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Private Jets Prices

Private Jets Prices

Private Jet Prices: Big Savings

Vegas Express Jet provides you with the very best options and tools to Fly Private. 30% Less than jet cards & Fractional Ownership.  We recommend that you avoid any investments into risky prepaid cards. Ask for a quote!

  • Memberships are not recommended for most travelers.  You would need to fly hundreds of hours to benefit from a return on investments.
  • “On Demand Charters” are the very same as a trip with Uber or Lyft!  You only pay for your charter hours. 
  • Ask for a quote, all you need is a departure date, time and number of travelers.  No credit card needed. You may call our airport desk at P.702-336-7345 or E:Mail

How do you book a Cheap Private Jet?                                                Travelers with “Flexible Schedules” save from 30-60%.

Hundreds of flights will operate to pick-up airports, or return after they deliver the passengers empty.  Operators are eager to secure revenue passengers on such flight segments. Better known as open legs flights are shown on the reservations system within 3-17 days before operations. You expect discounts from 30 to 60%. The better deals are always available within days of departure.  In exchange for great price discounts understand that last minute flight times may take place—or the party could cancel a charter.  What you should know before you consider:

  • Open legs are great choices for longer flights of 3 plus hours—you will be able to upgrade at no extra fee and fly from LAX to NYC (Teterboro) for half price.
  • Best time to secure an empty leg, from 3-13 days before departure.
  • A great option for travelers who select a Midsize or Large Cabin Jet with 8-13 seats.

Low Cost Private Jets, Big Savings with Very Light Jets!

Over 70% of all flights are under 1,500 miles, about 2,7 hours. It’s perfectly OK to charter a Light Citation CJ2 with 5 seats. Hourly charter rates range from $2,300 to $2,400 per charter hours.

Your Private Jet is a late model aircraft with a fully enclosed washroom and WiFi database and entertainment options.

Exceeding your expectations- Risk Free

Private Plane Charters- Deals!

We source Private Jet quotes from 50 Plus FAA Part Authorized operators. Unbiased quotes which reflect the best pricing and superior service standards. Our system and our Team Members benefit from the latest technologies and source rates from 50 Plus Operators with the highest safety ratings (ARG/US Gold and Platinum), none better! Need a quote, no credit card required?

  • Ask us for a quote, all it takes is a departure date, time and number of travelers. No Credit Cards needed–it only takes a minute!
  • You receive several quotes allowing you to compare a number of aircraft, for example you may request a Very Light Jet, we will offer you several types. Detailed information will include WiFi Systems, washroom and seating time. 
  • Your charter costs are fully detailed, compare side by side options. Select the best Jet for your trip–or call us for suggestions. This may include a side inspection of your jet, before you sign and fly.  Need help, call us at P.702-336-7345.

How to buy a Private Charter

Don’t overbuy on the number of seats you need.  Very light jets include the Phenom 100 with 4 seats and an interior designed by BMW.  Need more seats, select the Cessna Citation M2 with 5 seats!  For bigger savings and flights under two hours consider the Twin Turbo King air with up to 8 seats.  Great for flights from Van Nuys to any airport in California, Nevada or Utah. Ask us for a quote, no credit card needed.

Full services, over 60% of our travelers ask us for quotes for vacation packages–bundle your jet and hotel and collect great perks.

  • Your quote will include several aircraft options with seating, WiFi, bar and washroom options. You compare your prices and select!
  • Your Charter Agreement is submitted after your approve your quote with “Guaranteed Pricing and schedule information. Take advantage of our 4% discount.
  • Condo options and Mansion stays are yours with FREE nights. Plus you will be able to enjoy your pool and spa and include your own chef for that big family feast, the ultimate Foodie Experience of the Vegas Strip.

Royalty Travel US, is our full services travel department, we offer Vacation Packages to all destinations.  This includes European River Cruises, Trips to Zion, Bryce and Grand Canyon. Substantial discounts with Amenity packages on all cruise lines. Please ask for our Air Concierge and call P.702-336-7345.

Take advantage of our Elope and Wedding Packages, Please ask for Joni Moss-Graham. Our Mansion Consultant is Leslie, she will update you on FREE night options with Mansion stays of three nights and 4th Free. Please e-mail with your requirements.


Vegas Express Jet and Royalty Travel US are a Private Jet and Travel Portal which sources quotes through leading edge technologies and direct rate information from over 50 FAA Part 135 Authorize Jet operators with the ARG/US Gold and Platinum ratings. Over 19 years on the Vegas Strip serving the VIP Guests for the Las Vegas Resorts which include the Wynn-Encore, MGM, Caesars, Cosmopolitan and the 4Seasons. Our offices are located on the Las Vegas Strip Corridor at 5132 Tennis Ct East, Las Vegas NV 89120-1333.  Airport desk and flight departures from Private Lounges at Signature, Atlantic and the Henderson Executive Airport.  LAX- Signature East-West at the Van Nuys Airport. Call us at P.702-336-7345. E-Mail



Customized Trips,worldwide P.702-336-7345





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