive Class™ flatbed seats, handcrafted to perfection for the ultimate in comfort. This sublime sophistication is limited to 84 guests per global adventure to ensure an abundance of peerless and uncompromised space and luxury. UA-53094005-1

Please contact us for our full travel services which include the support by our Certified Travel and Jet Experts. We ensure that you make the very best choices and provide you with all travel arrangements before and after the AirCruise.  Ann Geskes is our Travel and Jet Expert—you may reach her at P.702-336-7345 or e-mail.

CRYSTAL                AIRCRUISE



On a journey of rare privilege, two of the world’s most acclaimed luxury brands combine their considerable expertise to present a  curated collection of Crystal Experiences and bespoke programs from The Peninsula Academy. Departing on Aug 31, 2017- please continue to explore your itinerary

Vegas Express Jet B777 Lounge

Vegas Express Jet B777 Lounge

May we provide you with the itineraries— please call us at P.702-336-7345, review the special customized tour programs—-

Dates: Aug 31 – Sept 26, 2017 | Days: 27 | Round-trip: New York City, USA | Voyage: 1701 | Fare: $159,000 per guest. Please ask us for a detailed brochure and rate quotes. Discover the schedule below- we will be pleased to customize your journey with special events at each city.

Vegas Express Jet B777 Seating

Vegas Express Jet Boeing 777- Luxury Jet for brochure and quotes



A collection of all-inclusive, interchangeable Destination Experiences all four, or use the optional Design Your Time to create your own experience.

  • Exhilarating Adventures—at each destination
  • Cultural Discoveries—-you select (please ask for brochure)
  • Personal Connections—–make new connections, people like you.
  • Tantalizing Gastronomy–fly with an Executive Chef, no frozen chicken, quality cuisine from a “One Star Restaurant”

DESTINATION  HIGHLIGHTS—none featured on any other programs

  • Explore the Forbidden City with exclusive access to the closed-to-the-public Chonghua Palace, take a Master-led Tai Chi
  • Lessons at the Temple of Heaven, join fellow AirCruise guests for a private dinner on the Great Wall.
  • Fly from Shanghai to Huangshan to see its stunning Yellow Mountain and ancient village of Xidi, and from Beijing to the Yungang
  • Grottoes to with their amazing rock-cut
  • Take part in The Peninsula Academy’s Chinese Tea Appreciation, and travel to Macau
  • Learn Thai Martial Arts’ techniques at The Peninsula Bangkok, discover the Royal Palace and Emerald Buddha Temple through
  • the eyes of a monk, and venture to Chiang Mai to ride an elephant or visit the Karen Hill
  • Enjoy exclusive tours of Versailles, Palais Opera Garnier and the Musee du Louvre.
 Don’t hesitate to ask us for the itineraries and pricing for all AirCruises



Dates: Aug 31- Sep 26, 2017 I Days 27 I Roundtrip New York I Voyage 1701 I Fare $159,000 per person. We will expedite a full brochure with details- please contact Ann Geskes, P.702-458-5191.

New York City, USA


Bon Voyage Reception

AUG 31                                                 The Peninsula New York

SEP 1              New York City               Chicago, USA

The Peninsula Chicago

SEP 2              Chicago                        Los Angeles, USA

The Peninsula Beverly Hills

SEP 3              Los Angeles                  Crossing International Dateline

SEP 4              Crossing International   Tokyo, Japan

Dateline                        The Peninsula Tokyo

SEP 5-6                                                 The Peninsula Tokyo

SEP 7              Tokyo                            Beijing, China

The Peninsula Beijing

SEP 8–9                                                The Peninsula Beijing

SEP 10            Beijing                          Shanghai, China

The Peninsula Shanghai

SEP 11–12                                             The Peninsula Shanghai

SEP 13            Shanghai                      Hong Kong, China

The Peninsula Hong Kong

SEP 14–15                                             The Peninsula Hong Kong

SEP 16            Hong Kong                    Manila, Philippines

The Peninsula Manila

SEP 17                                                  The Peninsula Manila

SEP 18            Manila                           Bangkok, Thailand

The Peninsula Bangkok 

SEP 19–21                                             The Peninsula Bangkok 

SEP 22            Bangkok                       Paris, France

The Peninsula Paris

SEP 23–25                                             The Peninsula Paris 

SEP 26            Paris                            New York City, NY

Itinerary for 2017-2018 include: Please ask for brochures:


Dates-Oct 21-Nov 18- 2017 , 29 days Roundtrip Los Angeles, Voyage 1702. Depart from Los Angeles, Lima (Easter Island), Uluru-Vietnam, Ho Chi Min City, Lhasa-India, Jaipur-Mauritius, Victoria Falls, Prague returning to LAX. Fare: $139,000 per guest


Dates-June 1-Jun 16-2018, 16 Days Roundtrip San Francisco, Voyage 1811. Depart from San Francisco, Mendoza-Argentina, Santiago- Chili, Cape Town- So. Africa, Pisa- Italy, Bordeaux-France, Paris returning to San Francisco. Fare  $73,000 per guest


Dates- June 23- July 14, 2018, 22 Days Roundtrip New York, Voyage 1812 Depart from New York with special reception Mandarin Oriental, Tokyo, Yangon- Myanmar, Maldives, Agra-India, Victoria Falls- Zimbabwe, Cape Town, Vienna-Austria returning to New York. Fare $99,500 per guest.


Date- September 8-29, 2018, 22 days Roundtrip from New York, Voyage 1813 with special reception at the Mandarin Oriental, Lima-Peru, Easter Island, Cairns, Siem Reap, Lhasa, Agra, Cape Town, Abu Dhabi. Fare $99,500 per guest.

80 Luxury Lay Flat Seats ask us for brochure at P.702-336-7345 /

Please review the brochure and special participant requirements. Fares and schedules are subject to change. Please call our Travel Team at P.702-458-5191. Ask for a detailed quote.


Our team of Travel and Jet Experts are here to help you with the planning of your events at each destination. After you review the itinerary consider your personal interests and discover places you have not visited before.

Your travel from your home-town airport will be fully coordinated with your tour itinerary. This includes limousine services ensuring that you will experience a “hasslefree journey”. For support and a detailed prospectus please contact us at P.702-336-7345 or ask us for a quote.


Introducing Crystal AirCruises, the world’s newest and most luxuriously spacious private jet. Embark on iconic global journeys offering more included exclusive options to create customized itineraries. We are your insiders and help you discover boutique private jet journeys. Anticipating your needs and managing your expectations by a team of Travel Experts.

Vegas Express Jet- A Royalty Co. based on the Las Vegas Strip. Serving the Senior Executives at the Las Vegas Resorts since the year 2,000. As Consultants for the Aviation industry we provide a level of expertise which is unmatched in the Travel and Aviation industries.

All services are supplied by fully Authorized and Accredited IATA agents. Members of the NBAA (National Business Aviation). All transactions are conducted in a fully confidential manner.

Meet your Air Cruise Specialist, Ann Geskes at P.702-458-5191 is here for a personal consultation. As a Certified Travel Consultant she has escorted a number of cruises as has an annual schedule to inspect properties around the Globe. With her experience as a Jet Expert and Travel Planner she will be working for your to plan the ultimate luxury Jet Cruise Experience. You may contact Ann on her direct line at P.702-458-5191. She will introduce you to special options and perks.


Special security is provided through an escrow account for all Private Jet Charters–please view the details in the prospectus. Availability on some AirCruises is limited.


Vegas Express Jet- (A Royalty Co.) 5132 Tennis Ct Street E, #101- Las Vegas BV 89120-1333 USA. P.702-336-7345. Fast quotes.

Our “Credentials” Vegas Express Jet a Royalty Company has served the Las Vegas Strip Corridor and Luxury Resorts for over 15 years. Our Air Cruise department services are provided by Signature a fully accredited ARC/IATA/CLIA portal.


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