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Fly Private Jet, Safety Tips

Fly Private Jet, Safety tips

Private Jet Prices- How to secure best deals- Vegas Express Jet- Safety Tips protect yourself.

Ten safety tips when you venture into the great unknown, protect yourself and ensure a happy ending to your journey. Here are a number of suggestions you may appreciate.

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Helps you with  updated safety data for every country in the World. Visit  their website.Travel.State.Gov


Make a picture with your IPhone or Scanner and include images  of your passport (use the side with you picture, passport number). Don’t overlook  copies of your prescriptions  and credit cards. (Front and backside)       Upload the information to your “cloud account”. Keep a copy of this information on your phone–just in case.


Leave a copy of your itinerary with friends and family, make certain that you include all your flight information, hotels etc. Work with a travel planner who will be able to assist you during flight interruptions. You will be able to rebook a flight and avoid long lines at the ticket counter!


Make certain that you keep your passport and medications with you. A small pouch is a great option.. If you need to check a bag make certain that you make inventory of the contents–a couple of pictures and serial numbers for you IPad and Computer will be a great resource in case you need to file a claim.


 Discourage theft by keeping the bags in front of you. Thieves will work behind you to remove or open your bags. Don’t be distracted— thieves will work with a series of partners. Losing you phone or laptop can be a painful lesson.


Make certain that you take a moment to ensure that the room is not occupied. Discover the locations of emergency exits.  If you decide to take advantage of the WIFI system in  your  hotel or  B&B understand that you are at great risk. Hackers have the ability to intercept your calls and collect your bank information. Pairing your phone with your computer will lower your risks. Call your provider for options and costs.

If you elected to use a hotel or airport WIFI system limit your messages to correspondence and social messaging.


For frequent flyers “Annual Policies”  may be the best choice.

For Leisure Travelers your policy should include ” baggage and medical insurance” . Most Medical plans will provide coverage, however you may be required to prepay your charges. Medical evacuations when needed are very pricey. Also consider “Trip Interruption Insurance” and make certain that you understand what’s covered before you buy!


 It’s critical to determine how you will be traveling. For instance you may not be able to secure the accessibility you need at buildings and railroad stations. You will be fine at airports. Work with your travel planner. Each destination is different, hotels may not have special rooms and facilities for the disabled traveler. If possible select a lower floor. It may be smart to travel with a friend who can assist when needed.


Your Private Jet bookings with Vegas Express Jet includes special complimentary limousine services on the Las Vegas Strip. Take advantage of this offer which is detailed and included with all the quotes your receive.

Total Care options are included with all flights of three plus hours (one ways.) For shorter flights we will be pleased to share our lowest net/net rates.

Your Private Jet Experience provides you with the knowledge that the Crew and Cabin Staff understand your needs and preferences. This includes special catering options with our Partners at Amazon Whole foods. All meals for Las Vegas Departures are prepared only minutes before departure to ensure quality and great taste.

 Your limousine and driver will meet you planeside on the tarmac. This is a secure area since all the employees will have ramp authority to handle the aircraft services and the handling of your bags. Take a moment to ensure that all your bags are placed in the car. All limousine firms will have special ramp clearance.

Bedrock Operations and Special Projects.
P. 801-997-0989



Address your requirements with  ( this firm  provides global operational support for the Executives and Business travelers.

J. Damien Scott is the Director of Special Projects. Please contact his office at (1) 702-996-7111 or

Bedrock Special Projects provides global operational support, we encourage you to communicate with the Bedrock Special Projects team. The services of Bedrock are a key component of our “Total Care” program which addresses you special needs on the ground and in the air.



We respect your privacy and adhere to a number of policies which protect your identity and personal information;

  • Your personal information, flight schedules and aircraft tail number are not shared with outside parties or vendors without your prior approval.
  • Vegas Express Jet only requires one name at time of booking- this to address the charges and respond to service requests and quotes.
  • All passenger names are required four hours before departure to allow ample time for manifest preparation and name submissions to the Department of Homeland Security.

All the Team Members at Vegas Express Jet are Certified Jet Experts, our Concierge Group is made up of Certified Travel Counselors. Within this group we have European and US Specialists who are here to assist.

You are invited to visit  JetNetCharters (Our new Jet Store) – Take a moment to review our Wine Tours and other packages designed for the Luxury Traveler. Feel free to ask us for a customized program which includes all your air and ground services. Benefit from our Special Perks offering Suite Upgrades and Complimentary Dining options. Each itinerary is customized to meet your highest expectations.

We welcome any suggestions or experiences you may have, please indicate if you allow us to share this information with our guests.


Vegas Express Jet, Private Airport Lounges at Atlantic, Signature on the Las Vegas Strip. Henderson Executive Airport. Van Nuys, Burbank, Santa Monica, Long Beach, John Wayne, Carlsbad Palomar Airport, San Diego City. Our Corridor offices and Admin. call us at 702-336-7345








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