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Private Jets Simply Best Charter Rates

Private Jets Simply Best Charter Rates

Helping you discover the best Charter Rates with our in-house inventory and leading edge technologies. We offer flight by flight solutions with no long term commitment. Point to point pricing options, one ways and “open legs” may fit your travel requirements. Fast quotes

Your direct benefits include:

  • Customized quotes which are submitted with a Charter Agreement and Guaranteed rates. Fully transparent pricing details.
  • Price matching– aircraft for aircraft ensuring that you secured the best price and best deal. For details, please call our airport desk at P.702-336-7345
  • Full transparency, your quote details your flight schedule, aircraft specifications such as seating plans and WIFI plus airport details.
  • Charges for Taxes and fees are included–this means no last minute upcharges or fees at the time “you click and buy”
  • Special discounts of 4% are yours with our flexible rates–pay via a Bank Wire Transaction and save.
  • Feel free to ask for multiple quotes—you may select a less expensive such as a Twin Turbo or Very Light Jet.
  • FREEDOM from Membership fees, monthly charges and need to purchase pricey prepaid jet cards.

You may receive a wide range of quotes from other Charter Operators or Brokers, make certain to ask for a charter agreement to compare rates, aircraft types and services. Here are some smart moves you need to consider:

A light jet or Twin Turbo may not be your best option for long haul travel. The trip will take longer and may require fuel stops which take time and cost you money.

Midsize Jets such as the Lear 60 will take you on comfortable flights of 3 plus hours with large seating, conference tables and ample space for your baggage. For Coast to Coast flights of 5 plus hours consider a Super Midsize like the Falcon 2000, Gulfstream 100 or the Challenger 601-04 with up to 12 seats.

Large Jets, this includes the Gulfstream 4, 5 and 650 are designed for Long Haul and Overseas Travel. The G650 has a range of 8,300 miles. You would be Ok for a flight from LAX to Shanghai in  11.1 hours.

Frequent flyers will be able to specify a specific aircraft type- for those who are planning to upgrade to a Private Jet from a Commercial Carrier consider the following:

  1. Your time savings with the convenience of leaving from a Private Airport lounge. No lines, no TSA and instant baggage loading and delivery
  2. Save costs by sharing seats, your costs may be very close to First Class Commercial Air
  3. Benefit from the full support of our Dispatch Team in the event you need to change your schedule.
  4. A special Luxury Experience with your own jet, crew and planeside boarding. No lines, no waiting. We are here to make it your lifetime luxury Journey!

Before you decide, review your options and costs. For support call us at P.702-336-7345 or secure a flexible quote”

Never a need to purchase Memberships to use our services- we do not sell pricey Jet Cards. No hidden fees or last minute upcharges, agreements are issued by FAA 135, 121 Authorized Gold/Platinum rated for your safety.


Vegas Express Jet, departures from Signature, Atlantic, Henderson, Van Nuys, Burbank, John Wayne, Scottsdale. P.702-336-7345

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