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Private Jets Las Vegas

Private Jets Las Vegas


Vegas Express Jet is much more, beyond your premier source for all types of Private Jets with seating  for 4-16  passengers.  We are now offering a second option for Luxury Flyers with single seats on a 30 seat commercial jet.

More option when you fly to the Vegas Strip.

  1. Charter your Private Plane with up to 7 seats from LAX, Van Nuys, Long Beach or John Wayne . Fly to the Strip Airports, North Las Vegas or the Henderson Executive Airport.
  2. Buy Single Seats on a 30 seat aircraft which has been converted to a luxury edition. A solution which is an option for Budget minded Luxury Travelers. 


We receive hundreds of Charter Quotes requests each week–our 50 Plus Alliance Partners provide us with special pricing to earn your business. You will have a series of options- you decide.

  • PRIVATE JET CHARTERS, the entire jet aircraft is yours.  You will be able to determine your own departure and arrival airports.  If you depart from the LAX area consider Long Beach, John Wayne or the Van Nuys airport, only minutes from Beverly Hills,  Santa Monica, Marina Del Rey or Westwood.   Determine your own schedules and select your aircraft with “Flexible Quotes”.  
  • SINGLE SEATS IN PRIVATE JETS, this option allows you to book a seat in a 30 Seat Private Jet. Your plane will depart from a Private Airport Lounge, the very same as you would travel with a Private Jet. However you will limit your privacy since you will be one of the 30 passengers on board this aircaft. Ask on of our Jet Team members for a quote.
  • HOW MUCH IS A YOUR PRIVATE JET?  For example a Citation CJ3 with 7 seats will carry a price tag of $9,400 to $11,000. Or about $1,500 per seat. (Pro-rated on a full private, light jet. Using a shared, single seat for peak weekend flights Friday-Sunday will cost from $7,00 to $1,200 per person. Feel free to ask us for a quote which will be handled by our Concierge and Travel Department. Shared seats on Private Jets are also available form Phoenix AZ.
Embraer Jet 30 seats
Embraer 30 seat commuter jet converted to a Private jet with flight attendant services, complimentary refreshments and snacks

If you are like most travelers, you will prefer the Luxury Jet option and invite your friends to share to costs of your open seats.  The single seat option is “Budget friendly”- You will benefit from lower seat costs during midweek off-peak flights. Please feel free to ask us for a quote by calling P.702-336-7345.



Availability for single seat options is still very limited.  Consider our “Hitchhiker Rates” which are available within 3-13 days before departures.  Take advantage of price reductions from 30-60%.  Hitchhiker flights are operated for passenger prick-ups and after passenger drop-offs. The plane travels without ant revenue passengers. Operators are eager to recover some revenues for cover the out of pocket costs for fuel.  As a passenger you enjoy a Luxury flights at bargain rates. Please text our Airport desk at P.702-336-7345 for prices and options.


Vegas Express Jet is a Private Jet Travel and Technology Portal which provides you with special solutions for Luxury Jet and Travel Services.  Based on the Las Vegas Strip Corridor we provide quotes which are extended by 50 Plus Alliance Partners.  All firms are FAA Part 135 Certified and have earned the ARG/US Gold and Platinum ratings. All inquiries are fully confidential- we do not share your information or flight schedules unless we have your prior written approval. All Charter Agreements include Guaranteed rates and confirmed flight schedules.  Please ask us for a quote as your first step towards a great journey.  We are here to exceed your highest expectations.

A Team of Jet Experts, Event and Wedding planners and our in-house Mansion Coordinator

Text or call us at P.702-336-7345.

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