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Very Light Jets

Very Light Jets


Perfect for one way and multiple flights- great for short hops:

  • Departures from the Las Vegas Strip and Camarillo CA
  • Seating for 4-5 passengers, Large Baggage compartment
  • Cabin Length 11 ft
  • Cabin Height 4 ft 11 in
  • Range 11.60 nm—close to 3.2 hours
  • Cabin Width 5 ft 1 in
  • Speed 390 kts, Service Ceiling 37,000

One stop shopping for a Private Plane for Charters, Leasing and Renting options

Take advantage of one stop shopping, Vegas Express Jet offers you the most flexible “On Demand Charters” with no strings or pains attached. You only pay for the Charter Hours and Taxes–no hidden fees for Pricey prepaid jet cards (Some firms require up to $250,000-) or Memberships fees.

Is this Jet your best option?

Phenom 100, seating for 4-5 passengers

The Phenom 100 is a best buy and best value for shorter flights under 2 hours- take this Jet from Las Vegas to Salt Lake City or Provo UT or from Burbank, Long Beach or John Wayne to Las Vegas for a weekend. The Cabin interior is designed by BMW with comfortable sating and a large cabin.

Is the plane the best option for your next journey, ask for a No Risk quote and one of our dispatchers will include a second plane option with schedules and pricing—you compare and decide. For help and support text us at P.(1) 702-336-7345.  Ask us for special Weekend rates from San Diego, John Wayne      including  Gulfstream 14 Seat Luxury Jet leases for Fri-Sun flights.


Vegas Express Jet Private Lounge or Hangar Departures from the Las Vegas Strip at Atlantic, Signature, North Las Vegas, Henderson.

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