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Private Jets Prices

Private Jets Prices

How much will you be paying for a Private Jet?

Please follow-us and signup for special if you’r considering a Business Trip or Vacation—we are here to introduce you to special offers and you own ability to control your travel costs. 

Covid-19 is changing the way we work and travel. This is a good time  to review your options and costs. Understand that commercial airline services may be limited in the near future. The private jet will take you 4,000 airports.  Providing you with substantial benefits and reduced costs.

  • The Federal Excise tax for the year 2020 is been cancelled, saving you 7.5%.
  • Pay via a Bank Wire Transaction and save  from 4-5% which are charged to the Charter firm by the financial institutions.
  • Charter operators have seen a substantial decline in demand— they are willing to consider your budget allocation.
  • All time, lowest costs for aviation fuel. Up to 40% of all charter operational costs are fuel related.
  • Commercial airlines will be slow in the start-up of flight schedules, this will have a direct impact on smaller cities.  Expect extended layovers at Hubs. Take a Private Jet to close a business deal.  Or visit family or Elope!
Please text for a Quote- (1) 702-336-7345

You can manage the costs of your Private Jet travel.

Open legs are the “Achilles Heel” of Private Aviation– they represent an opportunity to derive substantial savings for flyers with a “Flexible Schedule”.  Leisure Travelers may be able to save from 30-60%.

  • Operators post most open legs between 3-13 days before flight departures.  They may post this information on their own sites or place the information on a Aviation Search site.  Vegas Express Jet will be able to search for availability on a in house-system.  Please ask our Team Members for assistance at P.702-336-7345. 
  • Not all open legs are the same, for example you may be able to secure a substantial rate reduction for an open leg posted from LAX to MIA if you fly from LAX to Atlanta or Dallas. This way the aircraft would make a stopover to accommodate your flight requirements. We will be here to explore all your options to provide you with cost efficient  solutions.

Additional steps you should take to save!

Over 70% of all charters are under 1,500 miles, or 2.3 hours. Do consider the type of aircraft you need to cover the distance and seating you need.

King Air C-90 Twin Turbo, Vegas Express Jet, support 702-336-7345
  • A King Air Twin turbo is an excellent choice for flights of 1-2 hours.  This aircraft the C-90 has seating for up to 7 passengers.  The King will be a great choice for smaller airports- many operators will offer this plane for connections to commercial airports. Hourly rates from $1,400 per hour.
  • Very Light Jets which include the Phenom 100 offers seating for 4 passengers. This aircraft has an interior designed by BMW with a spacious baggage compartment.  Rates range from $1,900 to $2,100 per hour.  As an added benefit some Phenom’s are WiFi enabled.  Hourly Cruising speed of 390 MPH.  This aircraft has some flight limitations in Very Hot and Cold conditions.
  • For 3-4 hour flights, consider a Mid Size Jet. This includes the Lear 60 with 7 seats.  Expect hourly fees of $3,400 and up.
Phenom 100 Very Light Jet with interior designed by BMW
Phenom 100, Very Light Jet, 4 Seats Vegas Express Jet, P.702-336-7345

How do they calculate the costs for a Private Jet–How much will they charge you.

Most of the operators maintain a rate sheet which is based on the ownership costs of the aircraft, fuel consumption and crew costs. You quote will be based on the costs of the Charter Hours from the moment the aircraft departs from the Hangar or Airport.  You also will be charged for the time required to return the aircraft back to base. Here are you costs and bottomline!

  • Total costs for Charter Hours to take you to your destination and return the aircraft back to base. 
  • Some aircraft like Twin Props are quoted with a single pilot–we strongly suggest that you demand a second officer as an extra layer of safety.
  • Airports will charge various types of taxes—such costs will be noted in your quote.
  • Additional charges may apply for fuel surcharges, de-icing etc.
  • All operators will include a surcharge for Credit Card payments–we recommend you pay via a Bank Wire Check—-unless you collect mileage points.
Options for Business Class Air, Our Travel Team at Royalty Travel US

Comparing Private Jets with Commercial Air Services.

Please take advantage of our Concierge Department which is a fully Authorized IATA Agency. As a matter of policy our International Charter quotes include the costs for Business Class Air. A Charter to London with a GIV Jet and 14 seats will have a price tag of $250,000 and up. This is a cost of $17,000 per person (pro-rated).  Our rates will be closer to $5,000 per person in Business Class. 

Take advantage of the support from a Team of Jet and Travel Consultants to provide you with the very best solutions. You share you needs, our response will be tailor made to meet your needs and budget requirements.


Your “Bottomline” the options to save are unlimited.  For some travelers it may be the purchase of their very own aircraft.  Others may decide to buy a part (Fractional) of a Jet and share the costs of ownership. This is like a timeshare and may be a risky options.  For those who fly hundreds of hours a Jet Card with NetJets may be a best option with upfront investment of $50,000 to $250,000. 

  • For those Business and Leisure Travelers who do not need a “Gold Embossed” membership card, “On Demand Charters” like a ride with UBER or LYFT are the very best and cost efficient solutions. 
  • Support services from Private Jet Advisor, a site which provide you with multiple quotes based on your travel needs.
  • Business Class Air Tickets at “Amazing Rates” visit Royalty, or call P.702-336-7345


Vegas Express Jet, a travel portal for Private Jet and Business Class Travel. Fully Authorized IATA agency.  Vegas Express Jet sources quotes from 50 Plus Alliance FAA Part 135 Jet Operators. 





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