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Private Jets- How To

Private Jets- How to

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We completed an in-official list of the questions we receive by phone, message and at meetings. Hope we cover the answers you may be searching for.  We are always here to respond to issues we failed to cover—

  • Information you need to secure a quote—Start with your travel schedule, times and airports close to your home. Make certain that you know the number of seats your need.
  • What kind of aircraft should I consider— For flights under 500 miles the 9 seat King Air is a great choice. For trips up to 3 hours, do consider a very light jet, the Phenom 100 is a great option.
  • Will I be able to view my schedule—Yes, your quote will include you flight schedule in local times, distance flown and specific names of the airports.
  • Who is the owner of the aircraft?— Aircraft may be long to corporate fleet owners or individuals who will charter their aircraft to offset ownership. Aircraft are pricey to own, maintain and insure. Aircraft are Managed by a FAA Part 135 Operator which takes care of the crew, maintenance requirements and insurance. 
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  • How many crew members will be on my private plane?— All the quotes you receive are based on a flight crew of a First Officer and a Captain. Larger Jets may include a flight attendant. The costs for the crew members are included in your charter rate.
  • How many quotes may I request— No limit, however we will provide you with several Plane options and rates. Multiple quotes allow you to compare a King Air with a Light Jet–or a Medium Jet with a larger Super Midsize Jet with up to 10 seats.
  • Do I need to join a club and pay memberships?— We limit all our offers to “On Demand Charters” like Uber or Lyft no need for membership fees- you only pay for the hours flown for your charter. Some operators may encourage you to buy Prepaid Jet Cards with up-front investments up to $50,000- None needed, benefit from the best rates without hidden fees or charges.
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  • Aircraft Certification, safety?-— All aircraft  provided by Vegas Express Jet are operated by FAA Part 135 Certified firms. We limit all aircraft options to ARG/US Gold or Platinum rated firms. You benefit from the highest safety ratings in the Private Aviation Industry.
  • Will I be required to pay surcharges on key holidays?—- You may encounter higher rates on peak holidays and trips to special events such as Super Bowl 2019.  Airport fees for parking and hangar space may be reflected in your Private Rental or Charter. 
  • Cancellation, change fees- will they apply?— Yes your charter agreement may include a cancellation fee for no shows or last minute changes.— We offer special cancellation insurance policies which you may consider. Please ask us for options and costs.
  • How about my pets?–-Yes we welcome your furry friends—- Do inform us of your Pet and weight at the time you request a quote. 
  • How about meal services, are they included.—-Yes and NO. We have a split response.  All shorter flights are catered with a wide selection of soft drinks, bier and coffee, plus a generous snack basket with snacks and chips. Some long haul International flights are provided with full meal services. In other instances you will receive menu options. Vegas Express Jet offers special sandwich options for departures from the Las Vegas Strip. All salads and sandwiches are prepared 30 minutes before flight time by the Whole Foods Market on the Las Vegas Strip. Great, Healthy options and very affordable dining. At market prices you love!

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Please follow-our messages and blogs on flying private–we will be addressing the experience of the Pilot Group, how long have we been in business and the answers you need before your next journey.Your may contact us at any time via e-mail message.

Best and Vegas based, on the Las Vegas Strip Corridor with departures and arrival at Private Airport Lounges at Atlantic, Signature, North Las Vegas and the Henderson Executive Airports.


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